Top scheduling software for gyms

Top 8 Scheduling Software for Gyms 2024

According to the report of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), The failure ratio of new businesses increases with the passage of time: As for first year that ratio is 20.8% while it shift to 49.9% after 10 years. After 20 years this failure ratio is about 80%. So, if a business owner wants to grow their business while avoiding the reasons for downfall, it is essential for him to understand the market trends. Moreover, a business owner must consistently deliver a remarkable experience for their clients. Otherwise, the business fails to withstand the competitive market, leading to its closure. 

Similarly, the same concept is implemented in the gym business. If a gym owner like you wants to grow the business while remaining in the 20% that generates profits even after twenty years, you have to ensure that your gym understands what your members want. From effective class scheduling to proper gym management, you have to make sure that your gym offers remarkable services with consistency. 

Otherwise, your gym might have to face challenges while ensuring survival in the fitness industry. So, to avoid hurdles during your journey in the fitness industry, you have to ensure that your gym has scheduling software. Scheduling software for gyms helps you consistently deliver remarkable fitness experiences to your members. 

However, you might think that the fitness industry has hundreds of scheduling software that claim to be the best. How do you choose software that helps you deliver a remarkable experience while ensuring your gym’s survival in the industry? Finding the right software solution among the hundreds can be daunting. Here, we are going to aid you in finding the best option for your gym by discussing the top 8 scheduling software for gyms in 2024

Benefits of using scheduling software for gyms 

Having gym scheduling software helps you streamline your studio operations more than you think. It aids you in making online bookings and appointments for your gym. So, your members can easily schedule classes by using the mobile app based on availability. The following are the benefits that you can get by using the online gym scheduling system

  1. Save time: The online booking and scheduling software saves time by adjusting the time slot automatically. You don’t have to book appointments manually via phone calls. Thus, it saves you time for other important aspects of your studio. 
  2. Money saving: It also helps you save money so you can spend it on offering remarkable services to your members. As the software solution automates scheduling and booking for you, you don’t require any additional staff to handle the process. 
  3. Professional brand image: Having scheduling software for gyms enables you to give a more professional look to your business. Your members easily book appointments for classes. Thus, it enables you to deliver a more remarkable fitness experience to your members by streamlining studio operations with just a few clicks. 
  4. Control over room occupancy: Bringing gym scheduling software on board helps you control your studio occupancy. You can easily check what time a class is going to happen and how many members attend the class so that you can make the necessary arrangements on time. Thus, it aids you in delivering an exceptional fitness experience and gives you a competitive edge to sustain in the fitness industry. 

8 best gym scheduling software

With the right scheduling system, you can easily manage your studio operation while giving your members an unforgettable fitness experience. Moreover, if you own a franchise, the scheduling software aids you in maintaining online schedules without any hassle. Here are the top 8 gym scheduling software that can help you give the fitness experience to your members in 2024 that they deserve. 

1. Wellyx

    Wellyx appear as a complete solution for gyms in 2024. This software solution is more than a simple schedular. You can use this software solution to book online appointments. Apart from this, Wellyx also helps you streamline other studio aspects. From class schedules to online bookings, from 24/7 access control to lead management, this software solution aids you in giving a remarkable experience to your members. 

    Wellyx gym scheduling

    In addition, Wellyx also provides a secure payment method by offering integration with Stripe and Paytabs. So your members can make secure transactions without any hassle. This software solution also helps you to send reminders to your members prior to the class schedules, enabling you to reduce no-shows in your studio. 

    Grow Your Revenue with Gym Software By +133 %

    • Easily streamline all the operations of the gym
    • Easy to schedule all the classes
    • Easy to engage with customers

    With a video-on-demand feature, Wellyx also enables you to expand your studio revenue streams. This feature enables you to target an online audience by offering them online classes. Thus, this software helps you to stand out among your competition by providing your members with the fitness experience that they deserve. 

    Wellyx features

    • Membership and packages
    • Schedular 
    • Mobile apps 
    • Gift card 
    • Marketing 
    • Inventory tracking
    • Point-of-sale 

    Pricing plan 

    Wellyx offers three different pricing plans so you can make a decision based on your studio requirements. 

    Monthly Plan ExcelExceedUltimate

    2. Acuity Scheduling 

      Another software that can help you streamline online booking and scheduling for your gym in 2024 is Acuity Scheduling. This software solution helps your members make online bookings via the mobile app. You can simply schedule according to the slots available. 

      Acuity Scheduling for gym

      Moreover, you can also use this software to streamline your studio’s other aspects, such as secure payments and appointment management. Thus, Acuity scheduling aids you in inspiring and motivating your members by streamlining essential studio operations. 

      Acuity Scheduling features

      • Accounting automation 
      • Document management 
      • Memberships 
      • Access control 
      • Mobile app 

      Pricing plan 

      Acuity Scheduling offers four different pricing plans for gym owners like you. These plans allow you to streamline online bookings within your budget. 

      Monthly Plan EmergingGrowingPowerhouseEnterprise

      3. Calendly

        Calendly will be ranked third among the top 8 gym scheduling software in 2024. This software solution offers helpful integration that can help you book seamless appointments. Your studio members can log in with the Calendly mobile app and book appointments with just a few clicks. 

        Calendly gym scheduling

        Moreover, this software has a calendar synchronization feature that helps you integrate appointments with Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook and iCloud. You can also use this software to create an environment for secure transactions so your members can achieve milestones without any hassle. 

        Calendly features

        • Appointment scheduling 
        • Mobile access
        • SMS messaging 
        • Online payments 
        • Booking management 

        Pricing plan

        Calendly offers a pricing plan based on the number of members your gym has. If your gym has 1 member, it charges differently. Similarly, this pricing plan changes if your gym has 100 members. 

        Monthly PlanFreeStandardTeams Enterprise
        Cost$0$10 per seat per month$16 per seat per month$1250

        4. Square Appointments

          Square Appointments is gym scheduling software that can help you provide a remarkable fitness experience for your members in 2024. This software solution makes it easy to make appointments for your studio classes. 

          Square gym scheduling

          Your members use the mobile app to book a slot based on availability. This scheduling system also has a Point-of-sale system to capture payments easily. You can also send reminders about the classes to your members so they don’t miss a single class during the fitness journey. 

          Square Appointments features

          • Access control 
          • Accounting integration 
          • Class management 
          • Billing and invoicing
          • Facility scheduling 

          Pricing plan 

          Square appointments pricing plan is based on the number of locations you own. 

          Monthly Plan FreePlusPremium
          Cost$0 for a single location$29 per location$69 per location

          5. Appointy

            Appointy is another scheduling software that can help you achieve your milestones. By offering a remarkable fitness experience for your members, Appointy enables you to withstand the competitive fitness industry. 

            Appointy gym scheduling

            With a user-friendly interface, this software solution helps you to schedule online appointments with ease. With the built-in mobile app, this software enables your members to book appointments 24/7 based on availability. Moreover, this software also helps you schedule your trainer’s slots. So you can avoid clashes among classes and your members have a remarkable fitness experience. 

            Appointy features 

            • Attendee management 
            • Class management 
            • Alerts 
            • Appointment management 
            • Online booking 

            Pricing plan 

            Appointy offers 4 different pricing plans so you can avail services based on your studio budget. 

            Monthly PlanFreeGrowthProfessionalEnterprise
            Cost$0 for personal use$19.99 $49.99$79.99

            6. Visibook 

              Visibook is gym scheduling software that can help you streamline appointment scheduling. Thus, you can focus on making data-driven decisions to grow your business. This software solution also helps you to send reminders to your members to avoid no-shows. 

              Visibook gym scheduling

              In addition, Visibook offers some other features to aid you in the effective management of your gym. You can use this software to ensure 24/7 access control for your members so they can visit the gym according to their availability. It enables you to ensure a remarkable fitness experience for your members. 

              Visibook features

              • Mobile app 
              • Reminders 
              • Multi-location 
              • Online payments 
              • User management 

              Pricing plan 

              Visibook offers a pricing plan based on the number of appointments you have to book in your gym. 

              Monthly Plan FreeBasicStandardUnlimited
              Cost$0 up to 25 appointments per month $6.99 Up to 50 appointments per month $13.99 up to 100 appointments per month $19.99 per month for unlimited bookings


                Another software solution that can help you deliver a remarkable scheduling experience for your members is This online scheduling system helps you make online bookings while ensuring a secure environment for online transactions. 

                Simplybook gym scheduling

                In addition, you can attract new members to your gym by offering various promotions, such as discounts, gift cards, etc., to ensure a remarkable fitness experience for your members. 


                • Onsite registration 
                • Online booking 
                • Member communication 
                • No-show tracking 
                • Mobile access 

                Pricing plan  

       offers four different pricing plans based on the number of bookings done. 

                Monthly PlanFreeBasicStandardPremium
                Cost$0 per month up to 50 bookings$11.41 per month up to 100 bookings $31.70 per month up to 500 bookings$69.74 per month up to 2000 bookings

                8. Zoho Calendar 

                  Another software that can aid you in making online bookings and appointments in 2024 is Zoho Calendar. This software solution displays real-time availability so members can book slots easily. 

                  Zoho gym scheduling

                  Moreover, this software solution offers integration with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook, so you can easily streamline online bookings for your studio. 

                  Zoho Calendar features

                  • Task scheduling 
                  • Reminders
                  • Mobile access
                  • Booking management 
                  • Automated scheduling 

                  Pricing plan 

                  Zoho Calendar offers two different pricing plans based on the number of members. 

                  Monthly PlanBasicPremium
                  Cost$6 per member per month$9 per member per month 

                  Bottom line

                  If you want to make your gym successful among your competition, you have to make sure that you have chosen the right scheduling software for gyms. The right software helps you to provide your studio growth while ensuring a remarkable fitness experience for your members. So, you must make a smart move to shine among your competition in 2024.