Gym Scheduling Software

Manage your gym in your way. The Wellyx’s gym scheduling software enables you to customize workout routines. It offers tailored management solutions designed to suit a gym business’s unique requirements.
Gym Scheduling Software

Class scheduling

In manual class scheduling, gym owners often struggle with scheduling conflicts. For example, overlapping classes and double booking. However, the software eliminates such risks and enhances the class booking process. It saves time for your staff and gym members as well.

  • Offer a calendar view to your customers to overview the scheduled classes.
  • Display class types and instructor names along with other relevant details.
  • Easily set up recurring schedules for courses that follow a consistent timetable.
  • Changes in the schedule are reflected in real-time.
Gym Scheduling Software With Class Scheduling
Gym Scheduling Software With Personal Training Sessions

Personal training sessions

Organizing personal training sessions becomes easier for gym owners. Moreover, the gym scheduling software creates convenience for gym members as well. They have the flexibility to select the most convenient date and time that aligns with their preferences. The software improves coordination and adds a layer of flexibility for members.

  • Enables your members to choose their favorite trainers for their workouts.
  • Set the time duration for each personal session.
  • Maintain a comprehensive booking history of all training sessions.
  • Enables your trainers to access and manage their training sessions.

Personal dashboard to check schedules

Using the gym booking software, you can offer an individual dashboard to each member. It enables them to manage and oversee their fitness schedules, bookings and pertinent information effortlessly. In addition, it allows your members to review their past activities and celebrate their fitness achievements.

  • It enables members to reschedule and cancel their sessions from their dashboard easily.
  • The portal keeps members in the loop with notifications about classes and special events.
  • Customize the dashboard and assign colors to specific categories.
  • Offer a visual representation of the fitness agenda.
Gym Scheduling Software With Personal Dashboard To Check Schedules
Gym Scheduling Software With Staff Management

Staff management

Get complete control over managing staff roles. The gym scheduling software allows you to assign job duties according to their skill level. At the same time, you can manage the access level in specific areas and the software’s functions.

  • Add or remove staff members, modify settings and access all data.
  • The decision to provide trainers with the capability to set schedules is entirely up to you.
  • Restrict some staff members to only view the schedule, without the ability to make changes.
  • Empower your staff members to view class popularity.

Holiday and special event scheduling

Plan around holidays and special events with ease. Wellyx’s gym management software helps you to plan physical events during holidays. In advance, this way, you organize activities effectively. It is an effective strategy to boost business.

  • Ensure that the gym schedule aligns with the unique activities of these occasions.
  • Do not disturb the regular schedule.
  • Promote your activities and events with automated notifications and send bulk emails.
  • Make necessary changes to accommodate member’s availability.

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Yes. The Wellyx’s gym scheduling software is designed to handle various fitness classes. Whether it’s yoga, HIIT, or strength training, the software allows for seamless scheduling, avoiding conflicts, and ensuring efficient class management.
The gym scheduling software eliminates scheduling conflicts and double bookings through its intelligent algorithms. Real-time updates and a user-friendly interface prevent overlapping classes, saving time for staff and gym members.

Absolutely. The gym booking software’s dashboard feature empowers members to manage their schedules effortlessly. They can quickly reschedule or cancel sessions, receive class notifications, and customize their dashboard for a personalized fitness experience.

Wellyx’s gym scheduling software provides complete control over staff management. Gym owners can assign job duties based on staff skill levels, control access to specific areas, and decide whether trainers can set schedules. It offers a tailored approach to managing staff roles efficiently.
Yes, the gym management software by Wellyx includes a feature for holiday and special event scheduling. Gym owners can plan activities, ensuring the schedule aligns with unique occasions. Automated notifications and bulk email capabilities help promote these events effectively, contributing to a strategic boost in business.

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