Online Booking and Scheduling System for Gym and Fitness Business

Booking and Scheduling System

Scheduling phone calls and managing appointments on a spreadsheet is now a thing of the past. With the evergoing technology trends, there is hardly anything where the technology is not creating ease for its user. The same goes for fitness businesses all over the globe. If you are running a fitness business, you have an idea of how a significant part of your time goes into managing and scheduling your fitness business. But here comes the advanced all-around management software tool that includes everything from booking, scheduling, marketing, sales, and reporting.

Wellyx is an all-in-one gym scheduling software to manage and schedule the booking of your fitness gym. It also gives you a powerful and content-rich dashboard to look at what is happening in your business. From detailed member profiles to sales and staff reporting, Wellyx helps you with every aspect of your gym and gives you valuable insights that you can use to make crucial decisions for the growth of your business. Now let’s discuss all the features of the Wellyx scheduling system.

Booking and Classes Schedule


Wellyx is a cloud-based gym management software that is accessible on the web and also mobile. Ease of access allows the user to make bookings and schedule classes with a few clicks. It shows all the available slots for upcoming sessions and training classes where users can book a class at their convenience.

After booking services and classes, Wellyx takes the user to the payment section, where they can make payments seamlessly and get confirmation of their booking. Suppose you are facing difficulty managing the schedules of your fitness business. You can try a free demo of Wellyx and get up to 90 days of a free trial.

Booking and Cancellation Policies


As a gym owner, Wellyx gives you all the rights to define your business policies, including no-show, cancellation, and refund rules. Precise defining of laws and policies reduces the chances of clashes and complaints. You also have the choice to determine early and late cancellations so that all the cancellations are.

The system will handle requests according to the rules you have defined. Furthermore, members have the option to reschedule in case they are not able to come for the booking they have made; rescheduling choice gives users a smooth customer experience and creates a positive effect on the reputation of your fitness business.

Manage Spaces and Resources


Gym scheduling software gives you a birds-eye view of your fitness business activities. And helps you manage spaces, rooms, staff, and trainers efficiently to run the business. It will show if a specific trainer or a training class has any slot left or is fully booked, which helps manage your resources so that all processes work smoothly for your gym.

Suppose, for some reason; you notice that a specific training session is not utilized to its total capacity. In that case, you can limit the slots on the booking section of the software so only those who are looking to join get the opportunity to join. This maximizes resource usage by giving the best value from available space and resources.

Customized Calendar View


You can customize several modules included in Wellyx; a customized calendar view lets the gym staff see the planned activities most conveniently. You have access to filters to view desired results. These filters include staff, rooms, and activities for any position associated with your gym business. You can explore the schedule of a single staff member to see when they are available apart from staff.

You can choose to see when a room or workout session is planned in the calendar. Once you find a view that is best for your needs, you can save it in the system. Ease of usability and access to complete information within the software gives the user an unmatched experience.

Configurations and Customisations


Wellyx is customizable in several ways; you can set business hours, service timings, intervals of your fitness club, and more. You can modify and update these settings any time of the day from the mobile or web app. Wellyx gives you complete control over all the modules of the system. You can configure a personalized view that is visible to only one member. Such flexibility and customization allow you to make Wellyx work for your fitness business in the best way possible.

Final Words

To sum up, gym scheduling software is a critical part of your fitness gym; you cannot imagine a smooth working operation of your business without it. Gym management software helps you analyze and manage all the processes required to run your gym profitably. Wellyx, an industry-leading business management software, does most of the heavy lifting for your business. And gives you enough time and resources to focus on the growth and expansion of your business.