Beauty Salon Software

A complete software streamlining your beauty salon operations

Managing your beauty salon operations along with the customers on the floor has been made easier. Streamline your daily operations with comprehensive software that automates and facilitates floor management.

Beauty Salon Software

Beauty salon management software that helps you meet your business goals

Turbocharges sales up to 63%

Offers a branded mobile app

Boosts branding up to 23%

Elevate customers experience

Built for beauty salon professionals, making them worry-free

Leverage the industry-leading software that is made for the convenience of beauty professionals. Reduce your hassle from online scheduling to welcoming customers, collecting payments, and keeping the workflow smooth. 

Reduce the man-errors with flexible and friendly software that fits your salon’s needs. 

Whether on the floor or sipping coffee on your comfy couch, keep everything on your fingers, even remotely. 

Built for beauty salon professionals, making them worry-free
Running a beauty salon is a piece of cake with Wellyx

Running a beauty salon is a piece of cake with Wellyx

Bring efficiency to your salon operations with software for beauty salons. Add a touch of advancement that simplifies your team and guest management. Upgrade your beauty salon with all-inclusive software from operations to sales and marketing. 

From the front to the back end, your beauty salon is backed by the most trusted software. With the perfect suite of tools and features tightly integrated, achieve complete perfection in regulating your daily tasks.

Make your customers’ expectations real

Utilize the best beauty salon business software to elevate your customer experience. Give them a highly personalized experience that makes them feel special. Know your customers’ behavior patterns to treat them as they wish.

Allow your customers to book and pay as they like. Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations by giving them the freedom to book slots. Let your customers experience the best with the best beauty salon management software.

Make your customers’ expectations real
Let your makeup artists feel the change

Let your makeup artists feel the change

Empower your makeup artists with a solution to keep them all aligned. Let them see a clear picture of their upcoming and daily schedules and engagements. Manage their productive and leisure hours actively through the staff management app. 

Leverage the best software to keep them informed about bookings and schedules. Allow your staff members to view and edit the schedules according to their availability, taking the headache out of staff management.

Grow your beauty salon the way it deserves

Buckle up your beauty salon business to compete better in the market. Take the competitive edge of smart software to make your business stand out. 

Maintain your business presence online. Widen your revenue stream to contribute to your salon’s growth. Adopt the most inclusive software to upscale your beauty salon business in a short time.

Grow your beauty salon the way it deserves

Features of beauty salon system that works wonders

We take care of your operations, while letting you focus on your customers! 

Beauty Salon online booking

Booking online is just a breeze

Allow your customers to book freely online. Enable them to get beauty services from their favorite artists and stylists. Give them convenience and multiply profit by winning more customers.

Reduce no-shows and cancellations

Make scheduling easier and less complex with the beauty salon scheduling software. Manage client appointments through one platform and reduce no-shows. Keep things in control with scheduling.

Flaunt your services better

Use potential marketing tools to showcase your unique selling proposition (USP). Convert leads more strategically using emails, texts, and marketing tools. Use marketing tools that drive results.

Track your sales and finances

Allow your customers to pay through multiple payment gateways. Collect payment records through Stripe, Paytabs, and GoCardless. Track your clients’ payment histories and monthly sales through the POS system.

Beauty salon loyalty programs

Give customers a reason to love you

Increase engagement with your customers to boost their sense of loyalty. Award your customers with points for choosing your services. Allow them to redeem their loyalty points—keep them coming back to your salon.

No more out-of-stock panic attacks

Reduce the hassle of counting stock and placing orders. Automate the inventory with robust software that checks on stock levels. Place orders online to vendors in case of low stock.

Get insights about your growth

Watch real-time reports about your beauty salon business growth. Get insights for future strategies and identify the gaps to work on. Track your business’s success more effectively through reporting and analytics features.

Empowering wellness business owners

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Wellyx software for your fitness & wellness business

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In simpler terms, a beauty salon software like Wellyx is capable of streamlining the one-to-all operations of a beauty salon. From online booking to managing staff and guests and collecting payments to running marketing campaigns, it does everything. With software, you can reduce errors and bring more efficiency to running your beauty salon.
Of course, where you can allow your staff to view their schedules, you can also keep a check on their productive hours. By tracking their active hours and attendance, you can manage their payrolls easily through the inclusive software.
Multiple beauty salon software integrates with different payment collection software or even no software. However, Wellyx allows its beauty salon owners to collect payments through Stripe, Paytabs, and GoCardless. Additionally, it enables the split and partial payment methods for customers’ ease.
Tracking the progress of your beauty salon business is easier with the best beauty salon management software. You can get real-time insights and reports about your business progress and success. Additionally, you can find areas for improvement to work on in the future and build strategies more effectively from the reports.
For all-inclusive software for beauty salons, you can expect to pay from $50-$150, depending on the software features and integrations. However, all-in-one software like Wellyx charges only $79 for the Excel package monthly. It also offers 2 other pricing packages: Exceed at $119 and Ultimate at $149. You can choose the most suitable pricing plan for your salon business needs.

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