Fitness Business Classes

A Step-by-Step Guide to Live Stream Your Fitness Business Classes

Since the corona pandemic came, everything has gone online for the past few years. That pandemic destroys both the health & wealth of people. One thing this pandemic gives us is the use of online platforms. Now, people are so used to online platforms that they don’t like to visit stores for anything. That’s why no one prefers to join a gym. People want to enjoy it in their homes. Therefore, many gyms are offering online classes. The thing is, they need to create a setup to live stream their business. Let’s see which platforms are the best for this task:

Which Platforms Can You Use for Live Streaming?

Zoom Platform

  • Zoom Platform
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitch
  • StreamYard
  • Wirecast
  • Diecast

It depends on which platform is suitable for you to live stream your fitness classes. There are many other platforms that you can use to record or live-stream your content. Zoom & YouTube are the best options to live stream your workout videos as more people rely on these platforms.

Things to Consider for a Live Streaming:


Background noise can be a disturbance if you are shooting a live video. The sound in a live video should be refined. All the pcs & phones have built-in microphones; still, you need a separate microphone. Set an extra microphone for a clear, distortion-free voice in live streaming.


Shooting any video or performing live streaming requires a visual. There are many tools to create a perfect visual for a video, but all of them have a camera. While it’s a smartphone or any minitablet, you can use it for shooting a live video.

Lighting for Video

It’s impossible to shoot a video without any light. Therefore, you need a setup including many lights before going live with your gym members. That’s why the light should be proper in every live stream. Your audience needs to see all the workout exercises.

Tripod Stand

How much time can you hold the camera to make a video? Why can’t you get a solution for it? Buy a tripod stand for the shooting of any video. This stand will hold your camera to your mobile phone for live streaming. Just engage your gym members with a live workout session.

Steps to Live Stream Your Fitness Class:


Check for the Essentials

There are a lot of things necessary for video creation. You need a camera, lights, microphone and a fitness trainer for a video. Never start any live session before checking all the essentials. Preparation before going live is better than getting embarrassed in the middle of the session.

Cross-Check the Internet Connection

Any online session is impossible without the availability of the internet. You must check your internet connection before thinking about a live workout session. If the connection is weak during the session, your gym members can lose interest.

Set the Camera & Lights

The adjustment of lights before starting any video is necessary. Arrange a camera and set it to a perfect angle for making the live session. The video’s lights should be enough so the user can easily see what’s happening. Try to manage the camera & light ahead of going live with your gym members.

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Test the Sound System

Here comes a sound system, the most critical factor in a video recording. Your sound should be audible enough for the audience watching you from all over the world. People also want to listen to your say in the live workout session.

Check the Fitness Trainer

A coach or trainer is essential; you can’t miss a live session. No session will conduct if there is no coach to explain workouts. You must arrange for a fitness trainer to start a live session with gym members. People join online sessions to get tips from fitness trainers regarding exercises.

Start the Class

Finally, you are ready to start the online fitness class. Begin your session and start guiding people with different types of exercises. Name every session that only the relevant audience can join it. For example: If a person is looking for an arm exercise, he will join the appropriate session.

Allow the Members to Join

Always wait for the gym members to join the session. Allow them to join the session on the platform you are conducting it. Share the session’s link with all the group members & ask them to join it. Inaugurate the session when you see clients joining it.

Explain the Workout

First, explain the kind of exercises you are going to perform in today’s session. While it’s a cardio or aerobic session, mention it at the start. Check the engagement of the client with your session. Elaborate on the benefit of every workout after performing it.

Turn on the Record Button

When all the clients join the session, turn on the recording button. Upload the workout video on the gym website after the session ends. This way, your clients can see the workout whenever they need it. It’s beneficial for clients who can’t attend the session due to an emergency.

Reply to the Comments of Your Class Members

Check the comment section while going live in a fitness class. See what your gym clients are saying about the session. Reply to some of the comments to show your engagement with the clients. Provide answers to their questions and consider any improvements highlighted by them.

How Will a Gym Software Help You in Live Streaming?

You can also take help from software for live streaming. There is a bunch of software in the market to support your business. Let’s see how this gym management software will help you in going live with your gym clients:

Integrates with Zoom

online class seems easy

The online class seems easy, but there are many things that you need to manage. An appointment is the main thing that a client needs to attend the online fitness session. The client will receive a notification for the confirmation of the appointment. A gym scheduler will help your clients to get an appointment for an online fitness session on zoom.

Helps in Business Growth

sales increases

A business will only grow if its sales increases. A Pos software will help you to calculate and manage sales. The total sales of classes and membership will record in this system. You can review all the sales details online through an admin portal in the same system.

Online Forms

online fitness sessions

Get online feedback from your clients regarding online fitness sessions. A gym system will allow your clients to share their opinions online freely. The form contains some personal details. After that, the client has to answer some questions regarding the live workout session.

Automatic Reminders

class appointment

The notification against every class appointment is necessary. A system in the gym will support your clients by notifying them about the appointments they have. This system will generate reminders for each client to attend the live session. They will further receive a link to join the fitness session.

Client App

Get an application

Apps are always acknowledgeable more than a website. You can also use them to grab your clients. Get an application in which all of your gym activities can take place. While it’s an appointment or payment for the fitness class, an application will notify you.

Things You Conclude:

Live streaming looks easy, but if you don’t manage the resources, then it can’t work. Moreover, creating client engagement is also essential with this live streaming. Present such workouts which are beneficial and easy for people to try in their homes.