7 Types of Spa Clients and How to Engage Them

Spa Clients

Spa businesses are one of the most client-centric setups and must focus on customer satisfaction to boost themselves. This health, beauty, and wellness business highly depends on clients as it offers specific services. Customers are individual in nature; what one may like, others won’t. Hence, every spa owner must provide multiple services to attract different types of clients and achieve a bigger clientele.

Additionally, it is important to make your services intriguing for all customers to encourage engagement. Knowing how to engage different types of customers is no less than a responsibility many fail to fulfill. But for the longevity of any spa business, recognizing your clients and ensuring maximum satisfaction is the key to success.

Not all clients are the easy-to-please types, many compel you to go beyond lengths for them, and that’s a challenge. In this blog, we will uncover the difference between different customers and ways to engage them.

What Are The Different Types of Spa Clients and Ways to Engage Them?

Spa businesses are public set up where different types of people come to fulfill their beauty, health, and wellness needs. To serve all customers as per their expectations, it is vital to understand their needs and have knowledge of their preferences.

Not all clients are alike, and we are here to help you better understand the different types of clients that can come to you. Hence, identify the diversity in your clientele by understanding the 7 different types of customers of any spa.

1. The Stressed-Out Executive

Out of all the customers that may come to your spa for treatments, the most common ones are the stressed-out clients. These people are tired of their daily grind and seek relaxation and relief from their everyday struggles. Moreover, because of their busy schedules and limited time off, they want to make the most of their time at your spa.

So, naturally, to engage this type of customer, you must show your work efficacy and offer treatments that will take little time but will ensure effective results. Highlight services that reduce stress and built-up muscle tension, like a good massage or facial to energize their bodies and wake up their dull skin. This way, you can maximize customer satisfaction and engage them better. If clients feel they have benefited from their visit to your spa, they will surely come back for more!

2. The Regulars

Another type of client that comes to your spa is the regular ones, looking for their favorite treatments and services to pamper themselves. To keep these clients satisfied and retain them for long, you must offer them loyalty discounts and rewards. This gesture can make them feel appreciated and satisfy their preferences. You can also offer personalized treatments and warmly welcome them with excellent customer service.

One thing that may sore off your customer is neglecting behavior. Do not prioritize new clients over regular ones on whom you no longer have to build an impression. But maintain a balance and attend to their needs, so they remain your loyal asset. Moreover, keep track of their preferences and tailor their experience accordingly.

3. The First-Timer

Surely, the existing customers have their importance, but first-timers are always crucial, as they are potential future clients. Furthermore, increasing a spa’s client community is mandatory for proper growth to unveil better developmental opportunities.

The first-timers are always skeptical of your spa services and treatments and are a little hard on you at times too. Thus, as a spa business, you are responsible for putting your best foot forward and showcasing your potential and high work ethic to impress them greatly. To engage this type of customer, offer a warm welcome and take the time to explain the treatments and their benefits. If they want, show them around and enjoy a progressively growing customer community.

4. The Budget Shopper

The budget shopper is the client category that wants to avail of good treatments and services but on a specific budget. These customers wait for special occasion offers, deals, and discounts to relax and save while they enjoy relieving processes. You can engage such customers with intriguing deals that seem worth the value and packages that include multiple services.

These clients won’t regularly add to your revenue generation but can help you improve your traffic with word-of-mouth. Therefore, make suitable space for these budget shoppers when you design or think of your marketing strategies.

5. The Social Butterfly

The social butterfly is the spirit of your business and can boost your business greatly. This client does not always visit alone and likes to accompany family members or friends as a gang. Further, such clients bring new potential customers to your spa and help you boost your productivity.

Such spa customers socialize with everyone and want to try the new treatments and may also consider the suggestions of your experts. You can offer group packages and deals to help them feel pampered and valued at the same time while ensuring repeat visits.

6. The Health Conscious

Such clients focus on health and wellness and are interested in treatments that offer therapeutic benefits and mental relaxation. To engage them, offer treatments that address specific health concerns such as muscle tension, joint pain, and stress relief through several massages and aromatic therapies. Highlight the health benefits of the treatments and provide information on wellness practices to keep them hooked.

7. The Luxury Seeker

You may come across clients seeking luxury treatments just for the feel and essence of it. These customers are the best choice for high-end and expensive treatments where they are more than happy to spend. You can offer services like body wraps, exotic facials & skin treatments, hot stone massages, and sauna & steam rooms.

Emphasize the luxury and exclusivity of the treatments to intrigue their interests and provide personalized attention to their needs. Understanding your spa clients’ needs is crucial to engage them effectively. You can build long-lasting relationships and create a loyal client base by tailoring your treatments and services to meet their expectations.

Why is it Important for a Spa to Ensure Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is crucial because it fosters long-lasting client relationships, boosting loyalty and repeat business. Businesses can develop a favorable reputation and win the trust of their target market through meaningful connections with customers. The better the engagement, the better any spa can understand the needs and expectations of its clients.

Spas may learn much about their customers’ requirements, preferences, and more by actively listening to their feedback and making mandatory changes timely. These details can enhance goods and services, customize marketing initiatives, and increase sales. Better engagement can help a spa in the following ways:

1. Personalization

Customer satisfaction is directly related to repeated business and better revenue generation. Good customer engagement helps you recognize that every client is unique and may have different preferences, needs, and expectations. It also helps personalize customer plans and include the best services and treatments.

2. Increased Revenue

Every spa business aims to increase revenue, and owners can create targeted marketing campaigns and promotions. Marketing strategies help with better reach and attract new clients while engaging the existing ones too.

3. Improved Customer Service

Engaging with different types of spa clients in ways that resonate with their likeness can improve the overall customer experience. This can include tailoring the ambiance, music, and other aspects of the spa environment to different client preferences or providing customized treatments, especially for customer satisfaction.

4. Competitive Advantage

The market is a fully packed space with intense and fierce competition. So, naturally, businesses try different tactics to engage their customers while trying to land new ones. By offering personalized services and spa experiences, you can leave a strong and lasting impression on your customers.

The positive experience gives your spa a competitive edge and improves customer engagement. A spa can stand out from its competitors and create a unique value proposition that attracts and retains clients with the help of good engagement with customers.

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Identifying different types of spa clients and ways to engage them is essential for providing personalized services, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, increasing revenue, and staying competitive in the spa industry. So, start paying attention to your client’s needs and enjoy better business growth.


How do spas Attract new customers?

Spas can attract new customers by working on their services, marketing, worth ethic, and understanding customer diversity for better business.

Who are the target clients of a spa massage?

People focused on a healthy lifestyle, and overall well-being are the main targets for spa businesses. These clients know the importance of skin and body care and invest greatly in such treatments.

What are some spectacular social media marketing ideas for Spas?

Some ideas are:

  • Advertise your business on social media.
  • Cross-promote with other businesses in the area
  • Incorporate video marketing into your spa’s digital campaign

How Can You Grow Your Spa Business Without Hiring More People?

You can grow your spa without new hiring by;

  1. Leverage online booking
  2. Employ email marketing
  3. Sell that retail
  4. Expand your audience
  5. See how Mindbody can help you grow

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