How Gyms Survived the Devastation Through the Covid Pandemic

How Many Gyms Survived the Devastation through Corona

We can all agree that Covid has taken over the world. An awful and much eventful year was 2020, the year where everything changed. Not only did businesses have to shut down due to the rise in Covid related infections, but many lost to the impact. Covid-19 was unpredictable and no business ever planned for this kind of devastation. Their businesses failed and once Covid was getting less, so were businesses worldwide.

The sad reality is that majority of these businesses will never be in business again. The majority of the loss goes to fitness gym centres because the economy has played a huge role. Because of the restrictions that were put in place, many have now adapted to their newly set routines. Most of the people are either working from home, completely, or a few days throughout their week. So, while staying at home, they have also adopted a new working out routine, which involves home workouts.

Overall, many gyms closed due to the pandemic and most of them have not recovered from the losses they have faced. Financially the gyms have suffered and lost many clients in the process. In 2019 there were over 40,000 fitness facilities and now due to the Covid situation, majority of them have closed.

Have Gyms Used This to Their Advantage?

However, even though gyms have closed, many have also stayed and are using the post-lockdown to their advantage. All of these fitness centres have used marketing techniques and Covid as a way to properly organize and utilize them to their benefit. Also, gyms have benefited tremendously from using the modern world technologies, that otherwise would have not been thought of.

Transitioning To the Digital Workout Route

Gym businesses around the world had to postpone their indoor classes. Because of the growing rise in Covid related infections and the pandemic, also due to the lockdown, many people did not want to and could not leave their homes. So, with this, gym businesses found the right solution. They started to implement digital technology, which still made them revenue and transitioned into the modern fitness world too.

Due to the rise of Zoom and other forms of virtual media, gyms could stream their fitness classes. At home, workouts were on the rise unlike before, and many appreciated this fact. People would skip their workout routines because of not wanting to go to the gym. This gave those people a solution, which benefited them tremendously. Increased engagement ratio on social media sites such as YouTube, while streaming classes virtually as well.

Are At Home Workouts in The Past?

Now that gyms are being opened again, are at home workouts less interesting and not needed? The answer is no. Due to the fact that many people love the facility of being at home and still incorporating workout sessions, at home workouts are still on the rise. Also, gym businesses have taken this to their advantage and using both in a facility and at home as a way to maximize revenue too.

Hybrid Experience for All

Even though most things are opening up and people are stepping outside their houses after so long, gyms are taking a hybrid approach. Using the at home sessions and in facility workouts to their advantage. Not only do gyms have a membership-based fee, but their classes can be streamed while being taken within the gym. All of this helps with gaining more revenue and ensures that clients and customers remain happy and satisfied at all times whatsoever.

Preferences Changing Due to Increasing Rise

Even though the pandemic is lesser than before, and people are getting to the new normal, some things have stuck. Like people using their new routines as a way to survive, even after the lockdown has been lifted. Most people enjoy their newly set routines and make sure to implement them even after the pandemic is nearly over. The one way in which this is happening is by utilizing both gyms and other workout routines.

Outside Workout That Gyms Incorporate

Many gym businesses can also offer outdoor workout routines for people. Get outdoor classes ready with enough space, between each customer to follow the Covid protocols. More people are enjoying the outdoor workouts, and in this day and age, it may not be feasible to host workout sessions in door. Especially if there are a large number of people attending a specific class. You can do this with Yoga workouts, other circuit training and classes. This also helps in motivation and ensure people are fully focusing on the workout and mental peace in itself.

Focus on Singular Clients

Focusing on singular clients can be helpful as well. This helps with increasing your revenue too, while also keeping safe and secure from any possible spread of Covid. This also helps with building trust amongst your customers, and word of mouth reputation can come of it.

You may not be ready to have multiple people visiting your facility or some restrictions may take place in the near future, so this technique is truly useful. Use this time to transition as many members into your personal training sessions, while building more revenue streams and ensuring clientele responsibility at the same time.

Due to the increase of customers that can happen from exciting fitness offers and a hybrid experience, you will need a customer management solution. While automating each step of your business, you can run your gym centre in harmony. Never having to worry about manual labour and too many people in your facility, when an online solution does it all.

Create an Online Program

Not only do you have to have online classes and outdoor sessions, but creating a full-fledged online program can be of use. This can help with building another source of income, and marketing your gym business strategically. All of this will conquer the devastation that was once at every corner due to Covid-19. Now that majority of the things are slowly getting back to normal, creating an online program can be of value. Maybe some of your clients are not ready to come back to the gym or do not want to. Instead giving them an online workout course, can help you gain revenue and still provide your customers with what they need. In the end, customers truly matter and with this technique, you will not be losing any money in the process.

Set Up Your Gym for Success

Setting up your gym for success is essential in making a long-lasting impact. The old version of your gym may not suffice now that things have changed overall. Where equipment pieces might have been too close together, you will have to add spaces between each piece, to ensure you are meeting all Covid safety measures. Also, using commercial equipment to set up your gym is essential for longevity. With changing times and changing rules, it is time to switch things up at your facility.

Are People Returning to Gyms?

People are slowly but surely returning back to normal and going to the gym once again. Not only are people excited to get back on track with their fitness routines, but also are more motivated than ever before. During the pandemic, many people lost focus and lost their fitness routines. So, helping them will in return be helping yourself as well. You can gain revenue and build your trust back too. While keeping all safety protocols in place at all times, for a safe environment for everyone.

Are Fitness Facilities Safe?

Fitness facilities have new safety measures set in place due to the Covid regulations. Gyms have better cleaning policies while making sure everyone is keeping their mask on and sanitizing their hands at every stage. Gyms are also taking into account to not overload their facility to the maximum as they once did. Now they are ensuring that people come but keeping everyone at a distance to some extent at least.

This is essential in ensuring no spread of the disease happens and still being in business at all times. Plus, with new workout trends on the rise, many gyms are following them as well. With outdoor classes, online sessions and more, this helps with a positive impact for all.

Can Marketing Techniques Help?

Marketing techniques can help revitalize your fitness business to the next level. Not only does marketing help boost your brand, but also change the way people think too. After Covid-19 your business has taken a hit and with proper marketing strategies, you can regenerate and gain new customers, while retaining the old as well. Using marketing and advertisements to revitalize your business is essential in showing the new generation, motivating and building determination. Especially after post lockdown, everyone needs this and your business can gain ultimate benefits too.

Can Your Gym Survive a Pandemic?

Gyms and fitness businesses all over the world have been affected by the pandemic. However, with the right strategies and techniques in place, they most certainly can survive a pandemic. You have to be smart about how you go about things after the lockdown has been lifted. Not only is Covid still among us and may never leave, which leads to new techniques and restrictions being put in place. But also, due to the fact that a lockdown can happen again at any time. With this in mind, it is essential to have the right techniques in place, to survive through any uncertainty that the Covid-19 variants may bring along.

Being able to incorporate new techniques within your gym business is essential to survive through a pandemic and any other disaster that may come your way. While doing this will help push your business, you need to further enhance the internal operations and management too. With an all-in-one software, this is applicable to all gym businesses out there. To manage, organize and schedule on the go, without overloading your facility. You never have to worry about losing client information when everything is backed up on a cloud-based server.


It is essential in utilizing the above strategies in creating the right business pattern for your gym. What would have worked before, may not work in this day and age. So, change and keep evolving, never letting anything come in your way and hinder your gym business at any time.


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