Gymdesk holding your gym back?5 Reasons why you should switch from Gymdesk

Gymdesk is a famous gym management software that provides management proficiency in the fitness industry. Though it comes with a limited number of features, Gymdesk gym management software allows you to automate basic administrative operations. It may include online scheduling, automated marketing, intelligent billing, etc. But if you want an advanced solution to keep up with the competitors, you need to look for a better substitute for Gymdesk.

Why Switch from Gymdesk

Switch from Gymdesk to upgrade your gym operations

Being in the fitness business industry, you understand better that different gym businesses have unique requirements. Having general-purpose software for your gym does not give you the results you look for. That is why you need a gym management system that not only streamlines your gym’s operations but also offers opportunities to grow.

Undoubtedly, Gymdesk is a popular gym management system that is used by many gym businesses. However, with a restricted number of features, Gymdesk may not be able to keep you ahead of your competition. So, to take the lead in this game, switch from Gymdesk to a better option.

What is the Gymdesk known for?

Gymdesk is a seasoned management software specifically designed for the fitness industry. This gym management software promises to streamline your gym operations without any hassle. From simplified billing to marketing automation to member management to online bookings, Gymdesk manages your daily operations tirelessly.

Gymdesk also comes with a user-friendly interface, making it easier for everyone to navigate the application. However, when it comes to customer support service, the Gymdesk may fail to provide the assistance you might be looking for. In addition, Gymdesk does not offer a wide variety of features, which may be a problem if you want a fully equipped solution.

Why do you need to transition from Gymdesk to Wellyx?

Considering users’ feedback, you need to switch from Gymdesk to Wellyx due to the following reasons:

Customer support service

Customer support service is the most significant feature of gym management software. It ensures that you can have help any time you face any technological issue with your software. However, Gymdesk does not provide efficient customer support service based on users’ reviews. Users have complaints that Gymdesk does not provide callback services. On the other hand, Wellyx not only offers callback services but also provides 24/7 customer support that is efficient and active.

According to users’ reviews, Wellyx provides exceptional customer support service. Whether it is Christmas or New Year, Wellyx gym management software provides a team of experts to help you with your queries and problems. In addition, Wellyx customer support listens to your concerns and comes up with the most viable and effective solution. In case of any glitches or shutdowns, Wellyx’s team does not rest until it is resolved, keeping the customers completely satisfied.

Wellyx customer support service's review
Wellyx's review about real-time reporting

Real-time reporting

To make the right and informed decisions, it is important to have access to real-time data. Without real-time reporting, it is nearly impossible to evaluate the progress and shortcomings of your gym and perform the required actions. However, the Gymdesk fails to provide comprehensive reporting tools, which keeps the customers in the dark. In comparison, Wellyx is equipped with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools.

According to users’ reviews, Wellyx provides in-depth insights regarding the activities of members and employees, keeping you in the loop all the time. In addition, Wellyx offers you real-time monitoring of your marketing campaigns and inventory so that you can make the right decision at the right time.

Customization options

Every gym owner wants a variety of customization options since it helps them build their brand’s identity. Additionally, customization helps you build the authenticity and credibility of your gym business. So, if you are looking for a lot of customization options, Gymdesk gym management software does not provide them. According to users’ feedback, Gymdesk has a very limited number of features, and it does not help you build your brand efficiently. On the contrary, Wellyx offers extensive customization options. 

With the integration of Wellyx, you can boost brand credibility, awareness, and engagement. According to Wellyx users, it has helped them build a decent brand with custom branding options. Using Wellyx, you can change your logo, background, color scheme, typography, and more.

Wellyx's review about customization options
Wellyx's review about mobile app

Mobile app

Carrying a desktop everywhere is unrealistic and impractical. That is why every gym owner, staff, and members want a user-friendly mobile application to perform the basic operations effortlessly. Unfortunately, Gymdesk does not provide any mobile application, which makes it a big no for users. That is why users complain that even performing a small task can cause a fuss with Gymdesk. No worries, Wellyx has got you since it comes with a highly intuitive mobile app.

According to users’ reviews, Wellyx offers user-friendly mobile apps, making it easier for users to perform tasks. In addition, Wellyx has helped gyms boost member satisfaction and retention due to its intuitive mobile apps. It eliminates the need to carry a laptop around to manage your business, bringing everything to your fingertips.

Hidden charges

Gym owners hate nothing more than hidden charges since it shows that your service providers have not been thoroughly transparent. That is why users have reviewed the fact that integrating Gymdesk can be quite frustrating due to its hidden charges. Though Gymdesk is already an expensive solution, hidden charges can break the bank. On the other hand, Wellyx is not only an economic gym management software, but there are also no hidden charges.

According to users’ reviews, Wellyx is known to be the “Budget King” because of its pocket-friendly pricing plans. Wellyx provides a wide variety of features without costing you an arm and a leg. In addition, Wellyx offers a free demo so that you can understand better what you will be getting.

Wellyx's review about charges

What are Gymdesk’s pricing plans?

Gymdesk gym management software comes with five main pricing plans that are based on the number of active members. Take a look at the following to know its pricing:

  • Micro Gym: $75 per month (up to 50 members)
  • Small Gym: $100 per month (up to 100 members)
  • Medium Gym: $150 per month (up to 200 members)
  • Large Gym: $200 per month (up to 400 members)
  • Enterprise: Get a quote

Since the pricing depends on the number of members, the Gymdesk gym software can be quite an expensive option for gyms. So, if you are tight on budget, you must look for an economical option like Wellyx

Get on a progressive track by switching from Gymdesk to Wellyx

Gymdesk vs Wellyx? It seems like an endless battle to find the best gym management software for your gym, right? However, if you are looking for the best option, Gymdesk gym software is certainly not the right choice. For that purpose, Wellyx can meet your expectations by automating your gym’s workflows and providing never-ending opportunities to grow.

Since Wellyx is an all-inclusive gym management software, it comes with a comprehensive range of features. From automating scheduling to streamlining inventory to simplifying payments, Wellyx covers it all. In addition, its user-friendly interface makes it easier for non-technological users to navigate.

So, if you want an affordable yet the very best gym system, look no further than Wellyx. It will help you stay on a progressive track and expand your gym by leaps and bounds.

Wellyx Pricing plan

Being able to meet the business needs of a wide range of industries, Wellyx feels pride in serving value and efficiency to the businesses. With the motive to upgrade the industry operations and management, it stands as the budget king with the most economical pricing plans. 

Based on business needs and size, it offers three types of monthly plans as follows:

  • $USD - US Dollar
  • £GBP - British Pound
  • A$AUD - Australian Dollar
  • EUR - Euro



Per Month



Per Month



Per Month

A good range of features is included in each plan. However, branded apps, custom WordPress websites, and SEO services can be added as per the business needs. Still, it wins over other software in providing the best features and functionality in an affordable range.

A glimpse of the features Wellyx offers

As Wellyx stands as the best ABC Glofox and alternative, let’s look at the features it offers that Glofox and lack. Here are some of the top-rated features that can beat up your business game:

What else do you need to manage your business when Wellyx offers everything in one place!

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