Gymnastics Management Software

Facilitate your customers with an easy signup process and a convenient selection of classes and programs. In addition, the gymnastics management software ensures efficient class scheduling and eliminates the chances of errors. The software serves in many administrative processes. It automates attendance tracking, offers secure billing processes, and ensures a positive experience for staff members and customers.

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Membership management

Gymnastics software enhances membership management and keeps the record in order. You can customize membership plans and packages, seeing the specific needs of your members. In addition, the software sends failed payment alerts to an individual member. Furthermore, you can personalize communication with your members using membership records.

  • Customize billing cycles to create convenience for members.
  • You can apply purchase restrictions to manage and control access.
  • Send notifications to members about upcoming renewals.
  • Implement an access control system and allow access to eligible members.
Customized Curriculum Planning

Mobile application

Members can conveniently book classes using the gymnastics club management software. In addition, the gymnastics club management software automates moving individuals from a waitlist into a class session. The software monitors the waitlist process in real time. Moreover, the mobile application securely manages transactions.

  • It enables your members to view schedules from the mobile app.
  • Studio members can mark attendance from the mobile application.
  • Administrators can access member information from the app.
  • The mobile application allows you to manage reward programs.

Point of Sale (POS)

The gymnastics studio management software integrates with a secure point of sale (POS) system. You can use it to sell various items to boost sales. In addition, the POS system efficiently processes payment methods, including Stripe, PayTab, GoCardless, and credit and debit cards. Furthermore, you can track inventory levels and ensure stock availability.

  • Park and retrieve sales using the POS system.
  • Enable your members to process discounts.
  • It allows you to apply taxes and other service charges.
  • The gymnastics management software will enable you to offer split and partial payment options.
Enhance Communication Engagement

Gift cards

Offer gift cards to your members using the gymnastics management software. In addition, the software manages its processing. You can customize gift cards and assign a value to them. In this way, you provide flexibility to your audience. Redemption of gift cards is more accessible through the software. Furthermore, gift cards enable your members to pay for memberships or any other services.

  • Track usage of gift cards using the software.
  • Members can check their card balance.
  • Use gift cards to promote your services and attract new members.
  • Offer gift cards to enhance member engagement and enable them to celebrate special occasions.

Lead management

Capture all the relevant leads and increase the chances of sales. The gymnastics management software helps you in the lead nurturing process. The software allows you to send timely reminders and follow-up messages.

  • Integrates online forms and automates lead generation process.
  • Customize lead capture forms to get essential information.
  • Access lead information and manage follow-ups on the go through the mobile application.
  • Analyze demographic data of leads to refine targeting strategies for future marketing efforts.
Optimize Studio Performance Analytics

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The mobile application facilitates convenient class bookings, real-time schedule access, and member attendance marking. It also allows administrators to manage reward programs and access member information on the go, providing a seamless and engaging experience.

Yes, the software offers the flexibility to customize billing cycles, providing convenience for members. This feature allows gymnastics studios to tailor billing structures based on individual member preferences and needs.

The POS system enables gymnastics studios to sell various items, process payments securely, and track real-time inventory levels. It accommodates multiple payment options, encompassing credit cards among them. Furthermore, it supports popular gateways like Stripe, PayTab, and GoCardless, enhancing sales efficiency.

Gift cards, offered through the gymnastics management software, provide members a flexible way to pay for memberships and services. They also serve as promotional tools, attracting new members and fostering engagement by allowing individuals to celebrate special occasions with personalized gifts.

The lead management feature helps capture and organize potential members’ information, facilitating targeted communication and follow-ups. This systematic approach increases the chances of converting leads into actual sales, contributing to the overall growth and success of the gymnastics club.

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