Gym POS System

Are you looking for a secure gym POS system that optimizes operations? Wellyx’s gym payment software automates renewals, reduces wait times, and enhances customer experience. At the same time, it features an inventory management system that helps you to manage supplies and merchandise efficiently.
Wellyx all-in-one gym POS system for fitness studios

Payment Processing

Handle financial transactions with precision and accuracy. The gym POS system by Wellyx offers different payment methods, such as Stripe credit/debit cards, PayPal, and GoCardless. In addition, our POS system for fitness centers generates invoices and maintains the record.

  • It uses encryption methods to offer robust security measures.
  • Manages recurring bills and automatically charges members.
  • Ease in implementing discounts, promotions, and loyalty rewards.
  • It enables you to set up preferred payment plans and supports split payments.
Gym Pos System With Payment Processing
Booking system with gym point of sale software


Check the complete list of bookings and their status using the gym POS software. The software provides you with a list of gym activities. Furthermore, you can use filters to get information about a particular class. Get a list of the number of attendees, customer type, and their payment status.

  • Create events and customize the limit on the number of attendees.
  • Manage class schedules, including details like class type, instructors, and available slots.
  • Provide members with a real-time view of available classes.
  • Implement policies for class cancellations.

Waitlist management

Waitlist management in a gym POS system enables you to handle rush hours. The system assists when a class reaches its maximum limit. But, you find an additional demand of members expressing interest in participating. The gym point of sale assigns a position to that customer on the waitlist. The system informs members on the waitlist when their turn comes with an automated notification.

  • The system moves to following members when a customer does not respond quickly.
  • Sends automated messages to members about their waitlist status.
  • Set limitations on the number of members allowed on the waitlist.
    Identify popular classes and waitlist trends.
Waitlist management with gym POS system software
Gym Pos System With Gift Cards

Gift cards

Facilitate the acquisition and utilization of gift cards seamlessly within the gym billing software. Additionally, the system enables the creation and adding of value to gift cards with ease and accuracy. It makes it easy for people to buy things.

  • Maintains the record and makes tracking simpler.
  • Enables customers to redeem points through repeated purchases.
  • Evaluate expiry dates and communicate with both buyers and recipients.
  • Gift cards are transferable, allowing customers to gift them to others.

Park sales

Using the gym point-of-sale systems, you can accommodate many customers simultaneously. Park those customers who take a break during their purchases. It saves time and enhances customer experience. Retrieve the process from where it paused.

  • Systematically records and retrieves sales data promptly as required.
  • Offer memberships to walk-in customers and store their information.
  • Discard the sale when a customer does not come back.
  • Ensuring that customer data and transaction details remain secure.
Gym POS system with lead management

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Yes. The Wellyx’s gym POS system features barcode scanning as well. It identifies the code and retrieves information about a product. At the same time, the system updates inventory records.
Yes, Wellyx’s gym POS software supports various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, Stripe, PayTab, and GoCardless, ensuring flexibility for gym owners and members.
The waitlist management system in the gym’s point-of-sale system allows members to express interest in fully booked classes. The system automatically assigns positions, notifies members when spots become available, and moves down the waitlist if the first member doesn’t respond in the allotted time.
Can I offer gift cards to others, and How does the redemption process work?
Absolutely. Using the gym point-of-sale systems by Wellyx, you can efficiently serve multiple customers simultaneously. The gym’s point of sale allows customers to take breaks during their purchases. It ensures a seamless process by retrieving the transaction from where it paused, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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