Gym marketing software

Market your gym your way

Exhibit the specialties of your gym business to your relevant audience using Wellyx’s gym marketing software. Design workout programs for people of different age groups and promote them to meet your audience’s preferences. See the behavior and interest of your audience and develop buyer personas that represent various segments of your target audience.

Two-way communication system

Increase engagement with your audience and send bulk emails, SMS, and WhatsApp. In addition, setting up automated responses to personalize interactions becomes easier. Furthermore, you can send SMS to promote services. Engage your audience personally and send WhatsApp messages while using Wellyx’s gym marketing software.

  • Send SMS notifications for appointment reminders or pending dues.
  • Design email templates to get a better response from your audience.
  • Facilitates personalized communication based on user preferences and behavior.
  • Adherence to privacy regulations by obtaining consent before sending messages.
Two-way communication system
Send push notifications

Send push notifications

Send brief messages or alerts to your audience’s mobile devices. These notifications appear on their home screens. For this, they do not need your gym’s mobile application. In this way, you communicate with your audience in real time using Wellyx’s gym marketing software. Deliver critical information, updates, and alerts to your gym members.

  • Send push notifications based on your audience preferences or demographics
  • Create segments of your audience database and send personalized messages
  • Set a frequency for sending push notifications
  • Include images and other interactive elements to make content engaging

Track widget traffic via Google Analytics

Identify user behavior and know about their preferences. Analyze widget interactions such as click views and gain engagement metrics. These enable you to make informed decisions to create a more engaging environment. In addition, the gym marketing software allows you to track class schedules, workout plans, and membership offers.

  • Gym marketing solutions track widget traffic and identify preferences
  • Collect data to run personalized marketing campaigns
  • Enhance the relevance of marketing efforts
  • Enhance user experience and strategically place interactive elements

Create lead & member-specific tags

It enables you to generate more leads and categorize them with specific tags. These tags highlight the type of leads. In this way, you can identify their favorite exercises and other details. Using these tags, the gym marketing software can create engagement strategies.

  • Lead tags enable you to attract more members by offering special offers
  • Tags for existing members will allow you to create personalized communication
  • Craft strategies to meet the specific needs and interests of leads and members
  • You can include feedback from interested members in lead tags

Customizable marketing campaigns

Use customizable marketing campaigns such as designed emails and other promotional materials. Build a consistent professional brand image using the gym marketing software. In addition, you manage drip campaigns and nurture your leads.

  • Engage your audience with a series of targeted messages
  • Use page builder to create custom web pages
  • Easy creation of custom landing pages to enhance user experience
  • Get greater control over design and layout with an HTML editor
Customizable marketing campaigns

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The feature of two-way communication in the gym marketing software enhances engagement rates. Using these features, you can design and send bulk emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages to your customers. In addition, using the software, you can send push notifications and track widget traffic. All these elements collectively play a vital role in enhancing engagement rates with your audience.

The software saves your member’s information and organizes their record, such as their age, gender, and date of joining. It enables you to create member-specific tags. In this way, you can send personalized messages to individual members.

Yes. You can design workout programs using Wellyx’s gym marketing software. It enables you to meet the requirements of your customers. See the customer’s preferences and offer services accordingly to meet their expectations.

You can add class schedules and workout plans on your studio’s website and mobile application. The provision of such information creates a more engaging environment for customers. In addition, using the gym marketing software, you can add interactive elements within your bulk emails to your customers.

Yes. The gym marketing software secures customer’s data and ensures privacy. In addition, the software offers double encryption that safeguards communication between customers and gym owners.

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