Gym Booking Software

Create convenience for your members and boost your gym business. It is time to automate the booking process and elevate the overall fitness experience. Wellyx’s gym booking software enables your gym members to schedule their workouts, and classes and book sessions.
Gym Booking Software

Member registration

Organize the profiles of your gym members. The gym management software stores information of gym members accordingly. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly interface. It helps your potential customers to define their specific needs. This information helps in effective communication and to fulfill marketing purposes.

  • Enable your members to set preferences and fitness goals.
  • Keep a detailed log of members and their workout history.
  • Enable gym members to register for classes from their mobiles.
  • Ensure privacy and create a secure and trust-based environment.
Gym Booking Software With Member Registration
Gym Booking Software With Appointment Booking

Appointment booking

Booking appointments is super easy for members! In addition, this feature enables your members to schedule personalized one-on-one sessions with their preferred trainers. Plus, the gym booking software shows a cool calendar, so they can quickly find and choose the times that work for them. 

  • Enabling members to take control of their fitness journey.
  • The flexibility in trainer selection contributes to a more personalized and comfortable fitness experience.
  • Enable your members to choose the timing that suits their schedule.
  • Prevent scheduling conflicts and offer real-time updates on trainer availability.

Payment processing

Wellyx’s gym booking software provides a secure and trusted environment for processing payments. Members can conveniently utilize leading payment methods such as Stripe, Go Cardless, and PayTab. In addition, they can pay using their debit and credit cards. 

  • Ensure timely payments and maintain records of all transactions.
  • Includes automated renewal option and manages recurring fees.
  • Send a confirmation notification to you and your gym members.
  • The system aligns with the refund policies of your gym.
Gym Booking Software With Payment Processing
Gym Booking Software With Waitlist Management

Waitlist management

Waitlist management enables you to manage peak hours. It does not let any gym member return without booking a spot. The gym booking software allows your gym members to book a spot when a class is fully booked. The software automatically sends a notification when their spot gets free.

  • Prevent no-shows and ensure each member gets a fair opportunity.
  • Enable members to choose their preferred notification settings.
  • Beyond classes, allow members to reserve other gym services.
  • Provide real-time updates about the waitlist status.

Custom mobile application

Enable your gym members to explore your gym services using the custom mobile application of your gym. In addition, they can easily book classes on their preferred schedules. Furthermore, it has user-friendly navigation and on-the-go convenience.

  • The user-friendly interface of the mobile application enables gym members to access essential features.
  • Keep your gym members informed about the class availability and schedule changes.
  • Send push notifications for special events and offer an easier registration process.
  • Integrate the calendar and allow members to virtually mark their attendance.
Gym Booking Software With Custom Mobile Application

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Yes, the gym booking software keeps a detailed log of members’ workout history, allowing them to track progress and revisit their fitness journey.
Members can easily manage cancellations and rescheduling within the software. The system often includes flexible options, and any applicable penalties align with the gym’s policies.
The waitlist management feature extends beyond classes, allowing members to reserve spots for various gym services and resources, ensuring a fair and organized booking system.
The gym booking software, by Wellyx, ensures a secure and trusted payment environment. It utilizes encryption and follows industry standards to safeguard members’ debit and credit card information.
The custom mobile application receives regular updates to enhance functionality. Members receive push notifications for real-time updates on class availability, schedule changes, and special events, ensuring they stay informed and engaged.

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