Gym Billing Software

Do you often struggle with clients who constantly make late payments? However, consistent late payments affect the overall financial health and disrupt the cash flow of your gym business. Adopt a structured approach to maintain a delicate balance to avoid financial strains. Wellyx’s gym billing software enables you to accept online and in-person payments. 

In addition, it facilitates one-time and recurring payments. The gym billing system minimizes the need for manual invoicing and follow-ups.

Wellyx gym billing software

Digital invoicing

Gym billing software simplifies digital invoicing for gym owners. In addition, it maintains a record that creates transparency between you and gym members. At the same time, the software saves from legal liabilities and eliminates the chances of errors. 

  • Generates invoices according to the digital membership plan.
  • You can customize the template of invoices. Tailor the design and layout of the invoices to match your brand.
  • Set up time to send invoices at regular intervals. For example, monthly or annually to manage recurring payments.
  • Safe and easily accessible for you. Anytime you can retrieve the past data.
Gym billing software for gym owners
Split payment with gym billing software

Split payments

Enabling your clients to pay their bills in different portions. Split payment options in the billing software for gyms act like scissors that cut bills into pieces. You can implement this feature on various things like gym memberships, special classes, and other services. In this way, you create opportunities for effective cross-selling of related products.

  • Specify payment portions.
  • Allocate amounts to items.
  • Confirm split payment details.
  • Process each payment segment.

Real-time revenue reporting

The billing software for gyms provides instant insights into the gym’s finances. It tracks sales trends that help you to make informed decisions, such as class offerings and pricing adjustments. You can check the effectiveness of classes to enhance the overall gym experience. 

  • Monitor complete revenue generation. 
  • Detect and promptly address billing issues, such as failed and missed member payments.
  • Get an easy view of all your accounting details, such as payments and refunds.
  • Calculations of revenue for offering on-demand services.
Revenue reporting with gym billing software
Payment processing with gym billing software

Secure payment processing

They offer convenient and secure payment methods. The billing software for gyms saves you from the headaches of handling payments. It enhances customer service. The software’s most common integrated payment processing methods build trust among members. 

In addition, it saves their time. This way, the gym billing software protects you from juggling different payment systems.

  • Wellyx’s gym billing software accepts Stripe, GoCardless, and PayTab. 
  • Maintains the record of each transaction. A clear and organized form of history simplifies reporting tasks.
  • The software offers the convenience of processing payments in multiple currencies. In this way, you can cater to the needs of an international clientele.
  • In addition, after processing fees, it sends an automatic notification to receipts.

Automated bank deposits

No more going to the bank! Wellyx’s gym billing software deposits payments into your business bank account. The money is where it’s supposed to go. The software removes the requirement for manual processing. 

So, you only need to go to the bank sometimes when a member pays. It’s like having a money superhero that does all the work for you!

  • The gym billing system allows gym owners to set up a preferred deposit frequency, ensuring that member payments are automatically deposited at regular intervals, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • In addition, the software offers customizable deposit preferences. Gym billing software provides the flexibility to customize deposit preferences according to the gym’s specific needs. Gym owners can set preferences such as the time of day or particular days of the week for automated deposits.
  • Integrated bank verification authenticates and secures the automated deposit transactions. It adds a layer of security, safeguards financial transactions, and mitigates the risk of unauthorized access or errors. 
  • The gym billing software enhances communication by automatically sending confirmation emails after each successful deposit.
Payment methods with gym billing software

Why Wellyx gym billing software is best for your business?

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Wellyx’s gym memberships offer various payment options, including monthly, quarterly, or annual plans. Some gyms also provide flexibility through one-time payments or the convenience of automatic recurring payments.

The most convenient way to manage gym memberships is through Wellyx’s gym billing software. This powerful tool provides a user-friendly interface for members to handle their memberships effortlessly. Members can easily access the online portal, review membership details, make changes, and initiate cancellations with just a few clicks. Wellyx’s gym billing software streamlines the entire membership management process, offering convenience and flexibility to both gym owners and members, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

The purpose of a billing system is to streamline and automate the process of invoicing and collecting payments for goods or services. It ensures accuracy in financial transactions, facilitates timely payments, and contributes to efficient financial management for businesses.

A recurring payment is a scheduled, automatic transaction that repeats at regular intervals. It is commonly used for subscription services or memberships. Once set up, the recurring payment system automatically deducts the agreed-upon amount from the payer’s account on the specified schedule, providing a convenient and hassle-free way to handle ongoing financial commitments.

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