Vagaro vs Mindbody: Pick what aligns with your business needs

Vagaro and Mindbody are undoubtedly well-known in the industry for simplifying business management. They claim to be the best, but you need to know how they add value to your business. For this reason, pick what aligns with your business needs to stay on the progressive track!

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Multi-channel communication

Push notifications

Automation triggers

Custom contact lists

Google Analytics Integration

Facebook pixel Integration

Lead & member specific tags

Customizable templates

Drip campaigns

Page builder

Pop-up builder

HTML editor

Walk-in bookings

SMS notifications

Email notifications

Push notifications

Account balance check

Communication preferences

Linked payment methods

Unlock door via Bluetooth

3rd party

3rd party

3rd party

Unlock door via NFC

3rd party

3rd party

3rd party

Controlled time access

3rd party

3rd party

3rd party

Controlled benefits access

3rd party

3rd party

3rd party

Bookings & payments

Express checkout

Class & service check-ins

QR Code check-ins

Door unlock

Sales funnels

Lead capturing forms

3rd party

Lead journeys

Advanced lead workflows

Lead filters

Integrated call dialer

Lead conversion reports

Add-on services

Branded online widget

Hide price & duration option

Friends & family bookings

Custom booking notes

Partial & split payment options

Retail sale management

Item & sale level discount options

Park & retrieve sale

Payment & tips via terminal

Partial & split payments

Video library

Custom filter


Online selling limit

Custom start & end date

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Priority setup assistance

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Unlimited staff members

Be decisive about picking the best: Vagaro vs Mindbody

Vagaro and Mindbody are highly spoken of in the industry as suitable management software. From the wellness industry to the beauty and fitness industry, they have the capacity to manage daily tasks and operations. 

To make a well-informed decision, prioritize what offers you more efficiency and growth potential. Additionally, don’t fall victim to the glamorized set of features when looking for software to over-refine operations.

Instead, go for software that matches your business size, needs, and budget constraints and takes your business to the next level. So, you must bring a bigger picture of Vagaro vs Mindbody into account for a better move!

What is Mindbody suitable for?

For a long time, Mindbody has been considered the pro in simplifying business operations of multiple industries. Whether it is a wellness, beauty, or fitness business, Mindbody offers a dependable solution. 

From yoga, pilates, nail, and hair salons to the day spa and massage, Mindbody is suitable for streamlining business operations. Additionally, it caters to the needs of small-sized businesses to mid-sized and large enterprises. 

Moreover, it enables businesses to boost their market reach through a broad platform. In this way, businesses are more accessible through the Mindbody Marketplace.

What features does it include?

As Mindbody covers multiple industries, it offers a set of features to manage operations. The essential features that it offers are as follows:

Additionally, there are lots of tools in each that further refine the process. However, branded mobile apps and scheduling features are more liked by customers. Lastly, it claims to provide appropriate features to oversimplify day-to-day operations.

What features make Wellyx different from others?

Wellyx offers a good set of features to smoothen operations, marketing, and sales. These features are the ultimate toolkit for streamlining business operations. These top-notch features are as follows:

In terms of simplifying mundane and tedious business tasks, each feature offers complete functionality to increase efficiency and reduce errors. 

Simply put, Wellyx is equipped with all the essential tools to manage and boost the growth of your business. From sales to retaining members, it does not let you lose grip on any bit of the business.

What do people say about Mindbody?

Mindbody’s popularity is due to its variety of features and ability to serve a broad range of industries. With the simplified scheduling and appointment features, users find it time-saving and efficient to simplify laborious tasks. Additionally, users praise its ease of managing cancellations and booking through the mobile app. 

However, people have seen a significant fall in the quality of service using Mindbody. They find lots of issues in on-boarding. According to the reviews on GetApp, users complain about its quality and price, saying, “selling platinum, delivering vapor,” which shows users’ troublesome experience with Mindbody. 

Moreover, people find Mindbody a costly mistake, which gets their business nowhere. Lastly, its ineffective customer support has even worsened the quality.

How much does it cost?

Mindbody offers 4 plans to manage the daily business operations depending on the size and needs. The pricing plans differ on the basis of features and further expansions in each. Here is a glimpse of the pricing budget:

For a small business just starting up, Mindbody is a costly software option with limited access to features. Its costly pricing plan makes it unfavorable for small startups and even mid-sized businesses.

What is Vagaro suitable for?

Like Mindbody, Vagaro is a cloud-based software for beauty, wellness, and fitness businesses. With the features integrated in one place, it enables professionals and business owners to book appointments and manage staff and members easily. 

Additionally, it is suitable for freelancers, small and mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises. Moreover, what makes it similar to Mindbody is the marketplace, where multiple businesses retain their identity. 

Furthermore, it enables the users to personalize customers’ profiles and promotional web pages. From communicating to booking appointments to managing the overall operation, Vagaro is a suitable software.

What features are there in Vagaro?

Vagaro offers a broad range of features, from personalizing customer experience to managing business, payments, and marketing. Let’s take a look at what features it provides:

It offers a bunch of features just like Mindbody does, but the main point is to consider their usability for small to large-sized businesses.

What do people say about Vagaro?

People have mixed thoughts and experiences about Vagaro. On the one hand, users find it highly easy to navigate with lots of features. The features are functional for large businesses to simplify daily tasks. Additionally, it is equally friendly to the wallet and users. 

However, people also complain about the glitches in the software and the functionality of the reporting feature. They also find its customer service inactive, which has affected the customers’ experience. Besides, third-party integration for payment processing is not possible through Vagaro.

What does Wellyx offer?

As Wellyx is award-winning software equipped with essential tools to boost business growth, let’s see what makes it so prominent among the software options. So here is what Wellyx offers:

  • Custom mobile app
  • Overrefined class scheduling
  • Seamless lead management
  • Marketing tools to engage clients
  • Uninterrupted transactions
  • Centralized reporting
  • Videos-on-demand
  • Multiple options for bookings
  • Monitor and control access 24/7

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Wellyx Pricing plan

Being able to meet the business needs of a wide range of industries, Wellyx feels pride in serving value and efficiency to the businesses. With the motive to upgrade the industry operations and management, it stands as the budget king with the most economical pricing plans. 

Based on business needs and size, it offers three types of monthly plans as follows:

  • $USD - US Dollar
  • £GBP - British Pound
  • A$AUD - Australian Dollar
  • EUR - Euro



Per Month



Per Month



Per Month

A good range of features is included in each plan. However, branded apps, custom WordPress websites, and SEO services can be added as per the business needs. Still, it wins over other software in providing the best features and functionality in an affordable range.

How much does Vagaro charge?

Compared to Mindbody, Vagaro is far more budget-friendly, with a nominal pricing range. From one location to multiple locations, it caters to the business needs seamlessly. For one-location businesses, it charges monthly based on bookable calendars. So, its pricing plan is based on the no. of calendars:

Vagaro offers a cost-effective pricing plan, making it a suitable option for business owners. For multi-location or enterprise-level business, you can get a quote accordingly.

The best software: Outplaying Vagaro vs Mindbody

After seeing Vagaro and Mindbody in a bigger context, it is easier to see the functional disparities between them. Where one software offers a great deal of features, the pricing plan is extremely expensive for small startups. Similarly, neither of the software provides a friendly interface, which frustrates the users. Additionally, they need to improve their customer service to improve customer experience. 

Considering the requirements and keeping a human-centered approach, Wellyx comes into play with the most comprehensive features, friendly interface, and pricing plan.

Compared to Mindbody and Vagaro, Wellyx serves quality, value, and all-in-one software to help you stay high-headed and well-managed. Additionally, it is highly suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small to enterprise. Unlike Mindbody and Vagaro, it does not let your customers slip away through the marketplace platforms. Instead, Wellyx gives you complete control over your business in every possible manner.  

Lastly, what sets Wellyx apart from others is its 24/7 active customer support. At Wellyx, what makes the customer stick longer is its quality of service and software functionality, which is second to none. So, if you are stuck between choosing Vagaro and Mindbody, look at the bigger picture and consider Wellyx as the perfect and suitable software.