It’s not just about sessions

Keep clients accountable and manage your practice like a pro. Wellyx is the management platform for health and wellness professionals.

Member enegagement

Member Engagement

Get organized and have complete details about your clients and their coaching sessions in one place.
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gym booking and scheduling management software

Booking & Scheduling

Comprehensive coaching scheduling software, with the ability to schedule classes, appointments, calls & shifts, all via a shared scheduler.
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gym staff management software

Staff Management

Wellyx is a competitive staff management platform. It’s time to invest in your people and make it a business strategy.
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Optimize your client management

Explore & understand your customers. Sell memberships & coaching sessions online & on the app, anywhere, to anyone.

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Point of Sale

Sell products, coaching sessions or programs, Wellyx point of sale is build coaching instructors.
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Wellyx is an award-winning gym membership management software

Customer Portal

Support your clients with a portal, where you can provide essential information and set goals.
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Member app

Customer App

Allow customers to stay connected to their account, anytime, anywhere. Improve productivity and sales.
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Close more coaching sessions with Wellyx

Wellyx easy-to-use drag and drop sales pipeline, coupled with our automation tools and reward program helps you close more sales, faster.

Wellyx gym customer leads and sales management system

Lead Management

Stay organized, avoid chaos & easily capture leads on your own website and get a big picture view of your entire sales process.
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Save hours everyday with our advanced automation tools. Send notifications based on events and customer behavior.
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Reward Program

Grow your coaching business with our best-in-class reward program, trusted by 1000’s coaching professionals.
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Integrated payments & invoices

Empower customers to pay for coaching sessions and programs with Wellyx.

Wellyx is an award-winning gym membership management software


Simplify subscriptions management with Wellyx. Untap new revenue and get visibility into every member's lifestyle.
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Unified Payments

Sell everywhere and manage everything with Wellyx and take in-person, or on-the-go payments.
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Staff App

Take Wellyx with you, wherever you are. Work doesn’t stop when your coaching.
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