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Wellyx’s cloud gym software centralizes data and enables gym owners to manage data online effectively. In addition, it simplifies managing loyalty programs and running targeted marketing campaigns. 

Cloud Gym Software Manage Your Gym Online

Active support and exceptional services

Disruptions annoy gym owners and cause trouble in routine operations. Therefore, our cloud-based gym management software offers a 24/7 chat support service to troubleshoot problems. In addition, the team of professionals helps gym owners configure and set up the software with ease.

  • Complete training sessions for gym staff for onboarding
  • Saving gym owners from the pain of data migration
  • Do not tie gym owners with any contract
  • Gym owners can add unlimited staff members 
Active support and exceptional services
Membership management

Membership management

The software enables gym owners to access and manage profiles from their mobile devices. They can get the complete information of their customers, such as enrollment date, benefits, and membership type. In addition, they can customize membership plans and packages, seeing the sales trend of their gym studio.

  • Get control over the payment freezing option through setting
  • Manage recurring payments and pro-rata billing
  • Implement purchase restrictions to reduce frauds
  • The cloud gym software enables customizing billing cycles

Scheduler management

Wellyx’s cloud-based gym management software enables gym owners to manage schedules from their mobile devices. Moreover, the software owners make changes visible on a gym studio’s official website. Furthermore, the software minimizes the chances of errors in scheduling, such as double booking and overlapping classes.

  • Enable gym owners to reschedule bookings using the drag-and-drop function
  • Manage recurring classes and events from mobile applications
  • The system allows customers to select specific segments of services
  • Synchronize the studio’s schedule with Google Calendar
Scheduler management
Security features of mobile application

Security features of mobile application

Robust security features such as double encryption, authentication, and access control systems ensure the security of sensitive data. At the same time, the cloud gym software sends confirmation notifications about payment confirmation. In addition, the software prevents unauthorized access in a studio with an efficient check-in and check-out system.

  • Check transaction history from the mobile application
  • Gym owners can apply restrictions on specific services
  • Customize mobile applications using color coding
  • Control member check-in and out using unique QR codes

Offer and manage loyalty programs

Offering loyalty programs helps gym owners boost sales and increase customer retention. Therefore, Wellyx’s cloud gym software maintains a record of all studio members’ earned reward points. At the same time, the software acts upon the policy of an individual gym studio.

  • The software enables studio owners to customize the redemption ratio of reward points
  • Administrators can set specific periods for loyalty programs
  • Manages referral reward points
  • Avail benefits of automatic and manual enrollment options
Offer and manage loyalty programs.

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The cloud-based gym management software secures sensitive information such as member profiles, financial information, and login credentials with two-factor authentication. In addition, the software secures information with encryption and makes the data unreadable without decryption keys. 

Furthermore, Wellyx’s cloud gym software features a robust access control system. It enables gym studio owners to implement role-based access control, ensuring only authorized personnel can access information.

Integration of the cloud-based gym management software enables you to manage your gym business from mobile devices. Moreover, its mobile application has a user-friendly interface, allowing you to manage routine operations such as membership and class scheduling. In addition, the mobile application integrates POS systems that enable you to accept payments, gift cards, and loyalty programs. Furthermore, you can track all your financial activities using the mobile application.

Yes. But, it depends on the policy of an individual studio owner. However, using the software, they can accept the request of their gym members to transfer their loyalty points to others. In addition, they can proceed with this process manually.

Yes. Wellyx’s cloud-based gym management software’s mobile application enables gym owners to manage the operations of multiple branches. The software categorically maintains the record of all branches. Using the mobile application, they can update the schedules of different branches. In addition, they can track the attendance records of their staff members and members. Furthermore, it allows them to manage payrolls and targeted marketing campaigns.

Offering segmented services enables gym members to choose the services according to their requirements. In addition, customers can customize training sessions that align with their schedule. Ultimately, it benefits gym owners because it enhances member experience and generates revenue for their business.

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