Why is Video-on-Demand Essential for Fitness and Gym Software?

Video on Demand

People watch videos more than images or other types of content on social media. A video can elaborate the scenario more clearly than the text or images. That’s why many business owners are also using it. Are you also thinking of making a video for your business? Oh, wait! You will need a virtual platform for it. Gyms and fitness studios offer clients this VOD (on-demand) option. The fantastic thing is that it’s also available in Fitness and Gym Software. Before that, let’s discuss the video on demand briefly:

What is Video on Demand?

online video-watching platform

It’s an online video-watching platform on which people can see recorded videos. This option is only suitable for businesses. People running a gym or fitness studio can also provide this service to their gym members. Have you listened to OTT? It stands for over the top and is a way to stream videos or media content online. Video on demand also uses this OTT to drop videos in that slot for viewers.

Working of Video on Demand:

Digital Platform

Every video has a format that is necessary to upload on the internet. Do you think this video uploading is easy? It has a complete process that has the following steps:

  • Compress Video Files for Digital Platform
  • After that, the video will be transcoded into an easy-to-read format
  • Then this video will get metadata, thumbnails, and subtitles
  • The final stage comes when the video gets uploaded to the server as per the user’s request
  • The video will covert into viewable format when the user receives it

This whole video uploading process is time-consuming but also demanding from your clients. People in your gym can receive this video through the video-on-demand feature of your Gym Management Software.

Why Do We Need to Use a VOD Platform in Gym?

Gyms and fitness centers

Gyms and fitness centers have different categories of clients. Some are comfortable coming to the gym and attending the workout session. What about the other clients who don’t have time for a workout? They also have a right to look fit. As a gym owner, you must think of a solution to this problem. Why don’t you use a virtual platform for them? You can introduce a video recording and uploading service for them. In this way, they can also perform the workout. Furthermore, it will be beneficial for your fitness business as well.

According to a report by Statista, there were around 228.9 digital video-watching viewers. They estimated that in 2022 this number of users would rise to 248.9. It means a massive number of users love to watch videos on multiple social media platforms. The creators are making content and uploading it on the internet to engage the audience. Moreover, these videos are available with a single click. You can also use Fitness Studio Management Software for the VOD.

How a Fitness and Gym Software Help in VOD?

gym members to you with a VOD platform

If you manage a more extensive business-like gym, you must offer your clients all the best services. What if some of your gym members miss a workout session for valid reasons? You must think about him. A VOD will help that member, and he can see the workout video on it.

A Fitness and Gym Software will connect your gym members to you with a VOD platform. When a member requests a workout video from you, the software will redirect him to the platform. The software is here to lead your gym members to a link to the video you have recorded for them.

What are the Top VOD Business Models?

video on demand business

1. Transactional Video-On-Demand

It’s a type of VOD in which users must pay for the content. It has two categories; one works on a one-time payment method. You cannot watch the content without payment if you are a user.

The other one works on payment after the tenure ends. In this pay, you have to pay an amount if you want to watch a video.

2. Subscription Video-On-Demand

Have you ever paid for a Netflix-like app? If yes, then you must know that it’s subscription-based content. To stay connected with the platform, you must pay a fixed amount according to its policy. Similarly, subscription VOD has an amount for some tenure, like for a month or year.

3. Advertising Video-On-Demand

Let’s talk about advertising. Most of you will notice that when you watch apps like YouTube, an ad suddenly pauses your video for a while. What kinds of ads are called advertising VOD?

The owner must pay for the ads to display them on a platform. There are two ways to display ads:

  • You will search for the advertising company and send your content to them
  • The advertising company will approach you for video content.

You can select the VOD model that suits you and your gym members.

What are the Benefits of a Using a VOD?

  • The most significant benefit of VOD is that it is available conveniently.
  • Your gym members can play and watch the video anytime
  • The remote of the video is in the hand of the gym member as he can choose a video to play
  • A gym member can play, pause, rewind, and forward the video.
  • It is affordable for everyone.
  • Helps to generate good revenue in the gym business

How to Choose a Good VOD Platform for Gym?

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  • Easily streamline all the operations of the gym
  • Easy to schedule all the classes
  • Easy to engage with customers

As you all know that every video needs a platform for uploading. The thing is, how can you select which platform is suitable for your video? See the qualities of a good VOD platform:

  • Provides white-label video streaming
  • Offers Ad-free video streaming
  • Unlimited sources of input
  • The videos will record in the library
  • Gym members can access video on any device
  • It contains a CMS for managing video content
  • A network to deliver content on any device
  • Perfect DRM (Digital Rights Management) encryption for security

If you are looking for this VOD platform for your gym, then Fitness and Gym Management Software will help you.

VOD vs. Live Streaming

Live streaming is a real-time service where you can engage your gym members through an online connection. Most people love live streaming due to the instant response they want from the gym owner. Live streaming is suitable for online workout sessions where gym members can ask multiple queries. A drawback of live streaming is that if anyone misses it, he would never see it if no one records it. On the contrary, a VOD is a platform where you can connect with gym members through a video recording. The convenience of VOD is that people can see the video whenever they are free. You can also record live streaming and make a video for your valuable clients.

Ending Statement

VOD is an open platform through which you can help your gym members with workout videos. A virtual platform like VOD will provide a workout video that your gym members can get through Fitness Business Software.