Top 24 Features to Look for When Selecting Gym Management Software

Gym Management Software

Members are as crucial as other gym resources. All of your business tactics are to attain clients. Before grabbing members, have you ever noticed which thing is pulling you away from your gym members? There can be multiple reasons for which you are unable to get the desired gym clients like:

  • Poor Client Management
  • A bunch of tasks for your gym staff
  • No tracking of gym equipment
  • Inadequate checking of client’s performance
  • Mismanagement of your gym finances

After facing many problems mentioned above, how can you retain your gym members? The only thing that can help you out in aligning your gym tasks is technology. Experience Wellyx Gym Management Software and resolve all of your fitness business issues.

What Services are your Members looking for in Your Gym?

1. Members Engagement(Client Management Software)

Members Engagement

A gym client management software relationship will enhance your business sales. Satisfying a client is tacky but not tricky. Try to provide all the services which your clients demand. It also includes recording clients’ data on their gym bookings. Are you managing payment and bookings on different platforms? Leave this and have client management software to deal with them online. Now, you can track all of your clients from anywhere in a few minutes through a system. Here are its other features:

  • Online platform & app
  • Centralized database
  • Payment invoices
  • Clients’ check-in

2. Membership Management

Membership Management

Before stepping into the gym field, you must seek tactics to engage your members. What can be the best way to engage your clients in the gym? It’s a good and reasonable gym membership management software. Offer them multiple memberships off and on to maintain their interest. If you select Health Club Software, then it will be more convenient for them. Below is the role of software in managing your gym memberships:

  • Online booking of memberships
  • Allow to add and remove memberships
  • Save the member details on the cloud database
  • Check the payment method
  • Offer online feedback forms

3. Members Portal(Customer Portal)

Members Portal

There is a need for membership detail for each member. If members are willing to have membership in your gym, how can you keep a record of them? It is difficult for the members, but you can track them anytime from their membership records. The next question is, are you ok with a pile of logs? Why can’t you put this responsibility on a Gym Management System? A ready-to-operate customer portal management system in which you can preserve your member’s data immediately and safely.

Have a look at the services you will receive with record placement in this system:

  • Classes booking record
  • Online payments data
  • Classes schedule
  • Chat with the trainer
  • Members feedback

4. Branded Customer App

Branded Customer App

The website is good, but why can’t you go for an application? You have to sell your services to clients online. Whether your clients are in hundreds or thousands, you can handle them on the spot. A branded customer app software will support you in managing clients. The customer app will notify the gym members about the events in it. This app will inform them whether it’s all fitness Industries class or any pushups competition. The attendance and all other record are also recorded in their app profile. Following are more details that this app will cover:

  • Profile management
  • Classes & services
  • Cancellation & rescheduling
  • Forms & waivers
  • Waitlist checking

5. Booking & Scheduling

Booking & Scheduling

Booking is the main issue in any business. If you see a company stepping down the stairs of success, they are good at member management. Bookings are essential to attract or retain clients. You can’t rely on a paper record for booking. Moreover, how will your members check their booking details? An easy solution for this booking & scheduling issue is to trust a gym scheduling software. Check what you can offer to your studio members through this system:

  • Online schedule sheet
  • Bookings & cancellations
  • Rescheduling of the appointment
  • Rooms & resources

6. Staff Supervision

Staff Supervision

You are hiring a bunch of staff in your gym but still can’t manage time to mention their record? Poor staff management is an unhealthy factor for your business. You may face the following problems due to staff management software:

  • No record maintenance
  • Members negative reviews
  • Firing or termination of staff

Shift to technology to conquer this staffing problem on an excellent member experience. Check out Coaching Management Software & train your staff. If you’re having trouble managing the personal trainer, opt for Personal Trainer Software. Trust this system and see what it’s offering to you:

  • Staff dashboard online
  • Rota creation
  • Check-in and checkout monitoring
  • Staff communication

7. Branded Staff App

Branded Staff App

Websites and mobile applications are two different technologies with, most of the time same features. The additional part of a mobile app is that it is portable and takes a few moments to load and flash all the details. Select a staff management software app to tackle all the staff anytime. This application has a chat and notification feature as well. The branded staff app will receive notifications about any vital task even if he is not using the application. Other services included in this app are:

  • Manage classes & services
  • One scheduler
  • Time & Attendance
  • Frictionless checkouts

8. Payment Management

Payment Management

Payment is a tool that every business owner uses to generate revenue. You are also doing the same, but are you ok with manual payment management in your gym? It’s unfair to stay on a manual system while living in a digital world. Try payment management software to manage your source of revenue. Here are a few things that your clients & you need from a payment feature in a system:

  • No break-in online payments
  • Should cover the clients globally
  • Manages POS
  • Online automated invoices
  • Allow multiple payment options like a debit card

9. Access Control

Access Control

Who never wants to access his business? All of you are up to look for the management of your studio. Managing a fitness hub is not comfy. The burden of staffing and clients remains the same in this business. Therefore, you should need to have a best gym management software.

Moreover, you don’t need to use a manual door system. A gym access control system will make your studio entry touchless. It would help if you achieve your client’s target when the door is automated, and all the studios have automated technology.

Let’s see what this door access system will allow you and your studio members:

  • Touchless door entry
  • Offline mode for gym entry
  • Seamless integration

10. Lead Management

Lead Management

Handling business requires a lot of promotion and marketing. Yes, you don’t have time to promote your business alone. You also have to watch out for your business leads. Furthermore, hiring more staff will increase the business cost. There is also another solution available in the market. Go for a lead management system for your fitness studio. It will not only track your leads but further helps you to get more clients. The conversion of leads is the main objective of this system. Look at what this system is providing you:

  • Manage sales dashboard
  • Capture all leads
  • Helps in lead conversion
  • Chat & communicate with leads

11. Forms & Waivers

Forms & Waivers

Client feedback is a motivational factor for you. A positive testimonial will raise your confidence to offer more and better services to your clients for forums and waivers. Person-to-person feedback is tough to take, and you also want it. What can you do in that case? Create your feedback forms online through Fitness Studio Software. It can save you from spending extra time on having manual feedback. Any of our staff can operate it, and you can also view it through online access. For more clarification, check what it offers to you:

  • New and old client forms
  • Customized form builder
  • A separate form of product & classes
  • It consists of multiple pages
  • Sharing and viewing features are available as well

12. POS


You can’t leave everything to the staff. You must pay attention to your business activities. Take help from any possible source you can for your business. Searching for a client or staff record from a river of record files is hectic. Just look for gym pos software to track all these sales problems. It has a tremendous data-searching feature to filter the record you want. Go on a write-and-click technique by using this gym pos system. For more info, see its overall services:

  • Watch out for gym memberships
  • Manage client’s waitlist
  • Scan or write to search for a record
  • Monitor all payments
  • Keeps an eye on sales receipt & park them
  • Allow managing refunds, tips & discounts
  • Mention partial payments separately

13. Rewards


Appreciation is another motivational factor for your staff to work under the same organization. Suppose you don’t appreciate your team and expect great work from them; sorry to say it’s complicated. Try to satisfy your gym trainers as well as the members in it. Thus, take the initiative and offer bonuses to your staff. Additionally, inaugurate a reward program for gym members—Mark the birthdays and performances of your clients and staff. If an all-in-one fitness business industry software can help, don’t miss it.

Below are the things included in this rewarding feature of software:

  • Allow your gym members to redeem points
  • Check attendance performance
  • Remember birthdays and all other events
  • Watch the activities related to membership

14. Inventory Management

Inventory Management

All gyms have equipment. This is because you can’t run a gym without equipment. It’s the equipment through which your clients can do the workout. What’s your way of mentioning the record of this equipment in your gym or any other studio? Please don’t say that you are still using the register for it. Update your boring gym with inventory management software. This software will keep its record, whether it’s gym equipment or any diet or protein shakes. See its sub-features below:

  • Items management
  • Vendor management
  • Pos & online integration
  • Multilocation

15. Packages

Offers & packages will play an essential role in members’ retainment in a gym. You can further offer them discounts on these packages. There are also situations where a client wants to create his customized package. The payments and all of their invoices against every package need a record. Gym membership software can solve all these issues. The online feedback for customized packages is included in this system. Below are all the services that this feature will provide you:

  • Create Custom Packages
  • Cancellation & Reschedule
  • Payment & Invoices
  • Online Feedback Forms

16. Gift Cards

Gift Cards

People mostly love surprises. They can be in any form, a birthday or anniversary. You can also try gift cards for your gym members. These cards will comprise customized packages and rewards as well. What if your special one is in another country? Try a gym system through which you can send them gift cards worldwide. The customized card option is also available in this system. Sell your gym packages to one of your valuable members. Check its other attributes as well:

  • Quick, Easy Setup
  • Sell Gift Card all over the World
  • Easy redemption
  • Enabling of enterprise

17. Reports

Sales reports are essential while managing a business. Reports are the ways to check the sales detail. The employee’s salaries for all other resources are under this single report. You can’t set a specific staff for the report creation. Try to make an online report via the gym reporting system. It includes a growth dashboard and data segmentation. Insight and export the data to verify the sales record. Manage all the monthly to annual sales via one source. These are the highlighted features in this module:

  • Dashboard Checking
  • Data Segmentation
  • Export data

18. Marketing


You can use a lot of platforms to market your gym business. Marketing is the main element in promoting the business. Use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms for business marketing. Email campaigns are also a solution. Choose a gym marketing system to manage all these promotions. The system can email campaigns and also manage SMS marketing. Application marketing is an additional feature of this software. See all of its benefits below:

  • Email marketing
  • SMS text marketing
  • Application Marketing

19. Waitlist


All the clients can’t get an appointment on time. Some clients have to cancel their appointments. The pending clients need time to set up their work. Who can do this? You can’t hire a list of staff for its management. Go for a client management system to check the available and pending clients.

Moreover, manage classes and send alerts to them via the same method. The last-minute cancellation will further deal with this software. Enhance the client’s experience and check the features for waitlist management here:

  • Check business rules
  • Manage class & services for it
  • Perform bookings & charge payments
  • Automatic SMS alerts

20. Online Store

Manual and online stores have the same items, but their method of selling is different. All the dealings they did depended on the business they had. Don’t go to stores; choose the only store to solve your business issues. As a gym owner, you must take a system for the bookings and payments in your online store. You can also present many items related to your gym which your clients can buy through the store. The options this system offers are:

  • Online Store dealings
  • Booking & scheduling check
  • Online deposit management
  • Cancellation & then reschedule

21. Video on Demand

Most of the time, clients attend a fitness class in the gym. Some people want to participate in the session but can’t do it due to their strict schedules. Here you can get a solution to this problem. Offer them videos on demand of your trainer’s workout. Use any online platform where these videos are saved and book their memberships via software. Hence, your client retention will also increase.

22. Automation

While you are facing an issue with payment or, in the case of membership bookings, go for CRM automation. It means you have to shift your business to online platforms. Don’t worry; many management software on the market will help you. The reminders of appointments to the client management and all tasks will get online through a system. Thus, you can switch on a plan to automate your business activities. Switch and enjoy these features in the system for automation:

  • Custom Automation
  • Default automation
  • Multi-channel options
  • Segmentation Of client & staff
  • Automatic reminders

23. Live Streaming

Live Streaming

All of you know that there was a time of pandemics in which everything went online. Therefore, all gym owners think of offering memberships with online fitness classes. Some clients faced the issue that they wanted life streaming their trainer for a workout. It is possible, and you can also manage it. All other tasks remain the same, but the client has to book a virtual class. You can also take their feedback on this step. Choose a zoom platform and offer live streaming of your trainer workout to your gym members. Check what other things you can do in it:

  • Zoom Integration
  • Forms for Feedback
  • Go Ahead for Business
  • Online Platform & Apps.

24. Nutrition/Personal Plan

Health and fitness are your business, so it’s your responsibility to take care of your gym members’ health. People who come to lose weight in your gym often ask for a diet plan. How much time can you make a manual diet plan? Please change it to an automated diet chart through a system. The system comprises diet plans and the details of the trainer as well. The record of a gym member demanding a diet plan is also mentioned in the same system. The payment record for the diet plan will be further available in this system.

Before You Go for the Software

Approaching a Fitness Business Software is not rigid but finding the right software is challenging. There can be multiple approaches to searching for Club & Health Management software. The thing is to keep your members in your mind and then go for it. Grab software that can monitor multiple tasks in one go.

Grow Your Revenue with Gym Software By +133 %

  • Easily streamline all the operations of the gym
  • Easy to schedule all the classes
  • Easy to engage with customers