4 Steps Process to Handle any Member Complaint in your Gym

4 Steps Process to Handle ANY Member Complaint in your Gym

Today, Wellyx is going to explain the 4 major steps to handle any kind of gym member complaint. It’s important to manage your member complaints. As Seymour H said.

“When a customer complains, he/she is doing you a special favor; he/she is giving you another chance to serve him/her to their satisfaction.”

The pattern of complaint management is floating on some very important steps. The initial step is called communication management. Every member’s complaint is processed and examined thoroughly to meet satisfying solutions.

Wellyx was questioned many times by its gym members and received tons of complaints on both small and large levels. As compliant receivers and managers, today we are going to explain the mechanism of handling complaints.

There are 4 steps to handle any member complaint in your gym.

  • Listening and acknowledgement
  • Apologizing for the inconvenience and taking ownership
  • Solving and customizing process to member needs
  • Applauding members and applying solutions for the future

Wellyx takes complete responsibility and serves its members with 100% satisfaction.

Listening and acknowledgement

Listening and acknowledgement

“The first step in exceeding your member’s expectations is to know those expectations” – Roy H. Williams

Listening is what makes a gym membership system reliable and valuable for the members.

90% of the time, members simply seek an ear to hear about their concerns and notices for receiving values or not. By listening carefully to your members and acknowledging the problems they’re facing, you put yourself in a position to tear down the walls of dissatisfaction.

Congratulations, you just created the foundation of trust grounds and make sure that your members feel valued and supported. Even though there could be a glitch in the system or a service that is not designed to tackle an out-of-the-box situation, you’re hearing from your members.

Being a gym membership service provider, we have faced a lot of issues and resolved them accordingly. Therefore, being a service provider, it’s your duty to listen to your clients and acknowledge the issue without covering up your system. Communication management is essential in cases like these. Hence, as staff, you need to acknowledge your members by explaining that you understand their frustration.

Apologizing for the inconvenience and taking ownership

Apologizing for the inconvenience and taking ownership

Your response to your members should be, “I’m very sorry. I appreciate how difficult it must have been for you to deal with this problem,” by looking down to express regret. Experts at Wellyx highlighted this significance of communication.

It doesn’t matter if a single individual faces this because of not understanding the process properly; you can’t express this in front of a member while he/she is complaining. Being the staff, it also doesn’t matter if the issue your member is facing is not from your department. Still being great at taking ownership, it’s your job to apologize and take responsibility, and owning the situation as a staff member is essential.

The blame and cruelty from your members will take you nowhere. Instead, saying, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience or frustration and would like to assure you this will be addressed to keep it from happening again.” is a great way to make your gym members satisfied. It will keep the loyalty of your members intact.

Solving and customizing processes to member needs

Solving and customizing processes to member needs

As Woody William says, 

“No matter how good the team is and how efficient the methodology is, if you’re not solving the right problem, the project fails.” 

Therefore, it’s essential to make amendments and fix the problem by customizing the procedures to meet your gym members’ needs.

It is not about doing something exclusive or guessing what your member is facing; guessing the member’s problem is a big mistake. Hence, ask them what problem they’re facing and what is the best way to resolve the problem according to their perspective.

It’s like serving food at a restaurant. If someone gets food that is half-cooked or cooked too much. Instead of serving them the same order once more, ask your customers what they want and how we can make it better for you. And the cherry on top is serving them the next meal for free, returning their money, or apologizing for the mistake.

It’s important to satisfy every gym member in their own way. Remember, customizing your process and policies for your gym members makes you one step ahead in your gym’s growth.

Applauding members and applying solutions for the future

Applauding members and applying solutions for the future

Applause your members by saying, “Your trust in us is our most precious asset.” this is the step to closing the deal and valuing your members for their feedback. This might seem anti-cyclical, but we believe that the members who care enough to speak about the problem they’re facing in your gym allow you to notice. This ensures the growth of your business and moves towards improvement. We suggest making the adjustments that are necessary for your fitness business for future macro and micro problems.

Thanking your members and solving those issues for the future strengthens the quality and value of your gym’s service.


These four steps carry the solutions for the longtime member satisfaction process. In real-time, all four actions come together as part of a smart plan that Wellyx follows. These steps are valuable and problem solvers and they are all because of some members’ complaints.

Sometimes, you get members who just get under your skin. So, the key is to find a unique solution just for them and make them your loyal members. Always acknowledge them and ask about any problems often.

Valuing them and making them realize that you care about them results in outstanding feedback and loyalty from them. The organized way of dealing with these problems isn’t just for face-to-face meetings. It’s also important online, where their reviews can break a business or make it stronger. Taking complaints from social media or review sites like Google is also really important and valuable for future gym members.

Calculating the conclusion of these four steps, we understood that it’s not just for satisfying our members but also is a new way to think about customer service that is about giving each member complete attention.

By listening, apologizing, solving by customizing processes, and applauding the members, fitness businesses can change what looks like mistakes into chances to make their relationships with their members even stronger.