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9 Popular Gym Programs to Keep Your Members Pumped

If you feeling stuck in a fitness rut and struggling to retain your members due to limited class options, we have got you. 

The fitness industry has become insanely advanced, and so have exercise options. Nowadays, people do not keep running on treadmills for hours to achieve their fitness goals. Instead, they look for diversity, right? So, it is time to offer the best classes and programs to your members. 

However, choosing the right classes to offer can be quite tricky. But no worries. Here, we will discuss the types of classes and programs that are popular and can help you retain your members. So, without any ado, let’s see what we have! 

9 most popular gym classes and programs to entice your members

Every fitness enthusiast has their own dynamic needs, and that is why they prefer different types of classes. When it comes to gym classes, there is nothing like one-size-fits-all. So, it is important that you offer a variety of gym classes in your fitness studio to cater to your members’ needs.

If you do not know what types of gym classes are most popular among members, take a glimpse at the following:


Pilates involves strength training, using a combination of several simple and repetitive exercises to strengthen muscles. Fitness fanatics who strive to maintain balance and increase flexibility prefer Pilates classes. Additionally, Pilates focuses on the whole body since it involves multiple muscle groups. So, it helps boost endurance and tones up the body. Furthermore, people who seek any kind of physical therapy to treat muscle injuries also enroll in Pilates classes.


Yoga is the most common type of fitness class since it not only helps you keep your body fit but also boosts relaxation. However, you must know that there is a lot of variation in yoga classes as well. There are many types, including gentle yoga, hatha yoga, yin yoga, hot yoga, power yoga, prenatal yoga, aerial yoga, and more. 

Basically, yoga includes focused movements and postures that help in increasing flexibility. So, people who want to enhance flexibility, strength, and alignment of the body look for the best yoga classes.


Zumba has a great surge in the past couple of years because of its tremendous benefits. It is a fun workout that combines dance and exercise, giving you a complete body workout session. While Zumba dancing, several muscle groups are involved, which helps burn fat and tone the overall body. In addition, Zumba increases your heart rate, meaning it provides you aerobic and non-aerobic benefits. That is why people struggling with cardiovascular and respiratory disorders prefer Zumba classes. 


HIIT, short for high-intensity interval training, involves an intense workout. Simply put, HIIT usually lasts for up to four minutes, followed by a recovery break and then again a short burst of intense workout. HIIT helps you reach a sustained heart rate, burning your body fat in a short span of exercise. 

In addition, HIIT provides many health benefits, including weight loss, reduced body fat, and boosting overall health. Lastly, people who struggle to lose weight and have health problems due to obesity prefer HIIT classes.


Kickboxing is a form of martial arts involving punches and kicks. It is also known as an adrenaline-pumping workout since it increases the heart rate and cardiac output. To begin with, kickboxing helps in boosting endurance, muscular strength, and coordination. In addition, it helps you burn a lot of calories. So, people who want to improve their balance, agility, and flexibility, kickboxing classes can help them incredibly.


People who look for something exciting and challenging go for bootcamp programs. Bootcamp classes push people to get out of their comfort zones and regular limits to enhance their fitness journey. It includes a combination of cardio, high-intensity training, and strength-building movements. 

Bootcamp classes require to perform burpees, lunges, squats, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, planks, agility ladders, barbells, tricep dips, and whatnot. So, it works on your body effectively and has long-lasting impact. So, fitness enthusiasts who love challenges and tough exercising routines enroll themselves in bootcamp classes.


Cycling is also a form of cardio workout since it pumps more oxygen into your body by boosting your cardiac rate. So, to offer cycling classes, you need to designate a room where fitness studio cycling machines are placed. In cycling classes, members can work on fast-paced tracks that boost cardiac output. 

Additionally, members can set different intervals with periods of sitting and standing. Typically, a cycling workout session lasts for around 45 minutes. For people struggling with joint mobility and flexibility, cycling workout sessions have an incredible impact.  

Water aerobics

Water aerobics is just like land-based aerobics but performed in water. Swimming, along with aerobics, has a great impact on your overall health, and that is why it has become insanely popular in the last couple of years. In water aerobics, muscles are engaged to boost endurance and strength. 

Not to forget, water aerobics is a low-impact exercise in which lightweight dumbbells and movements are used to boost heart rate. Usually, water aerobics classes last around an hour. People who have muscle or joint problems prefer water aerobics since it helps reduce stiffness and pain.

Circuit training

Circuit training is an unconventional type of program in which there is a rotating circuit with up to ten different exercises, hitting several muscle groups. To put it simply, circuit training involves a few exercises with a number of reps. Once you are done with one exercise, you move on to the next (performing the same number of reps), after taking a short or no break. Circuit training helps burn calories, build strength, and boost flexibility. People who are intermediate- to advanced-level exercisers prefer circuit training to keep their bodies in shape.

Deciding the right fitness classes to offer to your members

Since there are countless types of fitness classes that you can offer to your members, but this is not a wise approach. Not every class is preferred by members. So, you must figure out the popular gym classes and programs for your members to offer.

If you are unaware of how to choose the fitness classes to offer to the members, take a look at the following pointers:

  • Research the market competitiveness
  • Consider the preferences of your members
  • Keep your options diverse
  • Consider the expertise of your instructors
  • Determine the equipment and space of your gym

However, if you have everything in place and what concerns you that how you will manage a variety of classes. No worries!

You need an all-in-one gym management software, such as Wellyx, to manage all the classes simultaneously. A gym management software allows you to streamline daily operations without any hassle and keep your business running efficiently.

In a nutshell

Gone are the days when there used to be a traditional gym with a few exercising options. Nowadays, there are countless types of gym classes and programs. And to keep your business ahead of the competition, it is necessary to offer what your members expect. That is why it is imperative to know the popular gym classes and programs to keep your members satisfied and the business running. So, take a look at the above popular classes that you can offer at your gym studio to expand your member base.