latest trends in the fitness industry

What Are The Latest Trends In The Fitness Industry That I Should Be Aware Of? 

Suppose you are a fitness enthusiast who started a gym with the intention of inspiring your target audience to achieve fitness goals. You want to inspire people who want to achieve physical fitness but are bound by the daily life hassles. To fulfill your intention, you conduct deep market research to understand what kind of exercises your target audience prefers. Moreover, you also make a heavy investment to start your gym at a premium location with an attractive ambiance. Along with the market analysis, you also implemented effective marketing strategies to attract potential leads to your gym. 

During the initial days, all your efforts help you grow your business by attracting new members. However, with the passage of time, the number of members begins to decline, leading to financial loss to your business. This leads to the question of whether your members lack interest in attaining physical fitness or you lack something, leading to a decline in member retention rate. 

As per Nimble AppGenie’s research, The global market valuation of the fitness industry was $98.14 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $172.95 billion by 2028. This statistical analysis represents that your members don’t lack interest in attaining physical fitness. But, still, you are not able to find the reason why your members start to leave your gym. 

As the fitness industry is in a constant state of evolution. People get attracted to changing trends with each passing year. So, to be ahead of the curve, you have to make sure that you know about the latest trends in the fitness industry and implement them to maintain the continuous growth of your business. Here, we are going to discuss the 9 latest trends in the industry that will help you to provide what your members are sure to be demanding in 2024.  

Top 9 fitness industry trends in 2024

As a gym owner, you always want to provide top-notch services to your members and ensure a remarkable fitness experience. However, with each passing day, new trends are emerging that grab the attention of fitness enthusiasts. So, they get attracted to the gyms that offer those trends along with professional workouts. 

Thus, for long-term success in the competitive fitness industry, you have to make sure that your gym also grabs the changing trends to attract new members. Here are the top 9 fitness trends that help you to ensure your business success in 2024

1. Fitness wearables 

If you want to give a more remarkable fitness experience to your members by giving them real-time analysis of workouts, you have to make sure to introduce fitness wearables into your gym. Fitness wearables is a general term used for the devices that can be worn by anyone throughout the day. 

With changing scenarios in the fitness industry after COVID-19, fitness enthusiasts get more concerned about the inner workings of their bodies, such as blood oxygen levels, stress hormone response and detailed sleep parameters after an intense workout. So, to ensure a remarkable fitness experience for members and to give them real-time analysis of their performance during a workout, you have to make sure that your gym offers them wearable smartwatches

Otherwise, if you are not able to provide fitness wearables to your members, they might get shifted to your competition that offers smartwatches to members for performance tracking. 

2. Online workouts & hybrid memberships

Online workouts & hybrid memberships

Another trend that can help you enhance member retention while establishing your gym as a brand is online workouts and hybrid memberships. This trend helps you offer flexible schedules to your members so that they can achieve their fitness goals according to their availability. Moreover, online workout sessions also help you inspire people far beyond your gym walls to start their fitness journey. 

A gym that offers hybrid memberships will be able to get themselves to the front line by meeting the changing trends of the fitness industry. You can use fitness studio software for the management of online workouts and hybrid memberships. A

If you want your gym to grow for long-term success by attracting new members around the globe, you need to introduce Virtual workout sessions. So, you can offer flexible schedules to your members, customizing their fitness journey as per their availability. 

3. Low impact workouts 

After the pandemic, the fitness industry’s whole scenario changed. With no professional equipment, people started working out at home to stay fit during the lockdown. Thus, the pandemic started the trend of low-impact workouts that the majority of people adopted to stay fit. In these workouts, people perform light exercises using equipment such as rowing machines, steppers, recumbent cycles, etc. 

Moreover, low-impact workouts also enable gym owners to attract the target audience that is not able to perform intense workouts. As per RXResource’s research, only 28-34% of the people above the age of 65 are physically active. So, if you want your gym to grow faster by attracting new members, you have to make sure that your gym adapts to low-impact workouts. These workouts not only enable you to attract an audience neglected by others but also establish your gym in terms of versatility among your competition. 

4. Outdoor fitness 

Outdoor fitness 

Some members want to perform workout sessions in a place where they have to face harsh climate changes, apart from the four walls of concrete buildings. Already, COVID-19 has forced people to spend so much time indoors. As a result, the trend of Outdoor fitness has become increasingly popular among fitness freaks who want to perform workout sessions with some sort of adventure. 

Gyms that offer outdoor exercises like cycling, jogging, hiking, boot camps, etc, are more likely to grow their business than their competition. As per Yahoo Finance’s research, 52.6% of people prefer outdoor fitness workouts. So, if you want to attract 52.6% of the members to your gym, you have to make sure that you adapt to the market trend of outdoor fitness in 2024. 

5. Mindfulness 

With the passage of time, people around the globe have started to pay attention to mental health. They start to realize the impact of stress, anxiety and depression on the physical strength of the human body. Thus, people have started to look for a studio that offers mindful meditation and physical fitness. 

As per Muse’s research, around 200 to 500 million mediate around the globe. So, if you want to grow your gym by following the latest market trends of 2024, you have to make sure that your gym offers meditation exercises. These exercises not only enable you to attract new members but also help you to establish your gym as a brand. 

6. Gamification 

For your business to succeed continuously, you need to understand that your members always want motivation to achieve a fitness milestone. Thus, this leads to the trend of gamification fitness. In gamification fitness, you have to use video game-like elements like points, badges, leaderboards, and rewards to inspire your members to achieve fitness goals. 

As per Extu’s research,  rewarding systems such as loyalty programs help 65% of businesses attract new members. Thus, implementing the concept of gamification fitness in your gym helps you to attract 65% more members to your gym while stabilizing your studio financially. Moreover, this trend also helps you to insist members to spread word-of-mouth marketing to attract more members to your gym. 

7. Biohacking 

With the tremendous change in the fitness industry, a new emerging trend has attracted fitness enthusiasts towards it, named biohacking. Biohacking works on the principle of do-it-yourself biology. It involves people making changes to their bodies through proper diet, lifestyle, exercise and supplementation to improve their health. 

Biohacking is all about sleeping, hydration, eating better and supplementation. Gyms that offer proper guidance about biohacking along with technological advancement are able to attract more members to their gyms. So, if you want to attract an audience who wants to restore a healthy life cycle, you have to ensure that your gym offers proper guidance about biohacking along with technology such as fitness wearables, implanted sensors and blood glucose monitors

8. Small-group personal training

Many members want to work out in groups so that they can feel motivated and achieve their fitness goals faster. Thus, you can arrange small-group personal training sessions to attract the target audience to your gym. 

These groups not only help you attract the target audience but also enable you to save on the cost of individual training sessions. You can provide sessions to a smaller group that ranges between 4 to 10 people. Thus, this latest trend of 2024 helps you to attract members while financially stabilizing your studio. 

9. Functional fitness 

Functional fitness 

Another latest trend that will help you attract members to your gym in 2024 is functional fitness. This fitness training involves body movements that stimulate things that your member might do outside the gym, such as pulling a rope or flipping a tire. This trend helps you to offer more variety and challenge to your members apart from the traditional workouts. 

A typical functional fitness workout involves using battle ropes, doing burpees, and pushing a weight sled. Thus, it enables you to attract the target audience who want to perform more challenging workouts and achieve raw strength apart from the traditional sessions. 

Final thoughts! 

With the changing trends in the fitness industry, it is essential for gym owners like you to be adaptive to the latest trends to stand out among the competition and achieve long-term success. 

If your gym is open to adapting to changing fitness trends, you can ensure long-term success for your business by attracting more members. Otherwise, you might have to face huge losses in terms of financial loss and a decline in member retention rate.