How to retain members in your gym

Initially gaining custom through flyers, social media and the ‘new business’ boom is all very well and good. However, long term success relies on retaining members at your gym and building a solid customer base.

Retaining members and building returning custom will underpin the longevity of your gym business, long-term, consistent customers are the backbone of any membership-based business.

Through certain periods of the year, specifically during New Year’s resolutions gyms get a huge influx of new clients and members. This is great for business at that time; however, retaining these customers throughout the year is imperative.

Community is Key

Building a community environment at your gym is required to retain members and customers. By holding community events, hangout, group activities, charity fundraising and so forth activity involves the community and your members in your gym outside of their set workout regimes. This builds a powerful retention tool for your business.

Encouraging your members to attend your gym before or after their workouts is a great way to retain interest. Offering post-workout shakes and supplements to be consumed in relaxing areas, for example encourages members to stay and engage in conversation. A coffee shop or station gives people a chance to have a pre or post-workout drink with friends and other members.

Your front-line staff and personal trainers play a huge part in building a community vibe at your gym. They are not just there to provide their duties during set hours, throughout their whole time at the gym during their shift they should be engaging with members and inviting them to try other classes, other events and activities and supporting the retention of your business.

Let’s Talk

Getting your business out there on social media, together with emails, phone calls and texts is great to keep your gym in the limelight.

Also, members not attending classes or time slots are the first sign to dis-engaging. Why not send them an email or text to remind them of what they are missing out on. You can set up automated emails for members who miss a week-worth of workouts; this is a great way to keep your clients engaged with your gym, without you spending hours of sending emails and texts manually.

Furthermore, you can get an automated notification when any member is not showing for classes over an extended amount of time. You can even assign a certain staff member to be notified if they have a closer relationship with that specific member. This is the ideal solution to improve your customer relations and community involvement.


Making your gym a place where your clients see results is the perfect opportunity to build on member retention. There is nothing worse than becoming a member and months down the line the member doesn’t see, recognize or understand if they have improved or not.

To retain more members in the gym, it is important to use gym class scheduling software that helps to manage members, booking and scheduling processes.

Setting goals with your members keep people on track and focus on what they want to achieve at your gym. Going to your gym costs money, so members want to see results.

Building retention becomes easier and stronger when your team is in tune with your member’s individuals goals. Holding regular reviews with members, taking photos, discussing changes in measurements, body fat percentages and so forth goes a long way in developing a member’s confidence and motivation. Just as importantly this keeps them coming back for more.

With some classes and gym members, you can even set conditions and leader boards amongst like-minded clients to set more public goals for them to strive towards. Comparing their results with other compatible members builds a healthy competition and places the focus on returning clients and membership retention.

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