How Do You Control Access to Your Gym?

Access control system

Things were a bit old-fashioned if you had visited a gym a few years ago. But now, with the increased use of technology products and features, the gym business is transforming its biggest hurdle into an opportunity to grow. Mainly the use of specifically developed gym management software for memberships, bookings, payments, invoices, and access control systems is the biggest game changer in the fitness industry.

Safety and security are the biggest concern of any business. Gym owners can now install a robust gym access control system to manage safe and uninterrupted access to their members. It doesn’t involve much effort compared to traditional access control methods. And here in this blog, we will discuss the main types of gym access control and its benefits.

Methods to Control Access to Your Gym

Access control system

1. Key Fob Access Control

higher reliability and easy implementation

Key fobs are the go-to choice for gym access control because of their higher reliability and easy implementation. A member will be issued a key fob, a circle form of device tapped against the reader to gain access. Every member is assigned a unique key fob. It unlocks and grants access through the gate or barrier you have installed at the entry of your gym.

2. Card Access

fob access control system

Card access control works more or less the same as the gym key fob system. Instead of assigning a key fob, a key card is issued to the member. They can be tapped or swiped in the reader to request access. It is the most commonly used system in hotels or restaurants and works equally well for gym businesses.

3. Biometric

Biometric access is perceived

Biometric access is perceived as one of the safest forms of access control and is also more likely to use in a gym. The biometric data contain fingerprints, face, palm, or iris scans. However, the most commonly used forms are fingerprints and facial recognition.

A biometric access control system grants access to the user via unique biological characteristics. A user interacts with the fingerprint reader or a facial scanner to identify the member and approve or reject access to the gym.

4. NFC & Bluetooth Tags

Bluetooth tags use advanced security protocols

NFC and Bluetooth tags use advanced security protocols to manage access. Labels are usually tiny and can be integrated into your card or wallet. NFC or Near Field Communication is now available on any latest smartphone.

It initiates communication nearby. Once the member brings a card or wallet near the access reader, it gets the unique code of the chip and verifies its existence in the system. All the codes are special and assigned to each member in a unique sequence. So, there are no chances of dodging the verification or accessing the gym in an unethical way.

5. Unique Password/ Access Code

face is membership fraud

One of the biggest challenges gym owners often faces is membership fraud. Sometimes, a person can use someone else’s membership card to access the gym. It causes unfair usage of services or equipment by ineligible people.

Also, it affects your gym’s reputation in the long run. Unique passwords or access code comes in handy to prevent such fraudulent activities. The system will create a unique code every time a member accesses the gym; in some cases, the code is usable only once.

6. QR Codes

QR codes are widely used for verifications

QR codes are widely used for verifications and delivering information. These codes are known as an advanced type of barcode. QR code system generates a unique code every time a user accesses the gym. Then the codes are scanned by the reader using a barcode scanner, just like you have experienced in a supermarket. A successful verification leads to granting gym access to the member.

7. Mobile App

A mobile app is a quick and reliable

A mobile app is a quick and reliable method to control gym access. If the user arrives at the entrance and requests, access through the mobile app. The access control system will check if the user has signed in and has an active membership. Then it proceeds to grant access to the gym. Otherwise, it rejects the access request. This method prevents the unauthorized access of users with expired memberships.

8. Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles work great to control gym access

Tripod turnstiles work great to control gym access. It is usually paired with a key fob or card access system. A person cannot pass through it unless the card is tapped or swiped through the reader. Tripod turnstiles are commonly used at airports, subway stations, and gyms.

However, these turnstiles are as high as your waist, so it doesn’t make them foolproof when it comes to unauthorized entry. Or you may go with a full-sized turnstile, but it will be costly.

What are the Benefits of Access Control in Gyms?

streamlined gym entry system

1. Blocks Unauthorized Access

A gym access control system’s obvious and primary benefit is blocking unauthorized access to the gym and equipment. A streamlined gym entry system provides a smooth check-in and check-out experience; any person with fraudulent intent is also denied entry at the main door.

2. Keep your Gym Space Secure

Gym access control can be installed at multiple doors of your gym. It helps gym owners to ensure only eligible and valid members enter the gym. And filter out fraud entries from gym access.

3. Free up Staff Members

You want your gym staff to perform their duties optimally as a business owner. An automated access control system lets your staff deal with members for upselling and additional assistance. Instead of dealing with them at the entrance, verifying details and memberships.

4. Ensure the Secure Environment

A reliable and secure access control system makes your gym a safe workplace. Members of your gym know that the gym entry system allows them to work out even at midnight without worrying about security.

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In the End

A secure gym environment ensures steady growth of your memberships and revenue. A slight mishap or fraud can bring a bad reputation to your gym brand. Make sure your gym is equipped with an advanced gym access system. Moreover, it not only provides a smooth customer experience but also boosts the functionality of your gym.

You may use cards, key fobs, fingerprint, or NFC connectivity to implement gym entry access. Above all. No matter what you choose, it will be a great addition to enhancing your gym’s customer experience.