How Can you Become a Qualified Fitness Instructor?

how to become qualified fitness instructor

There is more than one reason the times are good for becoming a group fitness instructor. Not only can working as a group is highly lucrative, but it can also be extremely rewarding. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a fitness instructor is the freedom of owning your own business. In this series, we will look at some of the things you need to know to become the best fitness instructor.

A few years back, getting certified to do cardiovascular exercises was a huge deal. People were flocking to get the certification to tell people how to get fit and drop their weight. Times have changed; now, the best jobs tend to pay well and involve a great deal of traveling. However, to know how to become a group fitness instructor now, you must keep up with all the latest information.

Group Fitness Instructor:

Group Fitness Instructor

Group fitness instructors train individuals to engage in group exercise classes that meet regularly and in a friendly atmosphere. They teach the participants basic group fitness exercises, which are also beneficial in building body awareness.

They also help clients attain mental, physical, and spiritual advantages through group exercise classes. Personal trainer certification is required to teach this kind of class.

Credentials and Experience:

First of all, many community colleges are now offering certification programs. This means that for about the same price as education at a local university, you can get certified to work as a personal trainer.

This gives you a chance to have the credentials and experience that you need to open your practice. However, since most instructors are paid on a commission basis, you won’t make the kind of money that you would in a traditional school setting.

Many institutes offer certifications for personal fitness trainers. Some of these courses even offer diplomas. These certifications are a tool for potential employers to assess the skills and knowledge of the group fitness instructors they will hire. Globally, several institutes offer certificates for people who wish to become the best exercise trainers.

Become Health Professional:

Health Professional

On the other hand, you can become educated in other areas besides fitness and exercise. Other certifications now allow you to train other health professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and therapists. Good, experienced, qualified instructors help people live a healthy lifestyle.

These programs tend to be more expensive, though. Still, many local community colleges offer sports medicine and Kinesiology programs as part of their education in general, which can be a good alternative if you’re starting.

Qualification is Necessary to Get a License:

Qualification is Necessary

If you’re not licensed but want to become a group fitness trainer, you must get your qualifications before applying to any school. There are several options for fitness instructors. Some can become instructors through school, a gym, or training others in an already established gym.

Different Ways to Get Certification:

There are different ways of getting certifications for varying levels of trainees.

  1. The most common way is by taking classes for twelve or more hours each week for six months.
  2. The other ways of getting certifications include taking study materials for a specified number of hours online and through correspondence courses.

These study materials include various training modules covering different aspects of fitness and exercise management.

Have to Pass Written Test:

The final step in how to become a group fitness instructor certification exam includes either a written or non-written test. You will be required to answer various questions concerning the different aspects of fitness, including how to use weight-lifting equipment and perform proper stretching exercises.

The test will assess how much you have learned from your study materials and personal experience. It will measure your current physical condition and determine if you are fit enough to begin participating in structured fitness workouts.

Your test results will help the institution determine how much further you need to study and whether you still meet the minimum standards.

In the end, Apply as a Group Fitness Instructor:

Once you have completed your coursework, you should contact your local gym and inquire about applying as a group fitness instructor. Be prepared to interview separately with the head of the gym and the owner of the club.

Be prepared to submit a resume detailing your academic accomplishments and how you plan to fulfill future group fitness instructor certification exams. You should also be ready to provide references that can validate your work for clients.

Any references you provide will play a role in helping the institution to decide if you are suitable for employment.

To become certified in group fitness and personal training, you must understand the processes involved before you begin the certification process. It is a good idea to work towards your group fitness certification early in your training career so that you can focus on mastering the skills needed to become an excellent trainer.

A group fitness instructor certification will not only allow you to obtain other health and fitness education. Still, it will also give you valuable credentials to increase your employability in the field. To become certified, you must pass a written final exam and a skills test covering all the topics studied in your group fitness instructor training course.

With a certification in hand, you will then be able to take the state board exam proving your knowledge and expertise in group fitness and personal trainer certification.