How apps are helpful to drive more business to your gym

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Whether we like it or not the digital age is upon us, and as business owners, some of us are embracing this new way of living but others are being dragged online kicking and screaming.

If you are one of the latter, then read on as we can suggest how having an app can drive more business to your gym. Moving with the trends and evolving as a business is key to your success. Together with owning a gym in one of the fastest-growing and swiftest changing industries in the world, an app can help with your growth too.

You may well have a website already, and this is certainly no bad thing. But if you haven’t started online yet, or even if you do have a website then considering a mobile “app” application should be your next step. 

Almost two-thirds of people online researched wellness and fitness trends in 2019, simply because people are attached to their phones. There is no escape. People look to their devices to help them with absolutely everything, and this includes health, wellbeing, and fitness.

Personalized App-roach

These days all gyms offer the same equipment, the same banging and clanging sounds, and the same cardio machines. That doesn’t always cut for the new person looking to join a gym, or even choose yours. To stand out from the very busy crowd an app can allow you to personalize your approach to customers.

Having a gym app for your business can off something a little extra, give your gym more of a personalized service where members feel connected and encouraged. Members want more than a building full of equipment and the odd yoga class. To drive more business to your gym you have to meet and exceed member expectations, apps are the perfect solution to this, at minimal cost and effort.

Instead of your gym being the run of the mill one size fits all, an app will tailor your service to the member. Help them set and meet goals, you can be their virtual trainer and real-time exercise planner. This sounds exciting both from the business and members’ point of view. This is a huge selling point to new and potential members as the opportunity to have a pocket-sized personal trainer is what millennials are looking for.

The art of Social Media

If you are not on social media then do you even own a gym? Social media is your free marketing tool, a way to meet millions of people online but more importantly, get your message out to the local community.

Your online face can be displayed through the app, this will often be the first interaction customers and members have with your business, the app ensures this first impression is a good one!

A mobile app can help ensure that your gym is what people are seeing, sharing and talking about online.

Good things come to those who, go get them

Be where your members are, and that’s online. No need to wait around for customers and new members to come to you, go get them.

Your primary clients, current and potential future clients are online, they are tech-savvy and constantly on the move.

Your app ensures your business is up with the trend, and at their beck and call 24/7. Technology can place your business into the hands, homes and lives of many and capturing this will transform your gym revenue.

Classes can be streamed, personal trainers can post videos where they give exercise and nutrition tips and further advice and guidance are there for all. Members will want streaming workout videos, motivational videos, and educational offerings to help them reach their goals, your mobile app will allow this to happen.

Near Me

People want a gym whenever and wherever they need. Choosing a gym is very often down to convenience, for example on the route to or from work.

Furthermore people often operate a “near me” lifestyle, so when searching for coffee shops, gyms, advice and guidance online a mobile app will ensure your gym pops up. Placing your gym and business service in the mix of searches quite literally puts you on the app. If people are new to the area and are searching for a gym online, this suggests they have already made a decision to workout. Your mobile app places you at the front of the queue in regards to local and convenient health and wellbeing services.

If you can’t be found online, then driving new business to your gym will be futile.

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