10 Best Gym CRM Software: Your Perfect Guide to Customer Retention

10 Best Gym CRM Software

Are you tired of traditional ways of attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones? It must be overwhelming to create a strong and steady customer base with all the competition, right? No worries, we have got your back!

Every business struggles for quality and strong relationships with its customers. This is the only best way to build a loyal client base by retaining the existing ones and attracting new ones. This is applicable to all fields, but when it comes to competitive industries like gym and fitness, this aspect is highly valuable. So, if you are a gym owner and striving to build a strong client base, you need the best gym CRM software.

To streamline customer relationships, many successful businesses use CRM software. According to Statista, the market size of CRM software is valued at 79.40 billion USD in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.68% and reach over 131.90 billion USD by 2028.

market size of CRM software

So, if you want to enhance the customer base of your gym, this post is for you! Here, we will embark on a journey to explore the best gym CRM software, its features, pros and cons, and pricing plans – so that you can make a wise choice. So, let us get moving!

Top 10 Gym CRM Software For Your Business

Finding the best gym CRM software is a challenging task, specifically for beginners. There are many intricate features that need to be considered before making any purchase. So, considering your easiness, we have enlisted a few of the best fitness CRM software. Let us have a look at them:

RankManufacturerRating (Out of 5)All-in-OneSpecifications
1Wellyx5YesCustomer management and retention, automated marketing, access control, waiting list, custom mobile apps
2TeamUp4.8Limitedreputation management, data import, custom branded app, reporting
3Gymdesk4.8Limitedmembership management, PoS system, marketing, reporting
4Vagaro4.7Limitedcustomization, third-party integration, PoS system, live stream
5PushPress4.7Limitedclient data management, visual reports, automatic billing, lead tracking
6Glofox4.5Limitedtrainerize integration, retention tools, customer tracking, marketing
7WellnessLiving4.4No staff and client management, push connect, live stream, third-party integration   
8Zen Planner4.3Nomember self-service, third-party integration, reporting, marketing
9Club OS4.2Limitedautomated communications, lead acquisition, trainer follow-up, reporting
10Rhinofit4Noworkout tracking, product management, automatic billing, tuition management

1. Wellyx – All-in-One Solution

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution that not only helps you build a strong customer base but streamlines all the management operations? Wellyx is your go-to solution. 

Wellyx gym crm software

Wellyx is the best gym management software, providing management ease in different industries, including fitness, wellness, and beauty. There are countless features that this best gym CRM software offers and everything comes at a very economical price.

From customer relations management to contact management to automated marketing, everything is covered under the umbrella of Wellyx. In addition, the marketing feature to enhance the customer base covers quite different offerings as compared to the other competitor software. The marketing feature covers the following:

  • Popup builder
  • Customized pages
  • Contact lists
  • Campaigns
  • Journeys
  • Analytics
  • Communications
  • API integrations

Wellyx connects with your audience deeply and makes them feel associated. Eventually, it leads to more conversions. In addition, you can use personalized text messages and emails to connect with your audience intimately. This will make them feel valued, making them rely on you in their fitness journey.

Wellyx comes with an intuitive interface, providing users with ultimate ease. To build strong customer relationships, it offers many other features, including;

  • Loyalty programs
  • Gift cards
  • Waitlist management
  • Push notifications
  • Lead management
  • Custom mobile apps
  • Video on demand
  • Referral management
  • Membership management
  • Client management 
  • Credit control
  • Contact management
  • Guest list management
  • Member Portal
  • Membership Database
  • Customer Portal
  • Visitor tracking
  • Point of sale system
  • Third-party integrations
  • Analytical reporting

All these features play a pivotal role in enhancing the customer experience and turning them into long-lasting clients. 

So, it is an all-rounder gym software for businesses that want to excel in their industry.

24/7 availability of customer support serviceNone to be found
Stunning outlook and easy-to-navigate
Efficient customer, employee, and lead management
Comprehensive marketing features

Pricing Plans

Wellyx offers affordable packages, and those are as follows:

  • Excel: $79 per month
  • Ultimate: $149 per month
  • Exceed: $119 per month

2. TeamUp

TeamUp is a gym management software that helps fitness trainers, studios, and gyms manage their operational tasks with just a few clicks. Whether it is payment collection, membership management, or customer retention, it ensures a seamless experience for you. It comes with a customer relationship management module that assists you in tracking client status.

Team Up

It has numerous features that help you build a strong customer relationship, and some of them are as follows:

  • Customer management
  • Third-party integrations
  • SMS notifications
  • Custom member application
  • Membership management

In addition, TeamUp offers a lot of customization to its clients. On its dashboard, you can customize membership plans, plan recurring timeslots, schedule upcoming events, and track attendance. To facilitate members, it comes with an application that runs on both Android and iOS smoothly. Moreover, it never fails to enhance the customer experience with its automation features. You can send class notifications, manage waitlists, and automated emails.

Set up is quick and easyIntegrations could be better
Excellent customer supportApplication lags sometimes
Effortless payment processingFinancial reporting could be clearer

Pricing Plans

TeamUp is an expensive gym software, and the pricing is based on the number of active customers. Let’s have a look at the pricing plans:

  • 0–100 active customers: $99 per month
  • 101–200 active customers: $159 per month
  • 201–300 active customers: $189 per month
  • 301–400 active customers: $219 per month
  • 401–500 active customers: $249 per month
  • 501–600 active customers: $279 per month
  • 601+ active customers: $309 per month

3. Gymdesk

Gymdesk is an efficient CRM solution that helps gyms and other fitness businesses grow a strong customer base. This software comes with numerous advanced features to streamline management operations like payment processing, attendance tracking, and marketing. In addition, Gymdesk is highly customizable, providing you with the opportunity to represent your brand in the best way possible.


It possesses the following features to enhance customer relations:

  • Customer management
  • Communication management
  • Customizable branding
  • Email reminders
  • Electronic payments

Using Gymdesk, you can enhance the customer experience manifolds by managing inventory, creating an online store, and exporting sales data. In addition, it helps you enhance bookkeeping to maximize your revenue. You can also track your business performance through detailed analytics. With the help of this information, you can enhance your services to increase customer satisfaction.

Quick customer supportComplicated attendance tracking
Excellent website integrationReporting could be better
Smooth payment processingLimited customization

Pricing Plans

Gymdesk comes with different packages considering the business size. It offers the following packages:

  • Micro Gym: $75 per month
  • Small Gym: $100 per month
  • Medium Gym: $150 per month
  • Large Gym: $200 per month
  • Enterprise: Get a quote

4. Vagaro

Vagaro, a cloud-based CRM software for gym, offers management and promotional services to businesses. Using it, you can provide exceptional customer experience, leading to better customer relationships. From online scheduling to payment processing to live streaming, it strives to enhance customer satisfaction and your client base.

Vagaro Drive

The following are the features that help improve customer relationship management:

  • Customer tracking
  • Branded application
  • Mobile application
  • Membership management
  • Analytical reporting

In addition, using Vagaro, you can customize promotional web pages to update your audience regarding your upcoming events, deals, or special offers. Moreover, you can use the reporting feature to get a deep insight into the business performance and customer retention. It helps you make wise decisions in the future and improve customer experience manifolds.

Offers personalized email marketingCustomization could be easier
Super-active customer supportOffers limited automation
Easy to operate for beginnersThe application gets slow

Pricing Plans

Vagaro offers little complicated pricing plans since it depends on the number of bookable calendars.

For 1 bookable calendar, the charges are $25 per month, and so;

  • 2: $35 per month
  • 3: $45 per month
  • 4: $55 per month
  • 5: $65 per month
  • 6: $75 per month
  • 7+: $85 per month

But remember, these pricing plans are only applicable for a single location, and for multiple locations, you can get a direct quote from Vagaro.

5. PushPress

PushPress, a cloud-based CRM solution, provides management ease to gyms and clubs. It comes with a robust configuration that helps businesses to manage their daily operations seamlessly. Whether it is managing inventory, processing payments, or scheduling training sessions, this software knows how to complete all tasks flawlessly.


There are multiple useful features it possesses that help in building strong customer relations, and those are as follows:

  • Client data management
  • Customizable branding
  • Communication management
  • Membership renewals
  • Marketing automation

This gym membership management software streamlines your day-to-day functions, including reservations, lead management, recurring billing, and check-ins. When it comes to its interface, it is highly intuitive, making the customer experience seamless.

Remarkable customer supportReporting could be better
Work smoothly during peak hoursDifficult for beginners
Solid integrationLimited customization

Pricing Plans

PushPress offers a free package with very limited features, and the other two pricing plans are as follows:

  • Pro: $159 per month
  • Max: $229 per month

6. Glofox

Glofox is a SaaS-based advanced fitness and gym management software that provides ease in the fitness industry. Whether it is reporting, billing, scheduling, or retaining members, it covers your list. It comes with a dedicated member application that runs smoothly whether you have iOS or Android. Using this application, you can provide a seamless customer experience, making them your long-lasting clients.


Glofox offers many exceptional features that you might be looking for, so have a look at the following:

  • Communication management
  • Customer engagement
  • Email marketing
  • Waitlist management
  • Website integration

To build a strong client base, Glofox comes with powerful customer retention tools. Using this feature, you can build valuable relationships with your customers. For this purpose, it allows you to send automated emails, push notifications, activity and membership reports, and reminders. This makes the customers feel valued and a part of the organization.

Easy to use, even for novicesApplication glitches a lot
Decent customer supportTrainer can not communicate with the class through the application
Easy to integrate with web pagesCan not be integrated with Instagram

Pricing Plans

Glofox pricing plans start from 110 USD per month. However, if you want to know about their packages and prices, you will have to get a quote from them.

7. WellnessLiving

WellnessLiving is a cloud-based CRM software that helps gyms, yoga studios, salons, and spas to enhance their customer base. This fitness CRM software comes with many useful features to improve the customer experience so that they can be your long-lasting and loyal customers. It ensures seamless scheduling, marketing, payments, and billing.


Some of its useful features that help build healthy relationships with your members are as follows:

  • Client management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Point-of-sale system
  • Email marketing
  • Third-party integration

Using its marketing feature, you can send automated texts and email messages to your customers so that they stay in the loop with you. WellnessLiving assists you in retaining your current customers and capturing new ones. In addition, its application is of high quality, ensuring it runs smoothly on iOS and Android.

Seamless integration, especially with Zoom for online trainingCharge extra for most of the features
Appealing outlookApplication slows down often
Very intuitive and easy-to-navigate interfaceNo contact form

Pricing Plans

WellnessLiving offers a wide range of pricing plans that fit all businesses, no matter what their sizes are. So, let us have a look at them:

  • Starter: $89 per month
  • Basic: $129 per month
  • Business: $159 per month
  • Enterprise: Get a quote

8. Zen Planner

Zen Planner, a gym member management software, helps gyms and fitness studios to align their day-to-day operations seamlessly. It is equipped with countless features, and CRM is one of them. Using Zen Planner, you can enhance customer experience manifolds, leading to a strong customer base. From online booking to member management to attendance tracking – it automates numerous gym operations under its umbrella.

Zen Planner

Zen Planner comes with the following significant features to improve customer experience:

  • SugarWOD integration
  • Member mobile application
  • Analytical reporting
  • Member self-service
  • Advanced workout tracking

To keep your customers up-to-date, Zen Planner offers automated email marketing. When it comes to integration, it offers full integration with your business’s website and system. Using it, you can build an exceptional rapport to expand your memberships and improve customer retention rates. In addition, your users can smoothly run Zen Planner whether they are iOS or Android users.

Send appointment remindersDoes not let export complete report
Automated payment processingApplication shuts down frequently
Decent customer serviceCharge extra for every other feature, including CRM

Pricing Plans

Zen Planner comes with three pricing plans but offers limited features in each package. Most of the features cost extra. However, the following are the packages:

  • Studio: Starting at $99 per month
  • Engage: Starting at $198 per month
  • Ultimate: Starting at $298 per month

9. Club OS

Club OS, the CRM software for gyms, is known for providing flawless automation to streamline gym operations. It provides exceptional sales engagement and marketing automation to enhance your customer base manifolds. Using it, you can automate never-ending operations like scheduling, payment processing, attendance tracking, and promoting your business to your target audience.

Club OS

By offering the following features, it shapes the customer experience remarkably:

  • Membership management
  • Email marketing
  • Member engagement
  • Analytical reporting
  • Kiosk check-in and check-out

To connect with your customers, Club OS lets you send personalized emails and take follow-ups. In addition, you can check the KPIs to evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns. Using Club OS, you can integrate with third-party solutions using its point-of-sale system.

Seamless calendar syncingLimited tracking of activities
Appealing layout and intuitive interfaceDysfunctional scheduling feature
Strong third-party integrationApplication crashes frequently

Pricing Plans

Club OS offers three packages, including single-location, multi-location, and enterprise. To know the charges, get a quote from them.

10. RhinoFit

RhinoFit is a management software that is specifically designed for gyms and fitness studios. It comes with versatile features to enhance customer satisfaction. These features include workout tracking, kiosk check-ins, scheduling, 24/7 access, and analytical reporting. Using these automated features, you can give control to your members to shape their experience.


Some of the best features that RhinoFit possesses are as follows:

  • Membership management
  • Automated billing
  • Member communication
  • Digital waivers
  • Product management

No matter what size your business is, RhinoFit perfectly fits all fitness businesses. Using this CRM for gyms, you can connect with your members by sending them personalized emails and messages. In addition, it allows the members to track their progress so that they know how their fitness journey is going. Certainly, it helps immensely in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Seamless integration with the websiteA few key features are hard to navigate
Remarkable tracking of members’ progressCustomer support is nearly non-existent
Wide range of featuresApplication crashes frequently

Pricing Plans

RhinoFit offers a free version with limited access to features. However, there are two paid versions, and the details are as follows:

  • Standard: $57 per month
  • 24/7 Access: $149 per month

What is a Gym CRM Software?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software assists gyms and fitness studios in enhancing their connections and creating meaningful relationships. It involves the interaction of an organization with its potential leads and existing customers. Using gym CRM software, you get valuable insight regarding leads, customers, and overall sales.

The best gym CRM software comes with many useful features, including member engagement, communication, management, and more. With the help of the gym CRM system, you can evaluate the customer experience and improve retention rates by making advancements.

How to Choose the Best Gym CRM Software?

In this crowded market, choosing the best gym CRM software that perfectly fits your business requirements is quite challenging. However, it is essential to be certain that you are spending on the right product. For that purpose, there are some considerations that you must know. So, let us have a glance at the following pointers:

Has a Friendly Interface

Having a friendly interface is a must. If your application has a difficult-to-navigate interface, the user will not stay for longer. So, make sure all the important elements are easy to navigate and visible, providing a seamless customer experience.

Manages Leads Efficiently

Gym CRM software should be able to track all the leads and their life cycle. Whether it is cold leads reminders, warm leads follow-up, or conversion rates, you must have all the data tracked so that you can promote your business according to the statuses of your leads.

Offers Automation

Automation is a significant aspect of gym CRM software. Using the automation feature, you can connect with your audience in a better way. Moreover, it allows you to send automated emails and messages to make sure that your leads are not lost. In addition, you can send automated reminders and push notifications to your members using this feature.

Fits Your Business

You can not use any CRM software for your gym. It is important to choose software that is designed for your business niche. This way, it will possess the intricate features that your business needs to build strong and long-lasting connections.

Segments Customers Seamlessly

The best CRM for gyms must have the capability to do customer segmentation seamlessly. Simply put, check if it allows you to tag and segregate the customers, considering membership profiles, activity statuses, appointments, history, etc. This way, you can easily check members’ information without any hassle.

Why is CRM Software Important for Gyms?

If you are a gym owner, you understand how competitive this industry is. To keep your customers happy and capture new ones, you need to make sure that they are well-engaged with your brand. This way, you can retain the existing customers and make new sales.

Following are a few reasons to show you how important CRM software for your gym is:

  • Helps you keep your data organized
  • Improves communication with your customers
  • Maximizes the number of sales
  • Gives you valuable insights into your audience
  • Enhances the rates of customer retention

What is the Best Gym CRM Software?

Considering the above factors, including interface, management, automation, layout, and other features, Wellyx is the best choice for gym businesses. It possesses a number of features and easier accessibility at a very affordable price.

Wellyx connects with your audience deeply and makes them feel associated, leading to more conversions. All of its features are extremely remarkable in providing the best customer experience. Lastly, it is a 5-star rating product, ensuring its credibility.

How Can You Streamline Gym Operations Using CRM Software?

Gym CRM software streamlines gym operations by providing numerous features. Whether it is class scheduling, billing, marketing, or managing memberships, fitness CRM knows how to align everything. It reduces manual effort, errors, and mistakes. So, in short, the best CRM for gyms saves you time and money and brings efficiency and accuracy to your fitness studios.

Which Gym CRM Solution is Best for All Business Sizes?

Wellyx is an exceptional CRM solution that is best for all businesses despite their sizes. It provides remarkable features at a very economical price. In addition, it possesses some very valuable marketing features that no other solution offers, including a popup builder, customized pages, contact lists, campaigns, journeys, and more. So, it knows its way to connect with the audience in a productive way.

What are the Drawbacks of Not Using CRM Software in Your Gym?

If you are not using CRM software in your gym, you are losing a lot without knowing. Following are a few of the disadvantages of not using CRM software in your gym:

  • Less access to data
  • Poor customer relationships
  • Less productivity
  • More manual efforts
  • Fewer conversions

These are only a few disadvantages that we have enlisted. However, if we cut it short, not using CRM software can collapse your client base.

What is the Cost of Gym CRM Software?

There are numerous gym CRM software out there, and every solution has different pricing plans according to their features and offerings. However, you can estimate the price by the following:

  • Solution for small gyms: under 50 USD per month
  • For mid-sized gyms: 50–200 USD per month
  • For advanced gyms: 200–500 USD per month

How Does CRM Solution Help in Gym Marketing?

By incorporating a CRM solution into your gym, you can automate the marketing campaigns. In addition, you can send emails, messages, and promotional notifications. It also helps in managing your website and social media accounts to target your audience and enhance your customer base.

How Does Gym CRM System Improve Customer Retention?

To retain your customers, it is important to ensure the best possible customer service. CRM software comes with multiple features that help retain current customers and acquire new ones. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Offer membership management
  • Track activities and feedback
  • Automate communication
  • Send reminders and push notifications
  • Provide profound analytics
  • Keep members engaged

Final Takeaway

Gym CRM software plays a significant role in running your fitness studio smoothly. Without its incorporation, you may lose many potential leads, reduce efficiency, and increase errors and mistakes. No one would want that! That is why you need to integrate the best gym CRM software into your business so that you can build strong relationships with your customers. It will enhance not only your customer base but also the overall productivity of your gym.