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customized forms

Running a fitness business can be tough at the start, but it is indeed a rewarding industry to be in. Initially, your gym may require more than expected effort and hard work, as you anticipated. But once the business starts sailing smoothly, there is still a lot to do. You might face some ups and downs regarding business processes or find it hard to manage schedules, memberships, staff supervision, online store, and reporting of your gym business. Let’s suppose for a minute, you get to manage all the processes on one platform, and the software takes all the burden off your shoulders with the automation system.

Wellyx is a cutting-edge gym management software that helps gym and fitness owners to manage their gyms in a way that was never possible before. All your problems are solved on one platform. Forms are widely used by businesses to interact with customers. Just like other any other business, a form or document is also needed for your gym business. As a gym owner, Wellyx gives you access to the built-in form builder to create customized forms and waivers for members of your gym. You can build multiple form types according to your requirement. The discussion will start from the basics of a form builder to the different forms Wellyx offer, and try to answer why your gym business needs forms and waiver document.

What is a Form Builder?

customized forms

The form builder is a tool to build customized forms for the members of your gym and fitness business. Forms are mostly used to get responses to specific questions from an audience. In the gym business, forms are used to get and save user data at the sign-up stage. Later, forms can be used to record responses or feedback when a member buys services from your business. Admin can access, edit or delete the forms when the purpose of a form is complete.

What is a Waiver Document?

legal documentation for a gym business

A waiver document or form is a type of legal documentation for a gym business to prevent the risk of liability by its members. A member needs to sign a waiver document to be aware of the potential risks he can face. The main purpose of the waiver document is to save the business from any risk and liability, so a legal proceeding is not possible against the business. If for some reason, a person or a party refuses to sign the waiver document, the business can deny the services to the specific person. A waiver is a legal document that states all the parties involved in the matter know the potential risk in case of any accident or incident.

How Does Wellyx Form & Waiver Service Work?

create single or multiple forms

Wellyx allows a gym business owner to create single or multiple forms and waiver documents for their members. Form builder in Wellyx gives you the choice to build form at the customer sign-up stage or when a customer books a service from your gym business. A customer needs to fill out the form or accept the terms to create an account or proceed with the purchase. Forms bind the customer to adhere to the terms and regulations mentioned in the waiver form. Most importantly, fitness businesses are more prone to face lawsuit actions from the member in case of an accident. But a waiver works as a shield against all the legal work a member initiates. Learn more about what issues a gym owner has to face in the fitness business. Read more.

Types of Forms

Forms can have multiple types

Forms can have multiple types depending on their purpose. As a business owner, you can make a form mandatory or optional as per your requirement. A member can skip the optional form or have access to fill the form at a later stage, but in comparison, a mandatory form needs to be filled on the spot. It cannot be skipped or filled later. An example of a mandatory form is a sign-up form that a user must fill out to get membership benefits of your gym.

New Customer Form

Wellyx form builder gives you enough room to play with the questions and options you want to add to your form. A new customer form consists of basic information of a member to get registered in the system. You can add multiple question and answer fields, checkboxes, and dropdown menus. Give members the choice to select from a defined list of answers. All the fields are customizable and editable even after a form is finalized.

Product, Class, Services Form

A member who makes a booking or purchases a service will be required to fill out the form before proceeding with the purchase. Just like the new customer form, the services form is also customizable with the fields and data you need. You might ask questions about existing services, feedback, or improvement from your members to have a better idea of how you can improve the highlighted issues about the services.

Mandatory and Multi-Page Form

A mandatory form, as the name indicates, is mandatory to fill out for an individual. It can be a form to sign-up, analyze or gather member responses for a survey. A user cannot skip it in the system. You can set the target audience as staff, members, or both. If the form has a lot of fields to answer, it can turn into a multi-page form. Usually, a form does not exceed two pages.

Why Do You Need Waiver Forms for Your Gym Business?

document provides legal protection

  • The document provides legal protection to your gym business against any individual that files a lawsuit against the fitness center.
  • A waiver form clearly mentions the possible risk and liabilities involved during the fitness training on the gym premises.
  • A member is free to accept or reject the mandatory waiver form before joining a fitness gym.

Ending Note

Now that we have discussed one of the most important features of Wellyx gym management software. Form builder with drag and drop interface gives you a lot of features and customization to play with. Forms are the most commonly used form of communication where users can input data, and the owner can take useful decisions to provide value to their members. Forms can include a signature field too which is helpful for signing business contracts or agreements and waivers to hold a strong legal position for your business.

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