Top Access Control Trends for Gym [2024]

top access control trends for gym

Technology is evolving at the speed of light. Every day we see new inventions which are more reliable than previous inventions. Businesses are also getting more attached to technology to make things easier and more efficient. Like if we talk about the gym business, so many companies offer management solutions for them. But with only management solutions, the gym can only grow further if it also requires security.

Without a proper security system, no business can make an impact because business like gyms depends on services. So, owners need to make their customers feel comfortable and safe at their place. That’s why they tend to use access control systems.

Moreover, every new year’s trend changes for everything, whether we talk about fashion or technology, new and efficient methods replace the old ones. This article will discuss the recent gym access control system trends in 2024.

Top Technology Trends in 2024 for Access Control

Suppose you want to understand the future of the access control system in 2024. In that case, you must understand the trends and technology behind them, which are continuously changing and evolving. The latest access control technology is more powerful and sleek than ever.
Here are the top and most popular technology trends in the access control system

features of gym access control system

Multi-factor authentication:

Security factors always remain a problem for many businesses because there are so many hackers, scammers, and phishing attempts. So, everyone seeks protection from such events, and that’s where advanced ultra-secure technology steps into business and provides security to its extent from threats.

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Multi-factor authentication, also called 2FA or two-factor authentication, is a type that uses two or more forms of identity verification. In simple words, if someone wants to access something, they must have more than one identity verification or more than one way to prove their identity.

Access control with multi-factor authentication improves security and makes it harder for unknown persons to access through an illegal process. Also, an access control system with multi-factor authentication can protect digital and physical assets.

Mobile access control:

According to an estimate, there are 6.4 billion people in the world who uses a smartphone. This stat alone can help you understand why mobile access control system is becoming the norm quickly. Also, it is not just that the number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly. Still, phones are also getting smarter and smarter with the evolution of technology and making things easy, effective, and more secure.

man using his phone to get access

People use their smartphones for daily tasks, such as ordering online food, cab, grocery, etc. So access control providers are going on with this trend and turning smartphones into smart keys to access doors, lockers, etc.

Cloud-based systems:

The access control system’s technology made things easy for us and gave us control over who could and when they could enter our property. And cloud-based systems help in managing the access control system by simplifying its process.


If you have a cloud-based access control system, you can leave on-site servers that are expensive and cumbersome and host your data in the cloud. As a result, you don’t have to worry about updates and data backups because they will be automatic. Moreover, you can control a cloud-based system from anywhere and on any device. Cloud-based systems are more popular because they are easy to manage and save money and time. Nowadays, the majority of access control products releases with cloud-based systems.

Video access control:

Video access control will grow crazy into 2024, thanks to its security-improving nature. With a video access control system, owners can see who wants to get access before letting them in. Video access control helps you grant permission to the people who wish to access your property. It can also help you see if the person who wants access is a friend, colleague, or stranger.

video call access control

Most video access control systems come with an online video call feature in the form of a video intercom. With this, visitors can request access to your property via video call. You can see and talk with the guests and give them permission to leave or enter your property.

Biometric access control:

You may know, but many people share their pins and key cards with friends or family members. This is not a proper way to do things, and there can be many mishaps with misusing these things. Many people love to use biometric solutions in their access control systems.

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If we look at the past, biometric solutions have come a long way and are still evolving daily. Fingerprints and facial identities are not something that can be easily copied because there are organic credentials that are unique to every person in the world. With the evolution of technology, you can expect an increase in the popularity of biometric access control.

Touchless access control:

The COVID-19 epidemic has significantly impacted how we see touchless technologies, ranging from public entryways and toilet towel dispensers to food and grocery delivery. Touchless technology is not going away.

man using entry card to get access

Touchless access control systems are prevalent since they provide consumers with convenience and health safety. Some systems may use face recognition to achieve touchless access control. However, most systems rely on credentials such as proximity cards or smartphone apps. Then, when entering the property, users will not have to touch as many surfaces. Touchless access control, regardless of credentials, protects users’ health without jeopardizing the property’s security.

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Providing the safest place for the workout is the duty of every gym owner. So, it is best to have the best access control system that can never be able to get hacked or scammed. If you want an access control system for your gym, you have to consider your gym and decide which one would be best for your gym.