5 Best Yoga Studio Software Guide 2024

5 Best yoga studio software solutions for Boost 2024

Boost your yoga studio’s productivity and profitability with an all-inclusive yoga studio management software feature all essential tools and functions needed for getting more members, increase sales, and heighten customer satisfaction.

Yoga studio Software: A great tool for easy yoga studio  management

In the past couple of years, the trend of yoga has increased like wildfire. So does the competitiveness of this industry! Every yoga studio owner is striving to make their business stand out. Are you one of them? Well, you have landed on the right page!

The significance of leveraging yoga studio software can not be overstated. Needless to say, it helps you streamline and optimize your administrative operations like nothing else. From marketing to scheduling to payment processing to lead generation, the best yoga studio software covers everything under its umbrella.

Considering its vitality, we have compiled a profound yoga studio software guide for you. Here, we will discuss the following pointers:

  • Key components of a yoga studio software
  • The best yoga studio management software in 2024
  • How to choose the best yoga studio software and more!

So, without any ado, let us get started! 

7 Key components of a yoga studio software

7 Key components of a yoga studio software​

Yoga studio software assists yoga businesses in handling their daily operations tirelessly. The best yoga studio software works as a multipurpose solution, providing management ease in every possible way. If you are looking forward to knowing the key components of yoga software, let us take a look at the following elements:

Attendance tracking

Keeping track of attendance is paramount since it provides you with information regarding the number of students attending classes. Using this information, you can not only tailor your marketing strategies but also analyze your popular classes. Additionally, you can check who is not attending classes and reach out to their concerns. This way, you can persuade them to attend classes and ensure a full house.

Tracking attendance aids you in evaluating the performance of your yoga instructors as well. You can check which classes are packed and which need support to make sales. By using this information, you can introduce training programs for instructors.

Online scheduling

Online scheduling is a key feature of yoga studio software. Using a powerful scheduling tool, your members can book a slot effortlessly. For that purpose, you can display available slots and the number of seats in each class. Members simply need to check the available slots in the application and make a booking. Therefore, you can simply automate bookings and scheduling while reducing errors and saving valuable time.

Furthermore, the best yoga studio software is equipped with waitlist management tools as well. If your class is fully packed and there are more bookings, the system will automatically put them on the waiting list. This way, whenever there is an open spot, members on the waitlist will get notified so that they can make their booking. It will reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations as well.

Point-of-sale system

A POS system is an essential component of yoga studio software. With its incorporation, you can process payments without any inconvenience. It not only simplifies the payment processing for you but also reduces inconsistencies and errors. The prime benefit of using a point-of-sale system is it allows multiple payment method options. So, you can enable different payment options, including cash, credit/debit card, third-party, and mobile payments.

Leveraging a POS system, you can optimize your bookkeeping and accounting procedures. So, it automatically tracks all transactions and payments, monitoring your finances in real-time. Additionally, it allows you to process gift card payments as well.

Membership management

Managing memberships is a tricky and prone-to-errors task. However, with the integration of the right yoga studio software, you can automate membership management. It means you can customize memberships and packages considering the needs of your members. Moreover, the best yoga studio software stores the payment method information into the database of the system to process timely payments.

Using the best yoga software, you can automate membership renewals and recurring billing as well. Also, when a payment is processed, the system generates an electronic invoice and notifies the members. 

Analytical reporting

The best yoga studio software provides analytical metrics to keep a check on the studio’s performance. The analytical reporting tools track customer data, including social demographics, purchase history, interests, and habits. You can leverage this valuable information to personalize customers’ experiences. In addition, it helps you interact with your potential prospects preemptively.

Well, it is not all! When we talk about analytical reporting, it covers every significant aspect. It means that the best yoga studio software provides thorough analytics of your marketing, inventory, attendance, finances, and what not.

CRM tools

To grow your business, it is imperative to have a stronger relationship with your customers and prospects, right? For that purpose, you need Customer Relationship Management tools. The best yoga studio software comes with comprehensive CRM tools. With its assistance, you can personalize communications with your existing and potential customers. Additionally, it helps you identify the pain points of your customers and prospects so that you can connect better.

Once you develop a meaningful relationship with your customers and prospects, it enhances the probability of boosting retention rates and sales. So, having viable CRM tools integrated can have a great impact on your revenues.

Mobile application

In this digital era, it is significant to have a decent digital identity. Additionally, to ensure the credibility and authenticity of a business, people look for their websites and applications, right? So, if you want to boost the visibility, reliability, and reputation of your yoga studio business, you need a competitive mobile application. 

The best yoga studio software offers custom-branded mobile applications to its customers. Essentially, you can tailor the application to your studio’s name, color scheme, background, and typography. This way, you can increase engagement, loyalty, awareness, and scalability of your yoga studio.

5 best yoga studio software in 2024

5 best yoga studio software in 2024

Finding the best yoga studio software can be a challenging task, especially if you are new to the technological world. However, you do not need to fret since we have done a profound homework for you. Considering the significant components of the best yoga studio management software, we have put together a list of the 5 best yoga studio software in 2024. So, let us have a look at what they have to offer your yoga studio business:

Best Yoga Studio Software in 2024: Comparison Table
Features Wellyx Vagaro Zen Planner Wellnessliving Mindbody
Rating (5-star) 5 4.7 4.4 4.3 4
Specialization All-in-one solution Online scheduling Member management Resource scheduling Payment processing
Pricing Starts from 79 USD Starts from 30 USD (per user) Starts from 99 USD Starts from 105 USD Starts from 169 USD
Memberships and packages
Analytical reporting
Inventory management
Access control
Online booking
Facility rental
Lead management
Mobile apps
Automated marketing
Point of sale system
Custom forms
Promo codes
Loyalty programs
Gift cards
Video on demand

1. Wellyx – All-in-one yoga studio software

Wellyx - best yoga studio software

Wellyx is a rising star in the fitness and wellness industries. Wellyx, being a multi-purpose yoga studio management software, comes with an incredible range of features. With the incorporation of Wellyx all-in-one yoga studio software, many businesses have risen like a phoenix. Whether it is automated scheduling, payment processing, inventory management, lead generation, or any other administrative task, Wellyx has got you.

Let us have a look at a few of Wellyx’s features to understand how it can add value to your yoga studio business:

Access control

If you want your customer to make a trouble-free yet touchless entry, Wellyx can be the best choice. Wellyx comes with a smart access control system, which you can use to authorize who can or can not enter the vicinity. With Wellyx, you can install hardware on your door and access entry using Bluetooth or NFC on mobile devices. In addition, you can limit door entry for certain dates or hours. So, Wellyx not only offers you authority over your establishment but also security against tampering.

Lead management

To drive growth, it is important to always find and convert leads. For that purpose, Wellyx helps you manage every lead smartly. With the assistance of Wellyx yoga studio software, you can easily categorize and prioritize your leads in order to maximize conversions. In addition, Wellyx enables you to tailor stages and filters in the sales pipeline, providing you with a panoramic view of your sales procedure. Lastly, Wellyx comes with a built-in lead capturing capability, making it easier for you to maximize your client base.

Automated marketing

To maximize conversions, it is vital to connect better with your audience. Well, Wellyx helps you serve the goal proactively. Wellyx yoga studio software offers AI integration, providing you with pre-designed email templates. In addition, Wellyx provides you with profound insights so that you can tailor email campaigns, considering the interests of your audience. However, what makes it more enticing is its automation. Yes, with Wellyx, you can simply automate your marketing campaigns and focus on making better strategies.

Online bookings

Taking booking manually is excruciating for you and your customers. It not only takes up a lot of time but there is also a risk of double bookings, leading to messy situations. Wellyx saves you from such situations by permitting you online bookings and automated scheduling. Using this feature, your customers can check the available slots in the Wellyx application and book themselves a spot masterly. In addition, Wellyx supports online deposits to ensure the seriousness and commitment of the customers. This way, you can reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations.

Inventory management

Managing inventory is a daunting task since you have to be very calculative. However, it is something that is prone to errors and may lead to over- or under-stocking. To ensure streamlined management of your inventory, Wellyx can be a big help for you. Leveraging Wellyx, you can automate inventory management intuitively. Wellyx grants you extensive metrics in order to maintain up-to-date stock levels. Furthermore, Wellyx ensures that you do not waste any money and that more finances are accumulating than getting spent.  Lastly, Wellyx’s smart inventory management tool enables you to manage multiple locations.

Point-of-sale system

To ensure convenient transactions in your yoga studio, Wellyx comes with an integrated point-of-sale system. It allows you to process online payments without any hassle. Additionally, Wellyx’s POS system generates automated invoices and receipts to keep things transparent. If you are worried about payment method options, you need not worry if you have Wellyx. You can allow multiple payment options, including cash, credit/debit cards, Stripe Terminal, GoCardless, and third-party options. Lastly, you can boost customer experience by enabling them to process split and partial payments.

Analytical reporting

For continuous growth, you must know what is going on in your yoga studio. Simply put, you must have thorough reporting on your leads, sales, profits, expenses, and more. However, not all the yoga studio software offers the comprehensive reports you need, but Wellyx. Yes, Wellyx provides you with accurate, comprehensive, and calculative analytics. You can use this information in analyzing the overall performance of your yoga studio. Moreover, Wellyx helps you see the loopholes that require your attention for betterment. Lastly, it persuades you to take decisions timely so that you do not need to face any losses.

Mobile apps

No one carries their personal computer all the time, right? Considering user convenience, Wellyx offers mobile applications. Wellyx’s custom-branded application not only boosts user experience but also enables you to enhance brand visibility and loyalty. Leveraging the custom-branded app feature, you can tailor your application with your name, logo, color scheme, background, and typography. This will further help you increase the brand’s authenticity and credibility. 

Pricing plans and packages

Wellyx comes with three pricing plans offering a wide range of features. These plans include Excel (79 USD per month), Exceed (119 USD per month), and Ultimate (149 USD per month) plans.



Extensive and varied features

No free trial

Helpful customer support service


Comprehensive leads module


2. Vagaro

Vagaro - yoga studio software

Vagaro is a top-class online scheduling software aiming to seamlessly streamline administrative operations in yoga studios. Well, Vagaro comes with an extensive range of features to help you perform your daily operations with just a few clicks. Whether it is automated marketing, inventory management, online payment processing, or more – Vagaro has got you covered!

Since it is a cloud-based solution, keeping your data safe and sound is a cakewalk. In addition, Vagaro offers an integrated solution for handling customer databases, payrolls, bookkeeping, and more. With its assistance, you can grow your business effortlessly since it automates promotional procedures for you. Moreover, you can send personalized messages and emails using Vagaro yoga studio software.

This is not all, since Vagaro brings a lot of value to your table. It enables you to craft promotional web pages. You can display important information on your web pages, including details about upcoming events and workshops. Additionally, being a cloud-based solution, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the world; however, you must have a stable internet connection. Since Vagaro is a difficult to set up solution, users frequently require customer support service, which is nearly nonexistent. So, it can be a big turn-off for many buyers.

Pricing plans and packages

Vagaro comes with a little complicated pricing plans based on the number of users and location. For a single user, it charges 30 USD per month;

  • 40 USD for two users
  • 50 USD for three users
  • 60 USD for four users
  • 70 USD for five users
  • 80 USD for six users
  • 90 USD for seven or more users

However, these prices are only for a single location. If you want to operate it in multiple locations, get a direct quote from Vagaro.



Simple to navigate

Time-consuming set up

Seamless online scheduling

Frequent glitches

In-depth insights to analyze sales patterns

Unresponsive customer support

3. Zen Planner

Zen Planner - yoga studio software

Whenever there is a discussion about member management, you must get to hear about Zen Planner, right? Zen Planner is known as the best member management software. However, it is just one feature of Zen Planner since it has a wide range of features that help you enhance management ease. From streamlined booking to membership management to automated marketing to attendance tracking, everything is covered under its umbrella.

With the integration of Zen Planner into your yoga studio, you can run automated workflows. Simply put, you can reduce the burden off you and your staff members. It saves you valuable time so that you can invest more of your focus in making modifications. In addition, you can reduce your administrative expenses using Zen Planner yoga studio management software.

Zen Planner also offers one-on-one training sessions while onboarding new customers. It helps ensure that all of the clients fully understand Zen Planner and are ready to make the best use of it. However, if you want robust reporting, it might not be the best choice for you since it does not allow you to convert entire reports. 

Pricing plans and packages

Zen Planner offers three pricing packages based on the number of features. These plans include Studio (starts at 99 USD per month), Engage (starts at 248 USD per month), and Ultimate (starts at 348 USD per month) plans.



Smooth website integration

Reporting can be pretty complicated

Decent customer support

Application shuts down frequently

Friendly interface

Overpriced for its features

4. Wellnessliving

Wellnessliving - yoga studio software

Wellnessliving is a comprehensive yoga studio management software. This cloud-based solution offers a wide range of administrative features that greatly elucidate management. If you are struggling with managing finances, scheduling, or marketing, Wellnessliving can assist you! Wellnessliving enhances your business viability by offering advanced reporting, online booking, automated scheduling, access control, video-on-demand, and automated marketing.

With the integration of Wellnessliving into your yoga studio, increasing your customer base is on your tips. It comes with potent Customer Relationship Management tools in order to strengthen your bond by personalizing communications. Yes, you can identify and understand your audience better with Wellnessliving. Additionally, it guides you to build your digital brand proficiently.

To offer easier accessibility, Wellnessliving comes with a mobile application for both iOS and Android users. In order to boost brand awareness, Wellnessliving permits customizable branding as well. However, you have to buy almost every feature separately, which may end up breaking the bank.

Pricing plans and packages

Wellnessliving offers four pricing plans, including Business (starts from 105 USD per month), Business Pro (starts from 189 USD per month), Business Max (285 USD per month), and Enterprise (get a quote). However, many significant features come under add-ons, meaning you will have to pay extra to unlock them.



Easy integrations with other platforms

Charge extra for every other feature

Offer new updates frequently

Slow customer support service

Captivating interface

Customization process can be tricky

5. Mindbody

Mindbody - yoga studio software

Mindbody is a cloud-based yoga studio management software specifically designed for small to mid-sized fitness centers. Since Mindbody is a seasoned software, it is well known in the fitness and wellness industries. With a diversity of features, it assists you in managing your yoga studio’s operations uninterruptedly. Well, Mindbody offers multiple features, including online payments, automated marketing, analytical insights, branded mobile application, and more.

Leveraging Mindbody marketing tools, you can build a powerful brand image. It helps you craft content that resonates with your audience, leading to enhanced sales. In addition, you can automate email marketing campaigns to capture and nurture leads. Mindbody also offers you profound analytics to track progress. Furthermore, you can utilize this information in making required advancements.

Undoubtedly, Mindbody assists you in aligning day-to-day operations; however, it has many drawbacks as well. First and foremost, Mindbody does not provide active and efficient customer support service and if you face any problem, it may take longer to get it fixed. Additionally, Mindbody is the most expensive yoga studio solution. So, if you are tight on budget, do not rely on Mindbody.

Pricing plans and packages

Mindbody comes with four pricing plans, including Starter, Accelerate, Ultimate, and Ultimate Plus. The pricing starts from 169 USD and goes up to 799 USD per month. Additionally, many vital features like mobile-friendly booking come as an add-on and require you to pay extra to make use of it. However, to understand its pricing plan in detail, contact Mindbody.



Very comprehensive interface

Integration with existing platforms can be challenging

Robust online scheduling

Not all features work the way they should

Effortless email marketing

Slow refunds and returns

How to choose the best yoga studio software?

Choosing the best yoga studio software can be overwhelming. There are many significant factors that need to be considered while incorporating software into your business. For that purpose, we have compiled a few factors that must be considered while making a decision. So, let us have a look at them:

Ease of use

Not every person is familiar with using yoga studio software, right? That is why it is crucial to look for a solution that is easy to navigate. The yoga studio software industry is crowded with countless options; however, most of them come with a learning curve. Well, this can be quite exhausting. Therefore, you need yoga software with a friendly interface, which has all significant elements easily visible.

Pocket friendliness

Decide your budget to incorporate the best yoga studio software into your business. For that purpose, you must consider your expenses and revenue. Once you have decided on your budget, look for options that come within your range. Additionally, go through the detailed pricing and packages, meaning you must know about add-ons and any hidden charges. Once you figure it all out, buy the best one for your yoga house.


Scalability involves the performance of your yoga studio software. Make sure the software you choose for your yoga house is highly scalable and has the capability to perform optimally even when the load increases. In addition, look for some significant metrics including throughput, concurrency, database management, underload, and resource utilization.


Make sure the software you opt for in your yoga center offers you unbreachable security. Since your customers are entrusting you with their valuable information, it is important to keep that information secure. Look for a yoga studio software that is highly encrypted and offers you multi-layer protection. In addition, you need to prefer a cloud-based solution so that all the data is stored in the cloud and you can easily access the information anytime.

Full feature set

Look for an ALL-IN-ONE solution! Needless to say, you can not invest in different software to manage all operations, right? So, it is necessary to choose the best yoga studio software that not only comes within your budget but also offers all the required functionalities. Additionally, consider how often there is an upgrade in the software.

Customer support service

Not every person is a technology expert, and many software applications come with a learning curve. For that purpose, it is vital to choose software with proactive customer support service. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to set up and take the maximum benefit out of your yoga software. Additionally, without decent customer service, you will not be able to resolve queries right on time and may end up losing loyal customers.

Customization options

If you want to enhance your business visibility and worth, look for yoga software with customization options. Make sure the solution you pick for your yoga business allows you to make desirable changes. However, these customization options may include name, logo, typography, background, and color scheme.

User feedback

Last but not least, user feedback! It is vital to check user feedback before making a final decision. For that purpose, go through the user feedback or testimonials on the website. It will help you attain a panoramic perspective of users and what value yoga software is providing to its users. Lastly, it will save you from making any wrong decisions.

What is the best yoga studio software in 2024?

Undoubtedly, Wellyx is the best yoga studio software in 2024. You might be thinking why, right? Well, Wellyx comes with a comprehensive range of features that offer management ease in your day-to-day operations while providing you with countless opportunities to grow. With Wellyx, you can simply automate workflows and sit back to make better strategies. Lastly, Wellyx provides you with calculative yet accurate data to help you make informed decisions. 

How to make your yoga studio successful?

To make your yoga studio business successful, it is time to do smart work rather than hard work. For that purpose, buy your business the best yoga studio software like Wellyx. Leveraging technology, you can streamline administrative tasks and invest your valuable time in the areas where human expertise is required.

What is the future of yoga studio management software?

The future of yoga studio management software is very promising. Since yoga studio management software enhances the customers’ experiences and helps you streamline managerial operations, many business owners are going for it. 

According to recent studies, the global market size of yoga studio management software was valued at 107.1 billion USD in 2023 and is estimated to reach 116.57 billion USD in 2024. Additionally, it is expected that the market size will grow to 200.35 billion USD by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 9.4%.

What is the best yoga studio software for beginners?

The best yoga studio software for beginners is the one that is easy to navigate and has all the significant elements visible to the eyes. In addition, it must provide exceptional customer support services so that you get help whenever needed. Considering the requirements, Wellyx is the best yoga studio software for beginners.

Can I get a custom application for my yoga studio?

Yes, you can get a custom mobile application for your yoga studio. There are many software out there, like Wellyx, that provide custom-branded apps. In your custom-branded yoga applications, you can tailor the name, logo, background, color, scheme, and typography.

Final takeaway

If you are a startup or a seasoned yoga studio business, you might always be looking for opportunities to grow. Is that right? For that reason, you need to be very smart and efficient while running your yoga house. So, the best yet ultimate solution is incorporating the best yoga studio software into your business. Considering your feasibility, we have compiled a thorough guide above. So, go through all pointers attentively to drive massive growth.