5 Best Tanning Salon Software To Look For In 2024

5 Best Tanning Salon Software To Look For In 2024

In the past few years, in the era of COVID-19, we have seen an immense fall in the beauty industry. However, the estimated growth rate is around $355.45 billion by 2029. Surprisingly, the beauty industry is not limited to nail salons, hair salons, or skincare centers. A variety of domains have started blooming out explicitly.

In the list of such beauty sectors, the tanning salons are not compromising to be left behind. Alone in the US, the tanning industry was worth 3.9 billion dollars in 2022, and a tremendous increase has been witnessed. Since the golden glow is trending all over, tanning salons are trying to find ways to maintain their growth rate. Well, indeed, it is as tricky as it sounds. However, technology is there to be the backbone of the businesses with newly upgraded best tanning salon softwares. It is more likely to have a whole system to automate and manage everything. Whether online billing or managing the member’s software, everything is just seconds with few customizations. 

However, finding the right salon software for your tanning salon is not an easy decision to make. In this blog, we will discuss top-notch tanning salon software to simplify and smooth the process.

Best software for tanning salons

Well, most of the software serves similar purposes. However, the significant difference comes in their features and the practical add-ons they provide as a bonus.  


Wellyx Tanning Salon Software

Wellyx is a well-known all-rounder salon software option for every single business in the industry, right on top of the list. The reason it is on the top is its ease and flexibility of integration in businesses, whether it’s a hair salon, nail salon, or any affiliated spa. Moreover, its features are both basic and functional, covering the fundamental requirements of all businesses. 

Online Booking 

Do you know what changes the whole game of any business? A variety of people asked the answer to this question, and the majority preferred convenience and high-end results. When it comes to convenience, online booking is the first thing that comes to mind. The days of waiting to make an appointment are gone. However, Wellyx is providing you with the best online booking feature. It helps clients book appointments online easily without any hassle. Moreover, this online booking process allows you to eradicate the problems, including:

  1. It helps to prevent you from double booking the appointments.
  2. By online booking, a person can decrease the chances of double booking as the online portal shows only the available slots.
  3. The chances of wrong data entry decrease to the least as all the clients are entering data themselves. 
  4. There has been a decrease in the number of appointment cancellations as Wellyx has a built-in system of automatic reminders. 
  5. A reduction in miscommunication can be clearly seen because the client and the staff are usually at the same stage. 

Appointment bookings and scheduling are considerably some of the most essential features required for all the salons. An element that will allow your tanning salon to avoid the real-time hassle of the traditional online booking system. You can view all the appointments and available slots with the credentials with just one go. Owners or managers of salons can tailor all appointments to suit their availability and preferences.

Point of sale

POS system allows you to lead to higher success rates by increasing the salon’s market value. However, this feature will enable you to generate higher revenues. Provides a variety of payment methods, automates generating invoices, and keeps a record of each client’s payment history. Here are the following methods of payment POS system offers. 

Cash Payments 

There are some of the best salon tanning software, which you can also choose to offer cash payments. It is all up to you, the way you want.

Card Payments

Salon tanning software offers card transactions in the USA and other 50+ companies. As the world is evolving, people usually prefer card payments nowadays. The Wellyx POS system, however, accepts all payment methods, including card payments.


Wellyx Salon tanning software lets its clients utilize a variety of payment gateways to make payments effectively. 

Tanning membership

Wellyx has the best membership management software, eliminating all the chances of errors. With its 104 integrated features, it manages the members of the tanning salon and provides them with customized packages. 

Contactless payment

Wellyx provides its clients with the convenience of contactless payments. Before the pandemic, it was not as popular as it has been since. Since then, it has had more recognition and emergence in the market. It provides countless benefits to the business, including maintaining hygiene and the ultimate security system with speed. However, Wellyx offers card and barcode scanners to make contactless payments. 


  • Scheduler
  • Mobile Apps
  • Waiting Lists
  • Online Bookings
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Digital Forms
  • Gift Card
  • Access Control
  • Facility & Asset Rental
  • Loyalty Program
  • Lead Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Promotional Codes
  • Operations
  • Customer Management
  • Marketing
  • Video on Demand
  • Branded Apps
  • SEO Services
  • Custom WordPress Website


Wellyx offers a very thorough and reasonable package with a broad range of features. Here are the following packages which Wellyx offers: 

    • Excel: $149 per month
    • Exceed: $199 per month
    • Ultimate: $249 per month

Square POS

Square POS tanning salon software

Square POS is among the best tanning salon software. It mainly targets smaller saloon businesses and offers a wide range of features necessary to run small businesses. Despite its lack of features, it has enough to handle smaller salons. The major advantage this salon management software has over other softwares in the market is its free access to all. This software is completely free of cost. However, it comes with some paid add-ons for extra functionality and features that make it an ideal choice for those who own a small-scale business or those who are starting a larger-scale business but want to keep it simple and affordable.

This software provides various features, such as payments, managing the stock, and scheduling bookings and appointments. Even though it comes with limited customization options, it compensates for this drawback by providing its consumers with an insightful and easy-to-use user Interface. The multi-store capability of this software compensates for limited payment gateway integrations. 


Here are some of Square’s most notable features:

  • Multi-store support
  • User authorizations
  • Touchless payment method
  • Integrated employee time clock and time cards
  • Automated marketing
  • Order online
  • Manages inventory
  • Detailed analysis
  • Manages the staff
  • Text messaging
  • Integrating point-of-sale system
  • Appointment automation
  • Marketing at multiple-platform 

All of these features are available with the Square version, which is available to all saloon business owners. Some excellent paid Add-ons available with this software are also mentioned below:

  • Gift cards
  • Customer loyalty
  • Delivery management
  • Menu management (with a square for restaurants)


Square has all of these features to facilitate new business owners and grow and manage smaller saloon businesses. The total equipment cost for setting up this software varies from $49 to $799, depending on the equipment you want to install for your business. You can get a free card swiper from Square when you first sign up with Square and integrate your business with this software. Additional card readers and chips can also be bought.

The pricing plan for the square is mentioned below:

  • $0 USD per month (Free access for all)
  • Paid add-ons
  • Paid equipments


Vagaro tanning salon software

Vagaro is a software for tanning salons that offers easy bookings of appointments as its major feature. It focuses on the convenience of the members in booking their appointments and sessions easily using this software. The induction of salon software is something that helps to generate automated appointments.

Vagaro categorizes different services and makes it easy for the members to look out for the service they want. These categories can be designed like massage therapies, nail treatments, simple makeup, etc. It also packs various features like recurring billing management and its tracking, inventory management, and customer waitlist to simplify your business management.

Vagaro’s need for learning is a little drawback. Still, it is compensated with an intuitive user interface, and even though its add-ons may increase the overall costs, its accounting and payroll integrations make up for its drawback as well.

In fact, this tanning salon software offers hundreds of features with some paid add-ons as well to enhance the functionality of your tanning salon, spa, yoga studio, or other salon businesses.


Some of the main features of this tan salon software are mentioned below:

  • Customizable schedules for various service providers
  • Online bookings
  • POS with integrated payment processing
  • Customers’ profiles
  • Invoicing and tracking
  • Ruling out of the lis
  • Inventory management
  • Setting up packages and discounts
  • Automated email and text message reminders and confirmations
  • Automated appointments
  • Memberships with automated billings
  • Automiz their waitlist
  • Stores on social media
  • Extra add-on of support builder website
  • Reschedules appointments
  • Thousands of emails to send free monthly
  • Customized apps for all types of systems. 
  • Gift cards
  • Payroll integration with Gusto, QuickBooks, and Xero
  • Analyzed reporting 


All of these features are packed in one package with flexible pricing plans. However, These pricing plans are described below:

  • Ranging from $25 to $85 per month, depending upon the number of features and calendars you need for your tanning salon business.
  • You can customize a variety of different add-ons for just 8-10$ variety. Usually, these add-ons are SMS marketing, applications, and check-ins for clients. 

Salontouch studio

Salontouch studio software

Salontouch Studio is a software for tanning salons that centralizes its customization features mainly. It offers a huge number of customization options to its consumers, including various services like spray tanning, salon services, cryotherapy, and massages. This tan salon software is a perfect choice for salon businesses with franchises since it offers custom user permissions and over 500 configuration settings for business owners. Its major drawback is its non-transparent pricing plans, but Salon Touch covers it with its scalable feature. Its high customizability and intuitive user interface compensate for its limited payment gateway integration drawback.

Salontouch Studio offers a number of useful features designed specifically for tanning salon businesses and their consumers, including excellent POS services, employee management, tanning memberships, and online bookings and appointments. 


Some of the prominent features of this tanning salon software are mentioned below:

  • EMV-compliant POS
  • EFT processing
  • Barcode system for selling products or services
  • Self-check-in with kiosk option
  • Booking, cancellation and reappointment
  • SMS and electronic mail
  • UV tan with the timer
  • Reminder for less inventory
  • Camera views to show the availability,  the status of employees, and rooms requiring room service.
  • Manages staff all over, whether by aiming a few factors, assigning tasks, or handling staff by scheduling them right.
  • Track the suppliers and supplies
  • Considerable task forms
  • Gift cards
  • Marketing tools
  • 250+ reports


Salontouch packs all of these features in one package and offers an all-in-one tanning salon business solution in a single platform with flexible pricing plans. Unfortunately, these pricing plans are hidden and non-transparent. Details of these pricing plans are mentioned below:

  • Salontouch offers various customizable configurations with different pricing plans depending on the number of features you want to get with your subscription.
  • A major drawback is the pricing plan’s disclosure on their online platform.
  • Their support team is available 24/7 to help you develop a proper business plan with detailed pricing.


Mangomint tanning salon software

Mangomint is one of the best tanning salon software that offers services and features for business owners who have several service providers in their tanning salon business. This tan salon software has a very easy-to-use and simple user interface. Mangomint offers excellent customer support service to its consumers. Even though it can be very expensive as compared to other tanning salon softwares, its multi-store capability and good customer support service compensate for this drawback very well. Another major drawback of this tanning salon software is its limited payment gateway integrations.

Mangomint supports multiple service providers, such as spray tan technicians and stylists. It also has a flexible pricing plan depending upon the number of service providers it provides, starting from a plan that supports 10 service providers. In contrast, the most expensive plan supports unlimited service providers. This software comes with a lot of advanced features, integrations, and add-ons. Also, it offers no set-up fee, free data import, and monthly pricing plans.

Mangomint offers hardware integrations starting from USD 99 for a front desk display using an iPad and a card reader, or alternatively, you may use a Bluetooth card reader with your iPhone.


This software for tanning salons offers a number of features to manage your tanning salon business efficiently. The following are the features of tan software:

  • POS
  • Inventory tracking
  • Recurring memberships
  • Automated billing
  • Gift cards
  • Client database
  • Access past appointments and purchase history with client timelines
  • Automated appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Easily create service packages and discounted bundles
  • Create membership perks and benefits
  • Reports
  • Online bookings
  • Custom-branded mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Integrated payment processing
  • In-built text booking links
  • Direct payments
  • Simplify online appointments with Mangomint’s booking widget
  • Flexible staff scheduling
  • Detailed user permissions


All of these features are available in this single tanning salon software with three different pricing plans depending upon the nature of the features you are getting. Expensive plans offer comparatively more advanced features. Here are the pricing packages:

  • $165 per month
  • $375 per month
  • More expensive plans offer more advanced features and additional service providers.
  • Add-ons are also available starting from $25 per month to enhance the functionality of your tanning salon software.
  • These add-ons include integrated forms and integrations with Mailchimp, WaiverForever, Shopify, and Webhooks.
  • You can add additional locations, starting from $95 per month.


In this thorough blog, we have discussed the best tanning salon software currently on the market. Making the right choice for your business is crucial yet vital to combat. In conclusion, Wellyx provides the most advanced yet cool features with extensive add-ons per the requirement. It essentially provides you with the reporting of all the analytics and reporting whenever you require, including the report of staff performance and membership management, and above all, it keeps track of your salon’s finances. 

Integrating technology as per the requirements is essential to ensure that revenue generation is steady and seamless. In fact, Wellyx is well known for its salon businesses’ seamless integration and growth rate.