10 Best gym payment processing software

Efficient payment processing software that balances the books! 

Say NO to outdated cash registers! Upgrade the payment collection process with gym payment processing software to ensure transparency and efficiency. Collect payments more easily through multiple online gateways. 

10 Best Gym Payment Processing Software

For gym owners, where streamlining gym operations is important, the necessity of having the best gym payment processing software holds significance, too! 

Living in the modernized digital world of today, gym owners have never seen the industry growing crazily like this ever before. In spite of the fast-paced advancements, gym owners and professionals have tried adopting every latest tool and technology to keep their businesses upgraded in every possible way. 

Additionally, the recent fusion of technology in the fitness industry is not going to fade any soon. The trend of jotting down the expenses and revenue in the cash register is functional no more! Where the daily tasks and members are managed online, the payment process also needs to be upgraded. If you don’t want your gym business to look outdated, all you need is the best gym payment processing software. 

So, if you are a gym owner looking for gym processing software, you have landed on the right page! Without any further delay, let’s get started!  

A brief on the significance of gym payment software

In general, gym payment processing software is interchangeably used with gym billing or POS systems. Simply put, gym payment processing software functions like the proactive finance manager that tightly integrates with the gym software and ensures the smooth collection of payments. 

Additionally, it allows the gym owners to manage the cash flow and keep revenue records. It maximizes the profitability of the business by simplifying the fee collection process. Whether it is gym retail sales, members’ subscription fees, or discounts, gym payment software is honed to simplify payment processing. 

Moreover, the best gym payment software does wonders by handling the finances and expenses of a gym. It works like the key partner in keeping your gym on a smooth and progressive track. Maintaining transparency manually in any business seems unrealistic, so you need to find integrated gym billing and invoicing software that can rectify your gym finances management! 

Top 10 gym payment processing software 

Considering the software’s functionality, we present to you the 10 best gym payment processing software. 

1. Wellyx – All-in-one software 

Undoubtedly, Wellyx is the best and most dependable software designed to cater to complete business needs in one plate. Being an all-in-one and versatile software, it covers the operations from front-desk administration to back-end tasks. 

Wellyx Gym Payment Processing Software

Equipped with essential tools and features, it never fails to win the hearts of its users. Additionally, Wellyx streamlines the tasks from bookings to customer management, payment collection, inventory, and marketing. Isn’t it incredible?

Indeed, Wellyx helps you reach your goals. Subsequently, your gym business is led in the right direction with the right software! 

Wellyx’s gym payment processing software 

When it comes to the gym payment software specifically, Wellyx knows the art of financial management. It really knows the value of smooth payment processing as the key factor in business growth. 

Additionally, being the best, Wellyx provides top-notch features for boosting customer experience and leveling up the business dynamics. Customers look for ease in paying, and so do the staff members.

 As the world has gone digital, you don’t need to chase your customers for on-time payments. Moreover, an efficient gym payment processing software saves lots of time from energy-draining management. No doubt, Wellyx offers the best gym point-of-sale POS payment processing software with various payment options and features. 

To have a glimpse of its features and its functionality, look here:

  • Automates failed payment alerts
  • Gets recurring & pro-rata billing options
  • Manages retail sale
  • Offers item & sale level discount options
  • Park & retrieve sale
  • Takes payment & tips via the terminal
  • Uses split & partial payment options
  • Applies taxes & service charges
  • Uses custom payment options

Considering the needs of gym businesses and customers, Wellyx offers the most satisfying software. Specifically tailored to handle the complexities of services, retail sales, and subscription fees, it never lets you get stuck with the financial and payment processes. Now, let’s take a closer at each feature and the variety of options in each: 

Multiple payment gateways

Since we are living in a smartly-driven world, money has also transformed from handy wallets to virtual cash wallets or cards. This shift calls for installing smart payment collection means into gym payment processing. Additionally, this contactless payment method offers you more efficiency and reduces human error or double entries in your payment processing. 

With Wellyx, you can leverage multiple payment gateways without switching to any other payment collection tool. Moreover, it enables you to collect payment mainly in two forms:

  • Cash– You can collect payments in the form of cash and update about the successful payment on the software. In this way, your customers’ payment history remains updated and transparent. 
  • Card–  It allows you to collect payments through credit or debit cards. You can either scan the card or manually enter the data. Further, it integrates other payment methods like Stripe, PayTabs, and Go-Cardless. Through Visa or Mastercard, you can facilitate your customers by offering multiple payment ways. You can simplify the payment options by syncing the card reader with the gym billing system. 
  • Mobile payments– Customers can pay online through their mobile and make contactless payments with a few taps on the mobile screen. It gives the staff and customer the ease of paying and processing payments without hassle. 

Furthermore, it allows third-party integration to collect payment through other ways. By leveraging the Wellyx payment software, you can receive your monthly fees and charge your customers smoothly through diverse payment methods. Whether your customer pays you through card or cash, Wellyx software will process it flawlessly. 

Automate Recurring payments

Since chasing customers to remind them of their due payments does not sound nice, Wellyx presents a good solution. As the customers’ card details are saved in the software, it is easier to automate the transaction of monthly gym subscription charges. 

By automating the recurring payments, you don’t have to sit back quietly until the customer comes in, saying sorry for the late payment. With this Wellyx feature, you can easily make payments on time every month based on the available gym services.  

Gives flexibility of refunds, discounts, and tips

Though the idea of refunds in case of retail sales sounds a bit challenging, Wellyx offers ease to its users and their users’ customers as well. It is easier to process refunds of past online or retail purchases without making a mess. 

Similarly, the gift cards and rewards points can also be redeemed with the fitness club payment processing. In this way, your customers can enjoy discounts on their bills and services. They can claim rewards or discounts on their bills and enjoy gym facilities at a lower price. 

Moreover, if the customer wants to tip a specific gym staff member, Wellyx POS software makes it possible, too. You can add the tip amounts to transactions, which ultimately improves the customer and staff experience with the robust gym payment processing system. 

The option of parking and retrieving sales 

Wellyx is the best payment processor for gyms and fitness clubs, enabling users to park and retrieve sales. The option of park sales is convenient when the customer is ready to complete the transaction. In this way, the customer can put a sales transaction on hold or wait temporarily. 

Moreover, when the customers are ready to pay, they can retrieve the parked sale. The park sale option is useful when the customer still decides to purchase more services and products from your retail store. 

By parking or retrieving sales, you let them shop more while not making any transactions right away. They can finally pay for the service or product by retrieving the sale. It allows staff members to continue making sale transactions with other customers while the parked sale customer remains on hold. 

Split and partial payments 

Wellyx is highly dedicated to helping its customers’ businesses grow profitably. As the success of any business depends on happy customers, Wellyx knows the tactics for satisfying your customers. It provides ease and convenience to gym members by offering different payment options. Here are which options of payment Wellyx offers:

Split payments– It enables the customers to pay through multiple payment gateways at one time. This feature is highly useful for customers who have their money in different places or accounts.  They can pay half of the bill in cash and the rest half by card. 

Partial payments– Customers can pay in installments for the gym services or subscription charges in this option. In this way, half of the payment is due on the customer till a given deadline. This option facilitates the customer while paying in the form of installments. 

Manages the retail sales

As some of the gym owners run a retail store or hold inventory related to the gym business, it is easier to streamline inventory management or sales with the POS software. Since retail sales also require the payment processing system or tracking of the payment records, Wellyx fills this need of gym owners, too! 

It tightly integrates with the gym retail store or inventory to track stock levels. In case of low stock, it notifies for new stock orders while managing the cost and expenses simultaneously. In a nutshell, your other income streams are also well-handled besides the mainstream by Wellyx’s best gym payment processing software. 

Tracks your financial progress 

After all, tracking the finances is of utmost importance for ensuring the optimal growth of the gym business. Keeping records of the incoming and outgoing cash, expenses, and monthly costs clearly shows what the gym business is generating. 

The financial reporting feature lets gym owners and managers see the metrics and insights. Additionally, making well-informed decisions or strategic moves for increasing profit and revenue is easier through the metrics. Lastly, it keeps the gym’s financial records more transparent and credible.   

Considering the needs of gym businesses, there is no software other than Wellyx that is a full-fledged suite of features and tools to over-refine your financial management. 

2. Mindbody payment processing software

Mindbody is quite well-known in the fitness industry for catering to needs smartly. It provides payment processing software that helps the gym businesses to grow better. Additionally, a powerful back-end management system lets you view the transactions, inventory records, and rentals in detail. 

MindBody Gym Payment Processing Software

Just like Wellyx, it also offers multiple features to simplify your payment process. Let’s take a quick view of the features it offers:

  • Accepts payments in cash or through multiple gateways like cards or mobile devices.
  • Updates the client’s payment history 
  • Automate the recurring payments
  • Tracks revenue with insightful reporting 
  • Accepts payments flexibly 24/7 through Mindbody
  • Offers discounts and tips in the billing process
  • Gives the option of split payments only, unlike Wellyx  
  • Manages transactions through mobile efficiently
  • Keeps the inventory and retail store well-managed

As Mindbody stands among the best payment processing software, it gives basic payment processing features to cater to the needs of a wide range of industries. However, it does not offer the features of parking, retrieving sales, and customization abilities, which affects the customer experience. Overall, Mindbody offers seamless POS payment processing software to simplify the management of finances. 

3. Zen Planner payment processing software

Undoubtedly, Wellyx is the best and most dependable software designed to cater to complete business needs in one plate. Being an all-in-one and versatile software, it covers the operations from front-desk administration to back-end tasks. 

Zenplanner Gym Payment Processing Software

ZenPlanner comes next in the queue of the best gym payment processing software. Specifically designed for fitness businesses, It provides a robust and excellent gym billing system with basic features for payment processing. 

Additionally, it is a great option for small startups, as it offers a good yet limited range of payment options. Being the most user-friendly or intuitive software, it is one of the best options for small gym businesses looking for a suitable gym payment software. 

Now, let’s take a look at the good aspects of the Zen Planner payment processing software: 

  • Automates recurring payment 
  • Easily tracks the failed or due payments 
  • Manages the retail sales
  • Offers multiple payment options
  • Automates the bank deposits 
  • Offers credit card capture feature
  • Gives access to helpful financial tools
  • Keeps the customer payment info secure
  • Has a user-friendly interface

However, it does not offer customization, discounts, split, and partial payment features, which are considered important for a better customer experience.  Though it lacks some of the essential features, startups, and midsized gym businesses can rely on this billing software to streamline their financial operations. 

4. Square payment processing software

Square keeps your financial growth fair and square. Being the most popular payment processing system, it integrates with any of the best gym management software. Though it is not specifically tailored for the gym fitness business, small gym startups can use Square payment processing software to run smartly.

Square Gym Payment Processing Software

Additionally, it offers a variety of tools and features for payment processing, fostering contactless payments. Leveraging Square’s best gym point-of-sale POS payment processing software, your customers can pay you through their iPhone or Android. Isn’t it incredible?

Here are some of the features that Square payment processing software offers:

  • Simple and easy software to get started
  • Enables multiple payment gateways 
  • Gives insightful reports and analytics
  • Ensures the security and confidentiality of info
  • Manages sales and inventory
  • Sells Square POS hardware for contactless payments 
  • Offers split and custom payment options

Though it nicely covers the basic needs of gym fitness centers, a large-sized gym can not completely rely on Square to process payments. Similarly, it lacks a few things, like comprehensive features for the gym business and its specific needs.  

5. Clover payment processing software

Just like Square, Clover is also a versatile software that simplifies the business needs of a wide range of industries. It is not specifically tailored for gym and fitness businesses, yet it offers a variety of tools and features. The plus point about Clover is that it is customizable to reflect your authentic brand identity.

Clover Gym Payment Processing Software

Clover’s payment processing software also enables businesses to track inventories, report sales, and simplify the payment process. The gym business is in safe hands, from accepting payments to organizing inventory. Here are some of the essential features Clover offers to smoothen the payment process:

  • Enables you to receive payments in multiple ways
  • Offers one-touch or digital receipts
  • Manages refunds, returns, and exchanges
  • Manages inventory or retail sales 
  • Offers complete customization 
  • Tracks the deposits and sales 
  • Gives real-time reports 
  • Automates the transactions 
  • It gives the option of split payments

Though Clover gives the best features to cater to a broad range of businesses, it lacks functionalities compared to Wellyx. However, small-sized gyms might consider it an excellent option to take a push-start with smart payment processing software. 

6. PushPress payment processing software

Incredibly, PushPress is one of the best gym payment processing software, which is also known for its smooth gym management software. The most simple and effective software offers credit card gym membership and billing features to boost the customers’ and staff’s experience. 

PushPress Gym Payment Processing Software

Additionally, equipped with essential features, it enables the gym business to grow more confidently. Moreover, it offers a highly user-friendly gym payment app to upgrade the customer experience even more. PushPress offers a wide range of features, some of which are as follows: 

  • Accepts payment through multiple gateways
  • Offers PushPress gym payment app
  • Manages retail sales and inventory
  • Tracks the sales transactions 
  • Automates recurring payments 
  • Gives complete visibility to the upcoming or due payments

Despite being the most suitable option for gym fitness centers, it lacks a few things. PushPress offers limited customization, directly affecting gym fitness’s branding. Moreover, a very basic feature that PushPress lacks is the discount option in the billing software. However, PushPress presents a simple and useful gym billing software to help gym businesses keep growing. 

7. Pike13 payment processing software

Pike13 is also a well-known payment processing and client management software. It is designed to fulfill the business needs of a variety of industries. Additionally, Pike13 is centered on providing simple solutions for scheduling and payments with a user-friendly interface. 

Pike13 Gym Payment Processing Software

Gym owners can use Pike13 for a robust gym billing system. Equipped with the required features, it enables gym owners to manage their sales transactions proactively. It also helps them stay focused on their financial growth and profitability. Here are some more of the features it offers:

  • Enables the members to automate the bills
  • Accepts payment through different options
  • Offers customized payment options 
  • Gives access to built-in financial reporting 
  • Allows split payment option for customers 
  • Customizes the discounts and accounts
  • Tracks the finances completely

Apart from all the good aspects, other things need improvement in the billing system. Firstly, it lacks the inventory or retail sales management option required by most fitness businesses. Secondly, Pike13 offers limited customization options and lacks advanced features to upgrade the user experience. Since it is meant to cater to the needs of multiple businesses, a greater variety of advanced features should be offered by Pike13. 

8. Glofox payment processing software

Glofox also stands among the best gym payment processing software, catering to the needs of a range of gym sizes. Its user-friendly interface and billing system enable gym owners to streamline their financial operations. 

Glofox Gym Payment Processing Software

Additionally, it is specifically designed for modern gym businesses and allows a variety of payment processing options, including debit cards, credit cards, Stripe, and GoCardless. It also offers flexibility in payments to its customers. Here are some of the other aspects of Glofox payment processing software:

  • Accepts multiple payment gateways
  • Automates recurring payments 
  • Offers “Pay later” options to customers 
  • Enables custom payment options
  • Manages the retail sales option 
  • Allows the split payment options 
  • Gives real-time financial reports

However, it offers limited customization options to the gym owners, which impacts the branding of the gym business. Similarly, it lacks the option of partial payments. Though it aims to provide an understandable solution to business owners, its customization option has room for improvement. 

9. ClubReady payment processing software

ClubReady offers robust software to gym owners for gym management and payment processing. Unlike other software, it is best suited for large-sized gym businesses. Having all the essential billing features in one place, it offers a comprehensive solution to meet business needs.

Clubready Gym Payment Processing Software

It also offers a wide range of payment options to smoothen the cash flow. It can handle high-volume transactions to meet the demands of gym and health club payment processing, making it more competent software than others. Here are some other features it possesses:

  • Offers advanced features for billing
  • Allows multiple payment gateways
  • Automates the recurring transactions 
  • Manages the retail sales 
  • Allows parking and retrieving sales 
  • Enables split payment options

In this way, ClubReady provides a wholesome solution to give a high-end experience to large-sized gym businesses. Moreover, it is the best option for multi-location fitness centers. However, it might be complex to handle for small gym fitness businesses.  

10. payment processing software

As the name indicates, is specifically designed for the fitness industry. It is a versatile software offering a comprehensive solution to meet the gym business needs smartly. From receiving payments to tracking the records, it ensures that the gym finances are well-managed Gym Payment Processing Software

Additionally, it is more user-friendly for businesses of all sizes. It allows the gym owners to take the burden of financial management off their shoulders. From billing to the multiple payment options, it streamlines the payment process in one place. Here is a glimpse of other features it possesses: 

  • Enables multiple payment options
  • Automates the recurring transactions
  • Manages the retail sales and inventory
  • Enables discount options
  • Allows split payment options 
  • Tracks the financial records

Though it offers lots of features to offer a robust payment processing experience, it lacks customized payment options. Moreover, it might be an overwhelming software for small gyms, as it is more costly than other software options. 

Best gym payment processing software compared

    Software Best features of payment processing software 
Multiple payment gatewaysAutomated transactionsRetail sales Discount optionsSplit payment partial paymentPark & retrieve sales Custom payment options 
1. Wellyx
2. Mindbody
3. Zen Planner
4. Square
5. Clover
6. PushPress
7. Pike13
8. Glofox
9. ClubReady


To conclude, the fitness industry has undergone a huge transition after the arrival of technology in the industry. The gym owners are more into the newest way of operating the gym over phones or tabs. Whether it is about managing operations or collecting payments, they rely on software to ensure the profitability of their businesses. 

If your gym business still needs to improve with financial management, this blog presents you with the 10 best gym payment software. By leveraging the best payment software, you can smoothen your transactions and manage your gym business more meticulously. So, the key to growth is right in front of you! It’s your turn to take advantage of it!