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Default Automations

To help you get started, Wellyx gym software provides you with a set of default gym automation and templates to streamline your fitness center. The default email templates have a sophisticated and ready-to-go design to save your time and effort; use the provided templates or tweak them to match your business needs. With an automatic gym system, you can track the check-in payment details, member information, and fitness charts. Once you get started, the automation of your daily business activities is just a click away.

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Custom Automations

Could not find what you are looking for in default club automation? Our gym management software offers a variety of custom automation that can be set up in just a few minutes. Our custom automation rules, governed by AI and supported by complex algorithms allow businesses to deal with the tricky nature of their client engagement and retention activities. Use our powerful automated gym tool as your own customer service robot.

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Multi-Channel Capabilities

Use the most preferred channels of communication such as emails, SMSs, and push notifications to automate all your potential customer and staff-related activities. Choose when to send alerts, schedule around the best timings, and add conditions to capture the attention of the right people at the right time.
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Customer & Staff Segmentation

A centralized and user-friendly interface of club management software allows you to automate both internal and external communications with staff, freelancers, and customers. Keep a tap on your staff activities and keep them informed all the time whether it is about a change in shift, upcoming appointments, online booking, or task reminders.
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Automatic Reminders

Our automatic and fully customizable reminders, repeaters, and after-sales/service automation allow your fitness center to offer a rich, personalized and delightful customer experience. These rules are easy to set for fitness club owners and super easy to track with the help of an automation log. We help gym owners to manage schedules, memberships, and fitness facilities without any error.

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Expand your ability to accommodate customers by adding them to the waitlist for specific classes or services. Keep your schedule booked & increase your revenue. Learn More

Customer App

Let your customers purchase classes, services, membership or products. A complete app, working in harmony to provide a seamless customer experience. Learn More

Point of Sale

Wellyx seamlessly integrates within your existing website, allowing you to sell memberships, products, services or classes. All the features you want, none of the hassle. Learn More


Whether you are a local business or have a national or international presence. Wellyx is a scalable solution which grows and adapts with your business. Ready to grow with Wellyx? Learn More


Everything you need to accept payments online, in-branch or anywhere else you take payments. Payment infrastructure for the beauty, wellness and fitness industry. Learn More


Learn more about your customers and their habits. Control their payment information and communicate with ease. Wellyx is the smarter way for business to grow. Learn More

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