Oops, lost something! Versatility that Wellyx has! vs. Wellyx: Are you looking for versatile software to fulfill your business needs? Well, doesn’t have that knack! The best alternative that is all-in-one and multipurpose is none other than Wellyx! Whether you are from the fitness or the wellness industry, grow your business better with Wellyx. 

Gym management software by Wellyx

How Wellyx Stands Out from Competition!

Scale and grow your fitness business with the best all-in-one software solution.

ABC Glofox

Geo-tracking for staff

Staff roles & permissions

Multiple tax options

Advanced reports & dashboards

File storage options

Advanced cancellation policy

No-show policy

Multi-channel communication

Push notifications

Automation triggers

Custom contact lists

Google Analytics Integration

Facebook pixel Integration

Lead & member specific tags

Customizable templates

Drip campaigns

Page builder

Pop-up builder

HTML editor

Walk-in bookings

SMS notifications

Email notifications

Push notifications

Account balance check

Communication preferences

Linked payment methods

Unlock door via Bluetooth

3rd party

3rd party

3rd party

Unlock door via NFC

3rd party

3rd party

3rd party

Controlled time access

3rd party

3rd party

3rd party

Controlled benefits access

3rd party

3rd party

3rd party

Bookings & payments

Express checkout

Class & service check-ins

QR Code check-ins

Door unlock

Sales funnels

Lead capturing forms

3rd party

Lead journeys

Advanced lead workflows

Lead filters

Integrated call dialer

Lead conversion reports

Add-on services

Branded online widget

Hide price & duration option

Friends & family bookings

Custom booking notes

Partial & split payment options

Retail sale management

Item & sale level discount options

Park & retrieve sale

Payment & tips via terminal

Partial & split payments

Video library

Custom filter


Online selling limit

Custom start & end date

One-time use option

Barcode & SKU parameters

Discount on gift card option

Custom amount options

Gift card liability tracking

Gift card terms & conditions

Branded App

Custom WordPress website

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Priority setup assistance

Unlimited training sessions

Data migration

Unlimited members

Unlimited staff members

Versatility is a virtue, And Wellyx is a Virtuoso

In the arena of competitors, Wellyx is ascribed to be the most flexible software for a broad range of industries. Unlike, Wellyx is not confined to a specific industry. Rather, it is well-equipped to serve value and growth to businesses from a broader range. 

Additionally, the game is not always about flaunting features but adding value to the customer’s business. Being the market-leading enterprise platform, Wellyx prioritizes its customers’ business to launch faster and implement new tools better. 

However, is also suitable if your business is specifically related to the fitness industry. Otherwise, does not fit into the business other than the fitness industry. More importantly, it is the versatility that sets the ground for a comparison between and Wellyx.

What does offer?

Quite evident through the name, it offers a smart solution to simplify the operations of the fitness industry. From gym to boutique fitness, sports, strength coaching, physical therapies, and pilates, professionals and business owners can regulate their business operations more smartly. 

In addition, its set of features refines the operations, including business management, marketing, payment processing, analytics, fitness tracking, etc. In this way, it is centered on serving the fitness businesses only, limiting its access to other business industries.

What are the features of

Based on its specificity to the fitness industry, it offers features that are confined to the fitness businesses only. Undoubtedly, gym studio owners or professionals may find them helpful to run smoothly. However, it might not be a good pick for wellness businesses. Now, let’s take a look at the features it possesses!

Though offers a bunch of features to simplify business operations, it is still limited to only one industry. Moreover, it provides suitable options to customize the mobile apps directly affecting any fitness business’s brand identity.

Wellyx’s value pack features and services in a glimpse!

Being an innovative, award-winning management software, Wellyx takes your business to a new level by automating operations, upgrading marketing efforts, and boosting sales. Now, the secret behind the popularity of Wellyx lies in its value pack features and tools tightly integrated in one place.

Here is a glimpse of what it possesses to overs-simplify the business operations:

With the top-tier features in one place, it brings more efficiency in automating the front to back-end processes without error. Here are some of the functions it performs:

In other words, Wellyx knows the art of breathing life into any outdated or lagging business. Wellyx is the artist for upheaving business management with its incredible and reliable software!

What users say about!

Users belonging to the fitness industry find a great pick for managing the business and customers smoothly. Users find it easy to use, and it is well-acknowledged for its active customer support. 

However, they often find some glitches in operating the mobile application on Android. It is not responsive on Android as on other operating systems, which frustrates the users. 

Additionally, it needs to include a feature of lead management to capture and nourish leads without losing any potential customers. Moreover, the pricing plan is not very budget-friendly and costs a new business owner an arm and a leg.

How much costs?

Though does not mention a clear-cut pricing plan on its website, you can get a quote based on your fitness business needs and type. Nonetheless, websites like Capterra and  GetApp mention the pricing plan to be starting from $239/mo for the basic plan. 

Considering the features and services it offers to the fitness industry, users may find it expensive to afford monthly. To better understand the pricing range and monthly packages, you can get a quote directly from based on your needs and requirements.

What is the best alternative?

Since is an expensive and industry-specific software with limited features, not every business owner can afford it. This situation puts the business owner in the dilemma of looking for a suitable and budget-friendly alternative. 

So, if you are looking for the alternative, Wellyx is the best option. Being an all-inclusive and budget-friendly software, it enables businesses of all types and sizes to get the fullest benefit of Wellyx.

What does Wellyx offer?

As Wellyx is award-winning software equipped with essential tools to boost business growth, let’s see what makes it so prominent among the software options. So here is what Wellyx offers:

  • Custom mobile app
  • Overrefined class scheduling
  • Seamless lead management
  • Marketing tools to engage clients
  • Uninterrupted transactions
  • Centralized reporting
  • Videos-on-demand
  • Multiple options for bookings
  • Monitor and control access 24/7

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24/7 World Class Support

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Unlimited Training

We provide unlimited training until you are comfortable with the software and then offer regular growth consultations.

Setup & Data Migration

Priority setup and data-migration is a free service that we provide for a smooth and easy transition.

No Contracts

We do not tie you into long term contracts. There are no signup or cancellation costs, just a single manageable subscription fee.

What makes Wellyx the best alternative to

Well, this is quite self-explanatory through the title. If you are looking for versatile software that lets you handle business operations more efficiently, then Welyx is the best alternative.  

With Wellyx, you can run your gym, yoga studio, salon, spa, or dance studio with ease. With the right features and tools in one place, you don’t need to switch to any other platform for managing the database. 

Besides versatility, Wellyx is highly user and budget-friendly, which might not be the case with When you can find more flexible and affordable software at a huge price difference, then what is the dire need to pay monthly $239 when you can find more flexibility and quality features at $79!

Wellyx Pricing plan

Being able to meet the business needs of a wide range of industries, Wellyx feels pride in serving value and efficiency to the businesses. With the motive to upgrade the industry operations and management, it stands as the budget king with the most economical pricing plans. 

Based on business needs and size, it offers three types of monthly plans as follows:

  • $USD - US Dollar
  • £GBP - British Pound
  • A$AUD - Australian Dollar
  • EUR - Euro



Per Month



Per Month



Per Month

A good range of features is included in each plan. However, branded apps, custom WordPress websites, and SEO services can be added as per the business needs. Still, it wins over other software in providing the best features and functionality in an affordable range.

Why users love Wellyx?

What the users love most about Wellyx is its unwavering dedication to providing value. With the essential features in one place, users can easily navigate and manage the operations.

Additionally, it is well-rated for its seamless integrations and features, so users don’t need to switch to any other platform. 

Undoubtedly, users love to be loved, and Wellyx ensures its customers get proactive customer support to resolve their issues.

Moreover, the flexibility to serve various industries and businesses makes it unparalleled. Besides flexibility, its pricing plan is the most affordable in comparison to

A Price war: which software wins?

The price war between Wellyx and highlights the difference in prices and whether the cost is worth spending or not. Let’s just keep the features and functionality aside for a moment. The results will be clear enough if we set software versatility and price as the touchstone of the best business management software! 

Now comparing both the softwares, you can demarcate the flexibility of and Wellyx in the industry. focuses specifically on the fitness industry, while Wellyx expands into wellness and fitness.

Similarly, by comparing the pricing plan, you can see the difference of $160 between Wellyx’s and’s monthly prices. Wellyx charges only $79 for the basic plan, while charges $239 for the basic tier subscription. Moreover, Wellyx gives considerable access to features in its basic pricing package. While charges 3x more than Wellyx and offers only limited features and functionality. This price war shows that the real Budget King is no other than Wellyx! 

If you are looking for a suitable alternative that is more flexible and nominal in range, Wellyx is the budget-saving and user-friendly software you ever need!