Yoga studio booking software

Enable your studio members to explore services and book their preferred ones easily. In addition, exhibit services categorically and track the selling trend of your yoga studio. Furthermore, yoga studio booking software lets studio members reserve slots from mobile devices.

Online Yoga studio booking software

Membership management

The booking software for the yoga studio categorizes members’ data according to age, gender, enrollment date, and other membership details. You can quickly get basic information about an individual member. In addition, it allows you to track the attendance records of staff members and customers.

  • Sends automated payment alerts and identifies payment status.
  • Customize membership packages using the software.
  • Implement purchase restrictions and customize billing cycles.
  • Manage pro-rata and recurring billing options.
Yoga Membership management
Online booking for yoga class

Online booking

Receive orders from across the world, and the booking software for yoga studios maintains the record of each transaction. Moreover, using the software provides real-time updates about class availability. In addition, you can set automated reminders to reduce no-shows. Furthermore, integrate Google Calendar and enable your members to check real-time schedule updates.

  • Enable your members to book for their friends & family.
  • Set customized pricing for staff members.
  • Facilitate your customers by offering the option of accepting split payments.
  • You can provide guests with and express check-out possibilities to customers.

Accept gift cards

Online booking software for yoga studios allows you to accept customers’ gift cards. In addition, the software manages the redemption process and tracks its usability. Enable your customers to purchase online gift cards. Furthermore, customize the expiration dates of gift cards.

  • The software enables you to track the liabilities of gift cards.
  • You can offer discounts on using gift cards.
  • Yoga studio booking software implements your yoga studio’s policies.
  • Set restrictions on a specific product or service.
Accept gift cards for yoga class
Waitlist management for yoga class

Waitlist management

Effectively manage peak hours of your yoga studio and facility for each customer who wants to avail services. The yoga class booking software lets customers reserve their slot when a class is fully booked. The software automatically notifies the next customer when a member cancels a class.

  • Set price preference for slot reservation.
  • Maintain transparency and manage waitlists in sequence.
  • Send automatic updates to class participants.
  • Apply waitlist restrictions on specific days.

Payment processing

The yoga class booking software facilitates payment processing as well. It allows you to accept payments through PayTabs, GoCardless, and Stripe. In addition, software integration will enable you to take all kinds of debit and credit cards. The software maintains a record of all transactions that save you from legal liabilities.

  • It uses a double encryption method to secure transactions.
  • Enable your members to pay tips to your staff members.
  • Offer discounts on item level and sale level.
  • Include taxes and service charges.
Payment processing for yoga class

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Wellyx’s yoga studio booking allows you to park sales. So that during rush hours, if a customer pauses a purchase for some time, you can park that sale to facilitate the next customer. However, it allows you to retrieve that sale again when the previous customer comes back.

Yes. Yoga studio booking software enables your customers to book multiple classes simultaneously. At the same time, studio owners can offer a wide range of courses and display their schedule on the official website of their studio. It enables customers to book more than one class.

The availability of the waitlist management feature in the yoga studio booking software to book a slot for their favorite class. It mostly works when a class is completely booked. The basic purpose of waitlist management is to enhance customer satisfaction by notifying them whenever a slot becomes vacant in their preferred class.

Yes. Yoga studio owners can customize billing cycles using the yoga studio booking software. In addition, the software integrates standard payment gateways such as Stripe, PayTabs, and GoCardless to facilitate transactions.

Yes. Yoga studio owners can manage their recurring payments, making effective use of the software. The software automatically deducts fees while notifying customers and studio owners, in addition to offering pro-rata options.

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