Spa scheduling software

Software that liberates you from the backbreaking workload

Free yourself from the undeserved burden of manual scheduling. Dare to share the scheduling part with your spa clients. Allow them to get their slots booked online, making it a win-win situation.

Spa software by Wellyx

Farewell to the manual scheduling!

Say hello to efficiency with spa appointment scheduling software. Simplify and smarten up the member’s experience and admin tasks.

Automated confirmations

Send automated confirmation messages or emails to your clients once their slots are booked. Keep them informed and updated with spa scheduling software.

Online scheduling

Enable your clients to book spa slots and services online with their favorite spa therapists. Reduce the burden of manual scheduling from your shoulders.

No-shows, no more

Reduce no-shows and last-moment cancellations with easy scheduling software for your spa. Manage your clients while keeping the spa meticulously managed.

Automated reminders

In case your clients forget to show up on time, send automated reminders reminding them of their booked slots. Remind them before each appointment.

Time-saving spa scheduling software

Save your time and effort to spend at a better place: your clients!

Spa Appointment Scheduling

Convenient scheduling

Simplify your schedules and appointments while making them easy and smooth. Spa schedule software keeps your calendar manageable. Easily view and edit your daily booking at a glance.

Client and staff management

Keep your staff and clients aligned and well-organized in a database. Access your clients’ payment histories and full profiles. Allow your staff members and spa therapists to view and edit their daily schedules.

Spa software to achieve full control over operations

One-tap payments

Collect payments easily and at the earliest. Leverage the multiple gateway methods to receive payments. Allow your clients to pay through split and partial payment options.

Bookings and payment collection made easier with online spa scheduling software

Bring more people to the floor and retain them easily

Spa Reward gifts

Let customers book their feasible slots

Scheduling is not that hard when done through the spa schedule software. Enable your customers to book slots according to their feasibility. Give them the freedom to book online anytime and anywhere.

Spa Offer packages

Get online payments the way you like

Payment collection is easier through multiple payment gateways. Collect online payments no matter where your clients are. Track the sales records and payment histories with integrated POS software.

A full-fledged spa scheduling software

Empowering your spas for the sake of your peace

Do what matters to you the most, and let us simplify scheduling for your spa. Power up your admin tasks from outdated methods to the most robust and full-fledged schedule spa software. Reduce the turnover rate between apps and tools because you can access everything you need on one platform. 

  • Integrates with essential tools and features
  • Simplify scheduling and appointments
  • Reduces the staff workload 
  • Enhances the overall efficiency
Spa software to optimize your inventory management

More features from the best spa scheduling software

Pacify your clients, and let us soothe your nerves

Online scheduling

Simplify and streamline your spa schedules and bookings online through the well-built Wellyx's spa scheduler.

Hassle-free payments

Receive payments online through the integrated payment methods. No more hassle with failed or pending payments.

Digital forms

Build your customized digital sign-up forms and waivers and automatically save the clients’ information.

Branded apps or website

Leverage the power of branded apps to enhance your customers’ experience. Book your slots with a few taps.

Clients management

Maintain your client database online. Save their histories and preferences for a personalized experience.

Automated texts & alerts

Stay in contact with your clients by consistently engaging them through automated emails, texts, and notifications.

Empowering wellness business owners

Read how some of our customers have integrated the Wellyx platform into their amazing businesses

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Spa Software & App FAQ

In simpler words, spa scheduling software simplifies your daily tasks and operations. From bookings to scheduling and collecting payments to managing clients and staff, it streamlines overall operations. It enables spa owners to improve their business with a smart solution that keeps everything aligned.

In order to save time and improve work efficiency, you need innovative software. Since the day-to-day admin tasks and manual bookings consume alot of time and energy, you can invest your time better in serving clients with easy scheduling software for your spa. Additionally, you need the most trendy scheduling software to compete with your market competitors.

As it simplifies and streamlines your operations from bookings to collecting payments, it upscales your spa business towards better. Improving the staff and members’ experience directly affects the growth and profitability of your spa. So, having a smart solution can make your business shine in terms of efficient operations and quality of customer experience.

With online scheduling software, you can collect payments online with integrated payment collection tools like PayTabs, GoCardless, and Stripe. Additionally, you can integrate with any third party that you find suitable. Similarly, by leveraging our spa scheduling software, you can charge your clients through split or partial payment options.  

Absolutely yes! Our spa scheduling software is perfect and the most suitable software in the market. It has all the essential tools for online booking, operations, payments, communication, and management, making it the right partner for streamlining operations. From small to mid-sized and big-sized spas, all spa owners can trust the efficiency and suitability of spa scheduling for their business. 

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