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Spa software with online booking for a modern wellness experience

Immerse your business in efficiency as clients effortlessly schedule serenity, bringing tranquillity to every click.

Wellyx spa booking software for spa owners

Simple booking and scheduling process

We understand that your time is precious, and your business deserves a scheduling process that’s as smooth as possible.

  • User-friendly system for easy appointment scheduling
  • Customizable booking options for different spa services
  • Calendar integration for efficient scheduling 
Spa Booking Software for appointments
Quick transactions with spa online booking software

Safe and quick transactions

Wellyx booking software for spa is where safe and swift transactions are at the heart of our service. Our platform ensures the security of your transactions, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients.

  • Secure online payment gateway integration
  • Option for clients to make deposits during the booking process
  • Reduced no-shows with deposit-based reservations

Get paid swiftly

Accelerate your success with swift payment solutions. Get paid effortlessly, on time, every time, ensuring a seamless financial experience for you and your clients.

  •  Easy management through an all-inclusive platform
  • Seamless payment processing for services rendered
  • Integration with various payment methods 
Pay swiftly with spa booking software
Online presence with spa booking system

Your custom online store

Boost your online presence with spa booking system and streamline transactions effortlessly for an unparalleled shopping experience.

  • E-commerce functionality for selling spa products
  • Integration with inventory management for easy tracking
  • Streamlined checkout process boosting customer experience

Appointment history and trends

Gain invaluable insights, track performance, and elevate your business strategy with a comprehensive view of your scheduling history.

  • Track client behavior, identify trends & manage tasks
  • Predict future demands, optimize schedules, and more
  • Get real-time tracking and comprehensive data analysis with a user-friendly interface of spa booking software
Appointment history with booking software for spa

Why Wellyx spa booking software is a comprehensive solution?

Wellyx software for your fitness & wellness business

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Yes, Wellyx offers flexible purchasing plans. We provide three streamlined pricing options: Excel, Ultimate, and Exceed. Each plan includes exceptional services and support, such as 24/7 world-class support, priority setup assistance, unlimited training sessions, data migration, and more. 

In addition, the offerings of our packages cover a comprehensive range of features, from Memberships & Packages, Scheduler, and Mobile Apps to Operations, Marketing, and Video on Demand. With Wellyx, you get a robust solution tailored to meet your business needs seamlessly.

 To discover and implement salon booking software by Wellyx, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Wellyx website: Go to the official Wellyx website to explore their salon booking software solutions.
  2. Explore Features: Familiarize yourself with the features offered, including scheduler, mobile apps, waiting lists, online bookings, and more.
  3. Pricing Plans: Review the pricing plans (Excel, Ultimate, and Exceed) to find one that suits your salon’s needs and budget.
  4. Contact Support: Reach out to Wellyx’s 24/7 world-class support for any questions or assistance. They offer priority setup assistance, unlimited training sessions, and data migration support.
  5. Implementation: Once you’ve selected a plan, Wellyx provides seamless implementation, ensuring a smooth transition for your salon.

The features you need in spa booking software depend on your business requirements. However, essential features include a user-friendly online booking system, secure payment gateways, integration with a calendar for efficient scheduling, and customizable options for different spa services. Look for software that also provides detailed analytics for business insights and growth.

Yes. Wellyx’s spa booking software offers online appointment management for clients. It provides a user-friendly interface where clients can easily change or cancel appointments. The software adds convenience for clients, reduces no-shows, and streamlines the scheduling process.

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