Salon Pos System

POS system functioning

Point of sale for salons processes the payment and adds sales tax and the customer’s purchase amount. In addition, Wellyx’s POS system tells us the log time and date of the transaction. The system maintains the record and sends digital receipts to your customers.

Salon Pos System

Appointment scheduling

Create convenience for clients to schedule appointments. Wellyx’s Salon POS system involves salon staff’s ability to arrange and manage client appointments. The salon POS system offers a user-friendly calendar view that lets clients book appointments at their desired time.

  • Easy navigation enables clients to access the appointment scheduling feature effortlessly.
  • Get real-time availability checks to prevent double-booking.
  • The system sends confirmation notifications to clients after scheduling appointments.
  • Wellyx’s salon POS software lets your staff members check availability and book appointments.
Appointment scheduling
Transaction Processing

Transaction Processing

Wellyx’s salon billing software encompasses the entire lifecycle of financial transactions. It calculates the total associated amount. In addition, the software supports different payment methods, including Stripe, GoCardless, and PayTab. Furthermore, it supports all kinds of credit and debit cards as well.

  • Provides transaction receipts to clients and securely processes payments.
  • Wellyx’s POS system for salons and spas calculates applicable sales taxes based on items.
  • It maintains the record of all transaction history, ensuring financial documentation.
  • Gain insights into sales trends, popular services, and overall business performances.

Inventory Management

Wellyx offers one of the best salon POS systems that dynamically monitors and optimizes the salon’s inventory. The software provides real-time insights into stock levels. In addition, you can analyze the historical usage pattern.

  • Get a deeper understanding of product movement that helps in strategic planning.
  • Set customized notifications based on your criteria for inventory management.
  • Wellyx’s salon POS system provides centralized control over inventory.
Inventory Management
Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Enables your customers to book your salon services from their mobile phones. Moreover, you can manage routine operations from the mobile application. The best POS for salons allows you to check transaction history from mobile phones.

  • Ensures flexibility for the users of different smartphones and tablets.
  • Administrators can swiftly make service modifications from their mobile devices.
  • Enables your clients and staff members to check in from their mobile devices.
  • Mobile devices support digital gift card processing as well.


Keep important documents secure and protected from unauthorized access with Wellyx’s Salon POS system. The system employs advanced encryption protocols. The encryption protects customer information, payment details, and sensitive data. Additionally, the software enables role-based access control management.

  • Robust firewall protection monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic.
  • Secure protocols ensure that connections are encrypted.
  • The system promptly notifies administrators of suspicious activities.
  • Customize access level of staff members to secure specific salon locations and functions of the software.

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Wellyx’s Salon POS system streamlines appointment scheduling by offering a user-friendly calendar view for easy access. Clients benefit from real-time availability checks, preventing double bookings. The system sends confirmation notifications, providing a seamless booking experience. Staff members can effortlessly manage and book appointments, ensuring efficient salon operations.

Wellyx’s salon billing software encompasses the entire financial transaction lifecycle. It supports various payment methods, including Stripe, GoCardless, and PayTabs, and comprehensive credit and debit card compatibility. The system ensures secure payment processing, issues receipts, and maintains a detailed transaction history for complete financial documentation.

Wellyx’s salon POS system excels in dynamic inventory management, providing real-time insights into stock levels and historical usage patterns. Users gain a deeper understanding of product movement, enabling strategic planning. Customized notifications based on inventory criteria enhance control, and centralized management ensures efficient tracking.

Wellyx’s Salon POS system facilitates mobile access, allowing clients to book services and enabling routine operations from mobile devices. The system ensures flexibility across different smartphones and tablets. Administrators can make swift service modifications, and clients and staff can conveniently check in from their mobile devices. Digital gift card processing is also supported.

Wellyx’s Salon POS system prioritizes security by employing advanced encryption protocols and safeguarding customer information, payment details, and sensitive data. Robust firewall protection monitors network traffic, and secure protocols encrypt connections. The system enables role-based access control, allowing customization of staff members’ access levels to secure specific salon locations and software functions. Administrators receive prompt notifications on suspicious activities, ensuring a secure and protected environment for salon operations.

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