Fitness Scheduling Software

Feel a sense of liberation from hectic manual scheduling. Unburdened yourself from the hassles of coordinating workout classes and setting appointments. Wellyx’s fitness studio software helps with time management and allows you to customize fitness routines easily.

Fitness Scheduling Software by Wellyx

Set automated reminders

Send timely reminders about classes and events to gym members. Moreover, you can send them wishes on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. In addition, you can make changes to the schedule using a booking system for fitness.

  • Set personalized alerts to promote different activities or events in your gym.
  • Adopt a multiple-channel approach to enhance communication.
  • Set the frequency of sending reminders.
  • Synchronize reminders with the schedule.
Fitness booking system with automated reminders
Online Cloud-based fitness class booking system

Cloud-based accessibility

Wellyx’s online fitness class booking system enables gym members to access their schedules from anywhere. It makes information accessible through multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. 

Moreover, it seamlessly works across various operating systems, such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

  • Enables gym members to modify their plans.
  • Ensures strong data security, employing encryption and robust measures.
  • Changes instantly reflect across all devices due to real-time synchronization.
  • Store member’s data, including their workout schedules and class bookings.

Integration with google calendar

Integrating schedule with Google Calendar creates a facility for your staff and gym members. Wellyx’s online fitness booking system allows them to sync their workout sessions and fitness schedules with Google Calendar.

  • Easily set up integration in just a few clicks.
  • Changes within the fitness scheduling software reflect on the Google Calendar as well.
  • Include details of events or classes, such as instructor name and class type.
  • Hold complete control over the level of information shared with the Google Calendar.
Fitness scheduling system with google integration
Wellyx's fitness class scheduling software

Class capacity management

Ensure the consistent quality of each class through the fitness scheduling feature. You can manage class capacities and keep the additional interested members on the waitlist. In this way, Wellyx’s fitness booking system enables you to manage rush hours efficiently.

  • Set capacity considering some essential factors such as space availability and the nature of the workout.
  • Consistently monitor the number of participants in real-time.
  • Scheduling software for fitness notifies when a class is complete. 
  • Prevents overcrowding and maintains a safe and effective workout environment.

Showcase Instructor’s profiles

Wellyx’s fitness booking system lets you showcase your instructors’ profiles. Along with schedule details, you can display the expertise of your staff members. In addition, you can present the certifications and credentials.

  • Share quotes and training philosophies of professional instructors.
  • Enables your gym members to visit the widget to book classes.
  • Instructor profiles also display their schedules for gym members’ convenience.
  • Enable your gym members to find the most suitable instructor.
fitness class scheduling software for instructors

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Wellyx’s fitness scheduling software simplifies scheduling by automating the process, saving time, and reducing manual effort. Its user-friendly features ensure a hassle-free experience, enabling you to concentrate more on achieving your business objectives.

Sending automated reminders using the fitness center scheduling software keeps you on track, builds your gym’s reputation, and motivates your gym members to stick to their fitness journey.

Cloud-based accessibility in fitness booking software ensures you, your staff, and gym members can access your schedule anytime, anywhere. It offers flexibility across devices, making it easy to manage a fitness routine. With real-time updates, everyone gets the schedule at their fingertips. It enhances overall convenience for your members.

Integration with Google Calendar in the booking system for fitness classes allows staff and members to sync workout sessions effortlessly. It ensures everyone stays organized with schedule updates reflected in their familiar Google Calendar interface. This seamless integration enhances coordination and accessibility for a smoother fitness experience.

Wellyx’s fitness scheduling software effectively manages class capacities by setting maximum limits based on space availability. Real-time monitoring ensures accurate participant numbers, preventing overcrowding. Automated notifications alert users when a class is entire, maintaining a safe and enjoyable workout environment.

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