Fitness center billing software

Effortless billing management

Maintain a record of all transactions and save your business from legal liabilities. Wellyx’s fitness center billing software stores the data and protects your business from the routine hassles of managing finances.

fitness center billing software

Point of sale (POS) system

Wellyx’s fitness club billing software features a point-of-sale (POS) system that facilitates the processing of transactions. It enables fitness studio owners to calculate the total revenue generation. In addition, it allows studio members to purchase their desired membership plans easily.

  • It handles different payment methods, such as Stripe, PayTab, and GoCardless. Furthermore, Wellyx’s POS system accepts all kinds of credit and debit cards.
  • Maintains the inventory record. At the same time, update it with each sale.
  • It prevents fraud and protects sensitive information.
  • Accepts gift cards and discount coupons.
fitness center billing software pos system
fitness center billing software billing and invoicing

Billing and invoicing

The fitness POS system seamlessly generates invoices automatically after each sale. Wellyx’s fitness center billing software promptly sends invoices to studio owners and members. These digital invoices provide crucial details, including any pending membership charges.

  • Invoices are delivered in a digital format, facilitating efficient communication.
  • Generates invoices in real-time, keeping all stakeholders informed about transactions.
  • It offers easy access to the history of transactions and simplifies financial management.
  • Enables studio owners to customize digital invoices design to meet the specific needs of their business.

Recurring payments

Establish a predictable cash flow for your business. Wellyx’s fitness POS software manages recurring payments essential in providing financial stability to your business. The billing software enables you to set up a charging schedule.

  • Use recurring for subscription-based services.
  • The system automatically renews the membership by charging the agreed-upon fee.
  • It enables studio owners to offer flexibility in billing cycles.
  • The software ensures uninterrupted access to services.
fitness center billing software recurring payments
fitness center billing software mobile access

Mobile access

The fitness studio management software lets studio members reserve services using the mobile application. Moreover, they can process their payments using mobile applications. In addition, users can check real-time data and stay updated about gym activities.

  • Mobile access facilitates the renewal of memberships with a few taps.
  • Send event reminders and feedback directly through the mobile application.
  • Integrate discounts or promotions into the billing system.
  • Set up alerts for payment gateways.

Inventory management

Wellyx’s billing software automatically updates inventory when you sell a product. The fitness center billing software monitors the entire lifecycle of items. It involves procurement and efficient storage. In addition, the software tracks through barcodes for effective inventory management.

  • Access a dashboard with all inventory details in one place for easy and comprehensive information.
  • Ensure seamless integration with the POS system for synchronized sales and inventory updates.
  • Control who can access inventory features by assigning roles and permissions.
  • Get immediate notifications as products are sold or restocked to stay informed in real time.
fitness center billing software inventory management

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Wellyx’s billing software automates billing processes and maintains a comprehensive record of all transactions. It saves time and safeguards businesses from the routine hassles of managing finances.

Moreover, the software acts as a formidable safeguard, shielding businesses from the routine hassles and potential pitfalls associated with managing finances manually. It reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring that every transaction is accurately recorded. This accuracy contributes to financial transparency and elevates the overall credibility and professionalism of the business.

Absolutely. The software enables studio owners to customize the design of digital invoices, offering flexibility to meet specific business requirements.

Moreover, Wellyx’s fitness POS system turns digital invoices from regular documents into a way to express and connect. It helps studio owners leave a strong impression, making their brand stand out in every interaction and improving the overall experience for members.

Recurring payments, managed by Wellyx’s fitness POS software, establish a predictable cash flow for businesses. This is crucial in providing financial stability by ensuring a steady and reliable revenue stream.

Furthermore, the software’s ability to offer a variety of charging schedules adds a layer of flexibility. Whether monthly, annual, or customized timelines, fitness studios can tailor recurring payments to match their unique financial needs and member preferences. This adaptability not only enhances member satisfaction but also contributes to the long-term financial health of the business.

Yes, Wellyx’s POS system handles various payment methods, such as Stripe, PayTab, and GoCardless, and accepts all types of credit and debit cards, providing flexibility for fitness studio owners and members.

Simultaneously, members are free to choose the payment method that suits them best, fostering a sense of convenience and personalization in their interactions with the fitness center. Furthermore, the flexibility extends to the operational side. The POS system’s handling of various payment methods simplifies financial reconciliation and reporting. Studio owners can effortlessly track and manage transactions, gaining insights into revenue streams with clarity and accuracy.

The mobile access feature in Wellyx’s billing management software allows studio members to reserve services, process payments, and stay updated on gym activities. It provides a convenient and efficient way for members to engage with the fitness center’s services on the go.

Beyond transactions, the mobile access feature serves as a dynamic information hub. Members can stay updated on real-time data, from class schedules to any changes in gym activities. It’s a direct line of communication that keeps members in the loop, fostering a sense of connection and engagement even when they are not physically present at the fitness center.

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