Fitness Booking Software

Creating convenience for studio members is like making another effort to build the market reputation of your fitness studio. Therefore, Wellyx’s fitness studio booking software aims to help you in every operational aspect that brings a good name to your studio. It features an online booking system, streamlines payment processing, and enables you to manage targeted marketing campaigns.

Fitness studio booking software

Display schedules on the widget

The fitness studio class booking software allows you to create new classes and make their different categories. In addition, using the software you can display schedules on the official website’s widget. Furthermore, it automatically sets up recurring classes, saving time and effort for staff members.

  • Use the drag-and-drop feature to reschedule bookings.
  • Cancellation sends an automated notification to members.
  • Manage group training programs and personal training sessions using the booking software.
  • Lock resources for a specific service.
Display schedules on the widget
Mobile application

Mobile application

The fitness studio software enables studio members to easily manage routine operations. However, it has a user-friendly interface that helps customers to easily navigate your services. Furthermore, the online booking software for fitness studios offers standard payment methods. It securely processes payments and maintains the record of transaction history. This enables your studio members to book a class or session using the mobile application and through the web portal. 

  • Track attendance records using the mobile application.
  • Enable staff and studio members to check in and check out using the mobile app.
  • You can customize the interface of a mobile application according to your brand color.
  • Manage access control systems using the mobile application.

Offer gift cards

Boost sales of your business through gift cards. The online booking software for fitness studios enables you to manage gift cards. The software allows you to manually and automatically generate gift card code. At the same time, it tracks expiry dates and aligns with the policies of your fitness studio.

  • Customize the start and ending date of a gift card.
  • Enable customers to give as a gift to their loved ones.
  • Set barcodes to check the usability of gift cards.
  • Offer discounts on gift cards to gain customers’ interest.
Offer gift cards
Targeted marketing

Targeted marketing

The online fitness studio booking software organizes your members’ data. It creates a category according to their gender, age, and joining date. In this way, you can manage targeted marketing campaigns while creating a custom contact list. Furthermore, the software allows you to send personalized messages and design templates for marketing campaigns.

  • Track customer behavior on the widget.
  • Customize the web page using page builder.
  • Create customized pop-ups to advertise specific classes.
  • Engage customers with two-way communication.

Video on demand

Enable your customers to stay connected with your services when they are out of town. Wellyx’s fitness studio booking software allows you to offer workout videos to facilitate your customers. The software increases the storage capacity as per your requirement without showing any difference in performance.

  • You can create a video library to help your customers.
  • Use a custom filter to get a specific workout category.
  • Enable your customers to set up a playlist of workout videos.
  • Offer customers to fill out digital forms to watch video content.
Video on demand

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Yes. Wellyx’s fitness booking software uses a double encryption method.  This extra layer of security secures gym members’ information and sensitive data.

Gym studio owners can manage schedules using the mobile application. Updates become visible on the official website’s widget. It enables members and staff members to view their schedules.

Video on demand feature enables you to store workout videos on the software. The software offers you unlimited storage capacity. It allows you to help your gym members learn from videos. In addition, they can set a playlist and choose a specific category to find their favorite videos.

Yes. The fitness studio booking software offers 24/7 chat support service. The team instantly resolves issues and ensures that your fitness business does not face interruptions.

The software enables your studio members to cancel their booking just with clicking on cancellation. In addition, Wellyx’ fitness studio software aligns with the cancellation policies of your studio to minimize any sort of conflicts.

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