How to Get More Yoga Students? A Comprehensive Guide

How to get more yoga students - A comprehensive guide

If you are just starting your yoga studio, your most perplexing thought would be about “how to get more yoga students?” or something revolving around “What–if!” assumed scenarios. Is it? 

Luckily, you have jumped in the right place! 

Whether it is a new yoga studio in the market or a long-serving one, both are concerned about how to attract yoga students and retain them in the long run. It needs a strategic and well-thought-out move. 

As we live in a technologically advanced era, we must see the value of social media when it comes to gaining recognition. According to Statista, around 4.95 billion people around the globe use social media, which makes up 61.4% of the world’s population. There is no other medium like social media that can reach a million ears in the blink of an eye! 

Additionally, the purpose of telling these statistics is that yoga studio owners can rely on this medium to get more recognition and students in a short span. The answer to “how to get more yoga students?” lies in this one phrase: “Through social media!” Now, let’s discover its power. This blog is a comprehensive guide on how to get more yoga students, so make sure you read to the end!

10 ways to attract more yoga students

Either directly or indirectly, the popularity and growth of your yoga studio lie in successful digital marketing and social media usage. It is important for yoga studio owners to have a step-by-step approach to grow their popularity along with the yoga business. 

Still, you have not lost the game, so just buckle up to uplift your marketing game! 

If you want to attract new students, you must put some real effort into your marketing strategy through your already existing yoga studio software. Additionally, here are 12 steps to get more yoga customers. So, let’s take a closer look at each. 

1. Build your brand identity 

The first step in getting more students is building your brand identity.

A brand displays your studio’s value and uniqueness, making you stand out from others. You need to give them a reason that makes you look different from other yoga studios–value. 

Think of something bigger than your yoga studio that provides value to your customers. Let your brand be the reason for people to remember your yoga studio. The bigger you think, the better you will do! 

Additionally, people in today’s world don’t seek things as mere products or services. Rather, they consider the emotional and mental impact as well. So, give them a reason to connect with your yoga studio for a definite purpose. For this, you can define your cause/purpose based on a few questions: 

  • Which yoga styles do you teach? Anything specific?
  • Which teaching principles matter to you the most?
  • Does your logo symbolize your business values?
  • Which mediums are you using to market your Yoga studio?

Moreover, some studio owners find themselves the center of the business, so it is important not to limit the studio to just one person. Rather, there is something bigger than one person that everyone can relate to.

2. Referral scheme

The ‘more’ in yoga students means you already have students and want to attract more students to your studio. Right?

Referral scheme

This is achievable by utilizing the current students. With a referral scheme, you can ask your students to bring a friend, family member, or someone who is interested in joining the yoga classes.

Additionally, yoga studio owners need to know the worth of the asset they already have– yoga students! Word-of-mouth marketing holds its special place in marketing, especially when that person is your current student. By offering a reward on referral programs, you can attract existing students to bring their pals and fellows. 

3. Offer deals and incentives

Offering discounts, deals, and free classes is the most catchy way to get more students. The deals and offers should be time-limited and applicable with certain conditions. After all, you are intending to grow your business!

Additionally, you can give new customers incentives to help them stick with you. Initially, the target is to bring new students and let them enjoy the quality of yoga classes. If you want them to stay with your yoga studio longer, give them a welcome discount as a sign of warmth. 

Moreover, “membership discounts” are another example of a win-win situation. You can give discounts on a monthly membership to the new students. For example, if a package of 10 classes per month costs $100 monthly, the new students can avail it for $80. Similarly, you can give 25-30% to the new customers to turn them into your loyal customers.

Now, the studio owners might question the implementation of these offers! With the help of yoga studio software, it is easy to offer discounts and incentives to new customers for the first month. This way, all your customer’s data is well-managed in one software. 

4. Seasonal offers and rewards 

It is another great way to attract new and existing customers to enjoy seasonal deals like Christmas, Easter, and black Friday. By following the particular trends in the market, you can make more and more profit than any other day. 

Marketing your seasonal offers allows new customers to try out your services and yoga classes at minimal rates. Moreover, seasonal rewards to your existing members enable them to invest a little and enjoy more while sticking to your yoga studio. 

5. Reach out to a marketing agency

If you are not very into social media marketing, the simplest way is to reach out to the marketing agency. Digital marketing agencies are good at handling marketing stuff at affordable prices and bringing an imminent change to your business. 

The marketing agency asks for your budget and disperses it accordingly on the local ads, Facebook/Instagram ads, and running campaigns. Additionally, the agencies can access the real and marketing sub-divisions to increase the ROI(Return on investment) on the given budget.

Moreover, it is important to check all the available marketing agencies in your area and pick the best to see the results. This process is most similar to finding a lawyer to prosecute your case! The marketing agency holds a team of professional marketers who convey the possibilities to meet your goals, build a strategy, and work on it.

Furthermore, if your goal is “How to attract yoga students? ” the marketing team will help you with free and paid marketing strategies and email marketing. This way, you can predict a definite rise in your students’ strength with an efficient marketing agency.   

6. Host free classes

The most difficult part of turning customers into students is getting them through the door. Once you have gotten them entered, you can win them easily. All you need to do is host free classes to let them experience the delight of yoga. 

Host free classes

Once they feel the warmth of practicing yoga in your studio, they will most likely become part of it. Additionally, you can ask your current members to bring a friend or relative to enjoy the free classes, and it will work for both of you in the best possible way. Additionally, by offering free classes, you can flaunt your skilled instructors and the environment to convince them to sign up. In this way, free yoga classes make them willing to invest in the paid classes. So, free classes are effective if you are starting your yoga studio. It is more like killing two birds with one stone: market the yoga studio and get new students. 

Moreover, your current members are also likely to invest in a different yoga style after trying it for free. People like to enjoy things for free for the first time, so give them a golden chance and see the difference it makes! 

7. Collaborate with local partners

Collaboration is a win-win situation for everyone. To get more and more students into your yoga studio, it is important to collaborate with the local community and partners. These local partners could be yoga teachers, organizations, NGOs, local spots, and theme events. 

Additionally, collaboration not only increases your branding in the real world but also lets you showcase the skills of instructors. By participating in local events, you also interact with the people on the premises who might not have heard about you before. Also, you can offer them the chance to join the free trial to see the change. 

Collaboration ultimately rocks the business to grow with a wider social network at every local event. 

8. Engage with the community (serve with a cause) 

There is an unending list of ways to engage with the local community, yet the best one is to serve a cause. It is more like owning your values by giving them a considerable voice in your community. 

Additionally, people like to follow and support a business that serves a special cause. It can be for the well-being of society or a burning issue in society. Your business values synchronizing with people’s take can give you a platform to stand together. Based on pathos, you can win people’s hearts by serving the same cause. 

Once your yoga studio is known for supporting the community and donating to a noticeable cause, people with the same interests will likely become a part of your studio. 

9. Use the power of social media (content, giveaway, shoutout)

Undoubtedly, social media is the most powerful medium for attracting more students. Businesses need to maintain their social media handles, but deciding on selective platforms is even more important. It means you post actively through one or two platforms like Instagram or Facebook to let people know you. 

 In addition, harnessing the power of social media does not require posting about the yoga business monotonously. Rather, it needs creativity. The more you connect with people realistically, the more likely they will follow you. Here are a few ways you can do it:

  • Create catchy content about yoga enthusiasts (humorous or informative)
  • Announce giveaways 
  • Create polls to learn about your audience’s likes and dislikes 
  • Give brief tours of your yoga classes 
  • Host online events or streams 
  • Teaching yoga through reels 
  • Announce the upcoming in-house free trials or discounted sessions 

The more you keep your audience updated about your yoga studio, the more chances you have of having an active and strong online community. As a result, people are more likely to join your studio as they feel they are already a part of it! 

10. Ensure online presence (website, Google My Business)

In a world where the source of information is mainly the online world, don’t let your yoga studio lag behind!

Ensure online presence

When people hear about something or want to know about an ongoing sale, deal or anything, they look straight for that business’s website for credibility. Similarly, yoga studios can ensure their presence online by building a customized website that depicts the core values and services. 

In addition, a website serves as a digital platform for online visitors to have a wholesome look at what the business is about. The yoga studio website needs to be catchy and well-informed to hook people online. 

Moreover, yoga studios must maintain their Google Business profiles to inform people about your classes, pricing, and schedule. In this way, you give the desirable information to your audience in a glimpse. 

Bottom Line

The most mind-prevailing thought for every yoga studio owner is, “How to get more yoga students?” which lies in thoughtful branding and marketing your studio. It involves trying to beat up your studio game by following the mentioned ways. 

All you need is to channel your marketing efforts by integrating with your yoga studio software. With the help of effective marketing strategies, your studio can progressively get more students and retain them compared to your competitors. Prove your audience the excellence of your yoga studio, and see them entering your doorway!