How to get more clients in your spa

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Running a busy spa with a well-trained staff and spa management system is a basic need, but without a consistent and returning customer base your service will quickly dry up.

Marketing is probably the number one concern for spa management and business owners as this can be quite expensive at times. If you are not getting enough clients through the doors of your spa then these simple steps may help to give your client base a boost.

Loyalty Scheme

Regardless of the size of your spa, a good loyalty program goes a long way in your local community. Building a good community image can be very effective, winning the hearts of the locals is crucial to spreading the word and developing your business.

Loyalty schemes don’t have to be complicated, simply offer rewards, deals, and discounts to those who return, or even just live locally. If there a school or college nearby, then offer a student discount, is there a local hospital, then perhaps offer discounted treatments to soothe the NHS workforce. Furthermore, to your existing customer base, you can offer 4 treatments then return for your 5th treatment free, or offer a points system to build up a loyal customer base.

It’s good to talk

Communication is key to a successful business, of course communicating well with your staff and employees but networking and talking to potential clients and customers is a necessity.  

Networking and communicating online is most certainly a top priority for your spa, as we are deep within this digital age if you don’t have an online presence then your business will get left behind.

Attend community events and meetups, take plenty of business cards and get your spa known in the local area. Face-to-face networking is a proven way to build your business and get more customers through the door.

Sale Leads

Capitalizing on this digital age further you need to have a contact page on your website immediately. Ease of access and contact is crucial to build your customer base and work on your prospective sales leads.

You could have hundreds of web visitors who want to hire your spa services but can’t get in touch with you.  If you don’t catch up with your potential leads then customers could be leaving your website never to find out further information or to step foot in your spa.

A great way to capture and capitalize on leads and potential new clients is to offer a free consultation slot inside the spa itself. Once the customer is through the doors, let your team work their magic.

Blog Happy

Sticking with the fast-paced digital world, one top tip to recruit more customers is to blog. A blog gives you the opportunity to keep everyone up to date with your latest news, information, offers, and promotions. It also shows a personal touch to your business which is appealing to prospective customers.

Blogging is a great way to interact with customers’ online, display the good work that is going on at your spa as well as showing new clients what they are missing out on.

Make your business worth following online by blogging well researched, up to date and entertaining information to your customer base. Use this opportunity to make links to the products and services you provide, write articles giving advice and guidance on spa treatments, all of which will enhance your presence as a business.

Team Up

Similar to networking, reaching out to your local community is essential. By teaming up with local businesses and services in your area you can really boost your image and presence further.

This goes for other spas’ in the area too, don’t be their enemy, offer support and refer clients who are looking for services that you and don’t offer between each other. Work as a ‘team of experts’ in this industry, rather than an individual and potentially isolated salon will extend your reach to potential clients further than ever before. It’s a win-win situation for both businesses.

Social Media

There is no escape from social media, if you are not on it, do you even own a spa? It’s that important. Social media is a free and powerful advertising tool, this is the perfect opportunity to interact, communicate, share pictures and leave a lasting impression on your followers.

Share your work and services online using social media, it’s free and there to be used. This is a great way to keep your business and brand in the limelight, stay in front of the customers and show yourself to a huge pool of untapped clients.

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