How Much Does Club Pilates Membership Cost?

Club Pilates

Joining a gym is the best thing you do for yourself. It refreshes your soul and keeps your mind and body fresh and fit. Whether you are joining a gym as a beginner or an avid Pilates enthusiast, you must have heard of Club Pilates.

The Club Pilates studio comes as a reformer based on the new and modern methods that are the reason it is a favorite of many. However, it is a bit expensive and often comes with a hefty price tag. Are you interested to know how much Club Pilates membership costs? So, let me tell you that a club Pilates membership price depends upon how often you are interested to take classes. For the whole package giving the complete access would cost $199. This allows you to take as many classes as you would like to. You can also pay $84 and get access for 4 classes/month and $149 for 8 classes/month and $219 for 10 classes/month. Though Club Pilates is favorite of many, it is often expensive. So, the question arises, why this is so expensive? Is it worth the price?

Different Questions People May Have About the Pilates Membership Cost

Let’s look into it deeper why people have such questions in their minds about Club Pilates and their memberships;

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So, what is the Average Cost of a Pilates Class?

The cost depends on the studio you join. The average can cost anywhere from $50 to 150 on average for a single class. The classes usually last for 60 minutes on average. Most of the time, you get the free first class to get to know whether it catches your interest or not. It will help you decide whether you should purchase a club Pilates studio membership as a whole or choose only 4 classes/month.


Moreover, the best thing is you can purchase drop-in classes whenever you would like to spend $30 to $35 on a single class depending on your location. So, if you are thinking of saving money, you should consider buying the All-Access pass for $199 a month. This way, you can get a very cheap price of $7 per class if you make it a routine to join.

What is Club Pilates Passport?

For those Club Pilates enthusiasts who travel frequently and move from one city to another quite often, Club Pilates Studio offers Club Studio Passport. This passport allows you to join Club Pilates classes across the country. Club Pilates studio prices for their passport membership are not the same, it is slightly higher than the all-access membership package.

Why is Club Pilates Membership So Expensive?

When comparing Pilates classes to other fitness classes, the certified Pilates Professional requires more professional training, and effort, and they have to pay more cost to get the certification. This is why, many Pilates classes, including Club Pilates, are quite expensive compared to other fitness classes.

Why is Club Pilates Membership So Expensive

Moreover, the Pilates is also smaller in size so that the instructor can give proper time to each student with full focus and attention. This type of class with few members requires each individual to pay a higher cost to make up for it. Classes with large groups of individuals will allow for a lower price point per class because they are making more money in a single class than those with smaller groups of individuals.

Nowadays, people prefer to attend Pilates classes and Pilates membership is gaining popularity. The increased demand has made it a trending workout class that has made it popular among people. An increased number of people want to participate in classes, especially those classes that are available in smaller groups. This makes them get more time and attention from the Pilates trainer professional. As the Pilates instructor has to give more time and attention to each member in the class, that makes him charge higher prices.

Can I Freeze my Club Pilates Membership?

Life gives you many different events and it is not the same all the time. Some events require you to take a break from your beloved workout. Such events make to take some off days from the Pilates studio.

Can I Freeze my Club Pilates Membership

So, you want to freeze your Club Pilates Membership. Right?

Almost all Pilates studios allow you to freeze your membership for up to 3 months. Some studios ask you to charge a small fee. You may be charged on average about $15 to freeze your membership, however, this varies from studio to studio.

Some studios may waive it off. However, if it is because of the natural event, members won’t be charged as they are not making it off for personal reasons but because of the natural event.

What Happens if you Late Cancel Club Pilates?

So, your mind gets changed and you want to cancel the subscription. But you must have the idea that the cancellation and No-Show charges and policies usually differ by location and depends upon the package.

Canceling your Club Pilates class subscription within 12 hours of the class time will charge you a late cancellation fee of $10-15 on average.

However, if you cancel just one before the class time, you come 5 minutes late to attend the class or you don’t come to attend the class, the Pilates club studio will charge you a No-show fee of an average of $20 and you will also bear a loss of attending class for which you have paid already.

Make sure to book your classes in advance as the seats are limited and it gets filled quickly. You should also book the classes in advance as some instructors are also higher in demand and the seats for their sessions get filled quickly.

Does Club Pilates Have an Enrolment Fee?

Some Club Pilates Studios charge a small enrolment fee while others don’t. The studio usually charges an enrolment fee of $49 on average plus the cost for the package you have chosen. Many Club Pilates also offer incentives for new enrolling members so make sure to check the deals and promotions the local studio offers. Once you purchase a membership package, it means you have signed a 3-month contract. For any reason, you do not continue this contract, you would be charged a $100 cancellation fee. This is because a 3-month commitment is required to see how long it takes to see changes in your body once you begin doing Pilates regularly.

Is Club Pilates Worth it?

You may find Pilates Club Studio membership quite expensive if you are new to Pilates. However, it is not expensive to the extent it offers value in return. Everyone who has practiced taking Pilates studio classes can tell you it’s well worth the money you invest.

Is Club Pilates Worth it

However, everyone has varying choices and different needs when it comes to exercise, location, and studio ambiance.

Since they offer a free first-time class and only require a 3-month commitment, Club Pilates is a great way to get enrolled into the world of reformer Pilates classes.

Reasons You Should Do Pilates

Pilates classes have many reasons people should consider attending them. The following reason make your mind to join the Pilates classes;

  • Boosts energy level
  • Keeps body weight balanced
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Boosts confidence

Reasons You Should Do Pilates

It also helps you broaden your social circle. It helps you meet like-minded people. People coming to attend the class are smaller in number so you get interaction with almost everyone in the class. It helps you connect with the people who are with the same interest in health and fitness.

Pros and Cons of Club Pilates

Everyone does not like to attend Club Pilates. However, who loves to attend, it brings a lot of benefits. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of signing Club Pilates membership.

Pros and Cons of Club Pilates

Can You Lose Weight with Club Pilates?

Pilates has gained high popularity as it is known for showing a low impact on health and fitness. However, it is a highly effective technique for muscle toning.

You may want to look clear difference in your body weight. Sadly, you won’t observe a major difference with Pilates classes.

For the ones who are looking to lose body weight, consider joining fitness classes or doing aerobic exercise along with Pilates.

Can Pilates Reduce Belly Fat?

Pilates is specifically for muscle toning and it involves strength training techniques. It is one of the best techniques to shape up your muscles in the abdominal area. However, Pilates does not specifically target belly fats, it shapes up your abdominal muscles and gives your body a good shape.

What is Club Pilates 1.5?

Club Pilates has varying levels of classes that vary based on experience.

Different levels are;

  • Level 1
  • Level 1.5
  • Level 2
  • Level 2.5

The levels keep on increasing with experience and pace. Level 1 classes are for the Pilates beginners. It makes them build the base. While Pilates 1.5 goes a step above and it allows for more progression than Level 1.

Keeping the pace, you go to the higher levels to accept more fitness challenges.

These varying levels make you ready to accept challenges and with time it gets more advanced in the practice you follow. To keep you away from the injuries, you are asked to reach the levels one by one and do not do in rush to cause any health problems.

End of the Line!

Club Pilates is specifically for muscle toning and it involves strength training techniques. It is one of the best techniques to shape up your muscles in the abdominal area. It comes with a high price tag compared to the fitness classes.

Pilates has varying levels based on experience and pace. Level 1 is for beginners and it goes on increasing as you get the experience.

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