How an app can drive more business to your spa/salon

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The spa and salon industry is a juggernaut that gathers momentum year after year; this multimillion-pound industry places its success on its ability to interact with new customers online.

A dedicated mobile app for your business can help you get more clients, empowers you to reap the benefits of repeat business and building up a strong customer base.

A mobile app is the easiest way to connect with clients, and it allows for opening new marketing channels. You can drive more business to your spa or salon through the advantages of a mobile application. 

Reserve Revenue

A mobile app allows your customers, both new and current to reserve treatments and services within your business. The app makes booking and paying for treatments and hair appointments so much smoother and simpler.

The app also helps save your staff some time on the phone, using pen and paper to mark in the diary. It reduces human error, mistakes, and confusion and gives the customer an appointment that is convenient and suited to them.

The app provides reminders to clients to reduce ‘no-shows’ and gives the opportunity to cancel and re-sell that appointment. Furthermore, having a mobile app boosts your ability to repeat appointments or allow customers to book multiple appointments weeks in advance. This is the perfect soliton to compete for online users as well as prospective clients who are hesitant to call.

Loyal Business

A mobile app for your business in the spa and salon industry is a great way to build up a loyal customer base and drive new ones through your doors.

By booking appointments and treatment slots through your app you can offer discounts and promotions, use the 2 for 1 opportunity and fill canceled appointments a discounted rates.  If you want to boost your business further your app can offer a 5+1 feature that rewards your customers for their loyalty by offering a free treatment or service on their 6th visit to your business.

Remember your business ethos and the direction your business is going on, the app and loyalty scheme needs to reflect that. The loyalty scheme through your mobile app is a long-term strategy to build a stronger clientele and increase profit; this will come with time and patience.

Libraries of Interest

Specifically for spa and salon business, a mobile app can support your business to uphold a modern, on-trend and ever-changing library of style, treatments, looks, celebrity look-a-likes and so forth.

Business can be driven upwards if your customers have the opportunity to browse through your app library of the type of services you offer, but also what the current trending market is doing. Whenever potential customers spot their favorite celebrity with a new haircut or treatment then this is what’s expected on their next visit to your business. Allow your business to duplicate the look, the style, and the ‘celebrity lifestyle’ by having an app that is always automatically up to date and on-trend. 

This includes opportunities such as ‘haircut of the week’ where you can offer a promotion for a certain trending style or look, inspire your clients, encourage them to come in and try something new; the app can even let your client place their face of the haircut first, before booking an appointment. This is fun, exciting and can add a huge boost to sales.

Push Reminders

Every salon and spa needs an app that features reminders. ‘Push’ notifications and reminders are a crucial part of organizing the day or week appointments and bookings.

Through this important feature, you can send your existing clients reminders of their regular appointments. The app allows you to secure more appointments that may help you boost your yearly revenue.

Polite reminders remind your customer base and potential clients that ‘Christmas is coming’ for example, ‘tis the season of Christmas parties where people need their hair cut, new styles, a relaxing treatment, a new fake tan and so forth. The app can continuously deliver reminders and notifications to your customers that your business is there for them all year round. With special promotions and offers, you can automatically keep a stream of new businesses contacting you and buying your services.

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