Best Pole Dance Studio Software in 2024

Best Pole Dance Studio Software in 2024

Where the dance studio industry has gone smart in simplifying operations, running pole dance studios can not be overlooked. Since pole dance studios are a fancy form of fitness, pole dance studio software is a must to simplify the operations.

The fitness and dance freaks thoroughly enjoy pole dance, which calls for the need to operate the studio through software more efficiently. With the pole dancing studio software, it is far easier to manage class scheduling, staff members, and payments in one place.

Additionally, lots of fitness studio management software cater to the needs of pole dance studios. However, choosing the best pole dance studio software might be confusing for you. But don’t worry! Considering the functional requirements of pole dance studios, we will discuss the best pole dance studio software. So here you go! 

The 5 best pole dance studio software to go for! 

Whether you are starting your pole dance studio from scratch or already are a seasoned one, pole dancing studio software is the best way to set your studio standards higher. Additionally, the best dance studio software not just streamlines the basic operations but also gives a competitive edge over competitors. So, to move efficiently, here is what you need! 


Wellyx Best Pole Dance Studio Software

Wellyx comes to the top of the list as it is the most comprehensive and all-inclusive software. With the ability to serve a broad range of fitness and wellness industries, Wellyx suits the business requirements of pole dance studios quite efficiently. 

Wellyx offers a complete suite of features to transition the manual operation to a digital and more advanced platform. From class scheduling and booking to payment processing, Wellyx’s features enable pole dance studio owners to handle everything smartly. 

In addition, the pole dance studio owner and staff members can manage the classes smoothly by scheduling software. Using Wellyx, pole dance studio operations are more efficient. Wellyx outsmarts the pole dance business and performs these operations: 

  • Keeps the customers in the loop with automated notifications after the scheduled classes
  • Informs the staff and instructors about their upcoming sessions and classes
  • Collects payment via multiple methods 
  • Automates the marketing campaigns
  • Simplifies the access control system 
  • Saves time and effort with the inventory management system 
  • Enables you to reflect the brand identity through branded apps

Since pole dance studio owners are already occupied enough with daily classes, the workload of manual operation is even more burdensome. Therefore, Wellyx offers the best pole dance studio software to over-refine studio operations.  

Wellyx pricing plan

Wellyx is dedicated to serving the broad industries with value. Besides the top-notch features, it offers the most wallet-friendly pricing plan. Its affordability makes it the most preferable software. Here is the information about the prices of Wellyx:

  • Excel–$79/month
  • Exceed–$119/month
  • Ultimate–$149/month

Based on the required features and size of the dance studio, the owners can avail of the desirable pricing plan in the most economical budget. 

Jackrabbit Dance

Jackrabbit Pole Dance Studio Software

Jackrabbit Dance has a knack for revolutionizing pole dance studio operations. With the intent to reduce the hassle of studio operations, it is the most reliable software. Additionally, from creating class schedules and calendars to streamlining attendance and other operations, your studio is seamlessly managed. Moreover, it makes sure that you spend more time with your students and less time managing the operations. Here are the features it offers to simplify the process: 

  • Online class registration
  • Billing and payments
  • Costume and recital management 
  • Reporting
  • Studio management 
  • Staff management 
  • Mobile app
  • Costume and recital management  

By offering these features, Jackrabbit Dance makes sure that you focus on the essential aspects of your dance studio while managing the studio operations flawlessly. 

Jackrabbit Dance pricing plan

Jackrabbit Dance also offers monthly pricing plans based on access to features and custom-branded mobile apps. These plans are as follows:

  • PayPath with Jackrabbit Dance–$0 per month
  • Jackrabbit Dance Tiered pricing–$49 starting price per month
  • Jackrabbit Plus dance+branded app–$89 starting price per month
  • Enterprise with Jackrabbit Dance–$245 per month

Pick the pricing plan that best serves your business needs and simplify your dance studio while staying within your monthly budget. 


Bookee Pole Dance Studio Software

Another well-trusted name for the pole dance studio is Bookee, which is specifically designed for pole studios only. From scheduling to collecting payments and marketing, it is a suitable option. Additionally, it feels pride in boosting the pole dance studio’s efficiency and revenue to a greater extent. It offers features and tools to streamline operations, such as

  • Creating classes and managing appointments
  • Offering courses and hosting parties 
  • Automating the waitlist to manage the members  
  • Live streaming with Zoom integration
  • Converting leads into customers
  • Marketing automation to drive more memberships
  • Increasing sales with the mobile app

Moreover, Bookee is a great option for pole dance studio owners, as it offers growth and revenue generation of up to 112%. It also has branded apps and pole-specific websites, making it a more appealing choice. Bookee offers pole dancing studio software to meet the specific needs of the pole studios.

Furthermore, it does not charge anything in return, as this software is entirely free for pole dance studios. Lastly, you can get a free consultation and a step-by-step implementation checklist to get started. So,  If you are just starting your dance studio, try this software to make your journey a smoother one with Bookee! 


Wellnessliving Pole Dance Studio Software

Caters to a broad range of businesses, but it can also be used for pole dance studios. It offers a set of tools and features to simplify the studio operations. From yoga studios to gyms, fitness centers, martial arts, pilates, and dance studios, WellnessLiving is a trusted choice. 

When it comes to talking about the features and tools that bring efficiency to studio operations. Here are some of the features and tools it offers:

  • For booking classes, WellnessLiving offers the following features:
    • Book online
    • Reserve with Google
    • Book-a-spot
    • Website widgets
  • Business tools include:
    • POS
    • Reporting 
    • Staff management 
    • Client management 
    • Enterprise Cloud
  • Marketing tools include:
    • Email or SMS
    • Direct mails
    • Presence websites
  • WellnessLiving offers branded apps:
    • Staff app 
    • Client app

In other words, WellnessLiving is a good option for all types of businesses. It offers dynamic tools to boost engagement and retention to scale the business. For the wellness of your business, WellnessLiving is highly suitable. 

Similarly, pole dance studios can streamline their manual and otherwise time-consuming tasks with WellnessLiving’s dance studio software. It is dedicated to increasing brand loyalty while saving the staff members time and effort. Moreover, it guarantees a 57% rise in your business revenue. If you are looking to bring a noticeable change in your pole dance studio, consider using WellnessLiving for the betterment of your business. 

WellnessLiving pricing plan

Here is a bit of information about WellnessLiving’s pricing plan: 

PlanBusiness Business Pro Business Max Enterprise 
Monthly cost$105$189$285Request quote 
Annual cost$199 (saves $126)$359 (saves $227)$539 (saves $341)Get custom plan

Depending upon the needs of your business, pick the suitable plan with the required features to grow better. 


Teamup Pole Dance Studio Software

Team Up is a great software to simplify many businesses. With its smart booking software, a wide range of fitness industries can operate efficiently.  Additionally, it caters to the needs of pole dance studios by offering pole dancing studio software. Whether you are running a pole or aerial dance studio, with TeamUp, you can keep your business at your fingertips. 

From booking to managing members, payments, and marketing strategies, TeamUp offers a reliable solution to business owners. Its wide range of features includes

  • Access control
  • Appointments 
  • Memberships
  • Online booking
  • Online classes
  • Payments
  • Reports
  • Waivers and forms  
  • SMS
  • Branded apps
  • Reputation management 
  • On-demand videos

Using TeamUp, there is more efficiency in streamlining administrative tasks, reducing cancellations, simplify bookings, and improve customer experience. Similarly, members can book their slots based on their ability levels, such as advanced, intermediate, or beginner. Doing this allows your members to easily sign up for suitable classes and reduce last-minute cancellations and no-shows.

Moreover, people love using TeamUp for their businesses because of the top-notch management, less workload, and having the right team on their side. If you want a worthwhile experience, TeamUp offers the best software! 

TeamUp pricing plan

TeamUp provides a free trial to dance studio owners to ensure they want to use TeamUp for their business. Besides the free trial and exploring the software, it offers a monthly pricing plan based on the number of active customers. Here is how it charges:

Active customers Charges per month

Based on the member based pricing plan, you don’t have to limit yourself to the features in each pricing plan. Instead, you can use all the features to keep your pole dance studio operating flawlessly.

Bottom line

Since the dance studio industry is operating on dance studio software, pole dance studios are not to be overlooked! If you are running a pole dance studio, picking the best pole dancing studio software is essential to outsmart your business growth!