Best Dance Studio Scheduling Software in 2024

Best dance studio scheduling software

Automated scheduling seems like a dream, right? But, thanks to technology, it has turned it into a REALITY. We understand how scheduling classes and appointments manually can be an exhausting task, but no more. With the right dance studio scheduling software, you can not only automate the bookings but also save a lot of your valuable time to concentrate on your studio’s growth.

The global market of scheduling software has been growing immensely because of the convenience it brings to your business. Considering the recent statistics, the market size of scheduling software was valued at 352.9 million USD in 2022 and is estimated to reach 1,195.7 million USD by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 16.6%. Isn’t it insane?

So, do you want to revamp the scheduling game in your dance studio? If yes, you need the best dance studio scheduling software that perfectly fits your studio’s needs. For this purpose, we have prepared a list of the best software to cater to your scheduling needs. Let us find out the best one for you!

Sync and succeed with the best dance studio scheduling software

Finding the best dance studio scheduling software can grind you away. But you do not need to stress over it since we have done the work for you. So, let us have a glance over the top recommendations!

1. Wellyx – Multipurpose dance studio software

Wellyx – Multipurpose dance studio software

Do you want a dance scheduling software that can optimize the scheduling procedures for you and your customers? Well, no other software than Wellyx can handle the grind. Wellyx comes with an exceptional scheduler, making booking seamless and effortless for everyone. The scheduling feature of Wellyx is highly comprehensive, so let us take a look at what it has to offer:

  • Simplified online bookings

Using Wellyx, making online bookings is just like a cakewalk. Wellyx comes with an amazing application that makes online bookings a matter of a few clicks. In addition, Wellyx allows you to integrate booking forms to update members regarding the booking slots. So, no matter where you are, you can easily book classes and slots from anywhere with Wellyx.

  • Automated scheduler

With the incorporation of Wellyx, you can easily automate the scheduler. It means you need not hire people to stay active to take bookings and manage it all manually. Therefore, Wellyx not only eliminates the need for manual labor but also saves you money to pay people to manage schedules.

  • Comprehensive policies

Wellyx comes with comprehensive policies regarding bookings, cancellations, and no-shows. Using this feature, you stay certain that your time and efforts will be valued. In addition, Wellyx gives you the charge to modify the policies according to your dance studio’s requirements. If you want to charge for cancellations and no-shows, Wellyx helps you maintain your policies.

  • Manage space and resources

With the help of Wellyx, you can manage your space and resources efficiently. In addition, you can easily automate the management without putting any effort into it. This will not only help you prevent scheduling conflicts but also make sure that there is no double booking. 

Additionally, Wellyx helps you manage your dance studio’s resources, including fields, courts, equipment, and more. Eventually, this feature of Wellyx ensures that you have everything managed with ease.

  • Configuration and customization

Wellyx is equipped with comprehensive configuration and customization features, ensuring seamless scheduling in your dance studio. Leveraging Wellyx, you can easily manage time format, intervals, service lead time, business hours, appointment reminders, and more.

In addition, you can use the advanced customization feature to show your customers the schedules you want them to see. It gives you the power to handle schedules as per your preferences.

  • All-in-one scheduler

Wellyx is known to be the best all-in-one and multipurpose scheduler. With its incorporation into your dance studio, you can use a centralized platform to manage schedules, classes, shifts, services, appointments, and registrations. In addition, this robust software helps you manage and grow your business with its ultimate scheduler.

  • Waiting list

Another amazing feature that Wellyx has to offer is its waiting list. Wellyx’s waiting list ensures that your slots do not go empty due to last-minute cancellations, reschedules, or no-shows. So, its fully automated waiting list books the slots automatically with the people on the waitlist and sends them notifications for their upcoming classes.

  • Automated booking and charging

With Wellyx, you do not need to worry about checking scheduling and booking every now and then. With its automated booking and charging feature, you can just forget about it and focus on more important stuff like strategies for expansion. Whenever there is a slot available, Wellyx fills it up with people on the waitlist and informs both parties to ensure clean schedules.

  • Automated notifications

Wellyx’s mobile app is equipped with a waiting list feature to ensure customers are updated immediately. So, as soon as there is an available slot, Wellyx sends automatic notifications and alerts to the customers. 

This helps customers to make bookings on their desired slot. In addition, customers on the waitlist can easily configure the details regarding their preferred slots. Therefore, when a slot is available, the relevant customers are instantly notified.

  • Accept online deposits

Wellyx allows you to take online deposits in order to make bookings. Using this feature, you can ask your customers to pay a percentage or even full payment for reserving a slot to ensure their seriousness and commitment to the class. This further benefits you by improving your cash flow and giving you the control to manage cancellations and no-shows efficiently.

What do users say about Wellyx?

People who have used Wellyx claim that it provides a great user experience for both owners and customers. Regarding the features, Wellyx is more than just a scheduling software. It helps streamline and automate all administrative tasks within a very budget-friendly price. Overall, it is the best dance studio management software so far.

2. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a specialized scheduling software that is known for its seamless booking management. This online scheduling software is integrated with Google Calendar so that users can easily synchronize their appointments using this feature. In addition, Acuity Scheduling offers you the control to manage your availability and display the slots only you want your customers to see.

Using Acuity Scheduling, you can also automate appointment booking. So, your customers will have the control to make bookings, cancel, and reschedule easily. Moreover, this booking software will send them reminders, notifications, and payment receipts to ensure a seamless scheduling experience.

What do users say about Acuity Scheduling?

Users at Capterra have said that Acuity Scheduling is an amazing tool to ensure a seamless booking and scheduling experience for both parties. Moreover, the customer support service is remarkable. The only drawback is that they expect you to hire a freelancer to figure out what is going on since it requires manual effort, even after automating everything.

3. Reservio

Reservio Dance studio scheduling software

Reservio is a decent appointment management solution that can make your dance studio appointments and bookings seamless. Using this amazing solution, your customers can easily make online bookings since it is available 24/7. You can configure your available slots, and customers can book themselves a seat in their preferred classes.

Using Reservio, you can configure your calendar by employees, days, services, and more. In addition, whether you want to make single-person or group bookings, Reservio has your back. It helps you sync your calendar with others, and you can also manage time zones. Lastly, this scheduling software helps you reduce no-shows by sending timely reminders so that your customers do not forget about their classes.

What do users say about Reservio?

Users are amazed by the design and layout of Reservio. However, many users have complaints that this scheduling software is not very practical. Moreover, some of the features do not function the way they are supposed to.

4. is a comprehensive scheduling software that comes with a dedicated booking website. If you have a business website, you can just integrate it with so that your customers can schedule their classes effortlessly. In addition, it also allows bookings via Facebook, Instagram, Google, and your custom-branded client application. So, customers can book slots using the client app, and you can manage it all using your admin app. Isn’t it wonderful?

Furthermore, you can automate notifications and alerts for customers so that they do not miss their classes and be on time. It also notifies you if there is any cancellation or rescheduling so that you can charge them, considering your policies.

What do users say about

According to the customers’ reviews, simplifies the scheduling like a breeze. In addition, it comes with a beautiful and captivating design. However, users have complaints about how it charges extra for every other feature.

5. Omnify


Last but not least, Omnify! It is a decent scheduling software that makes you forget about configuring schedules and lets you focus on more important aspects. Omnify offers seamless scheduling features with elaborative and easy-to-use calendars. Using this feature, Omnify synchronizes your availability with clients scheduling. Additionally, Omnify never fails to provide real-time notifications and reminders regarding upcoming events and classes. 

Omnify also comes with a waiting list, ensuring you do not have to worry about empty slots. Whenever there is a cancellation, Omnify notifies the people on the waiting list and makes sure that the slot gets filled up. Lastly, if any instructor wants to cancel the class at the last minute, Omnify informs all the customers who have scheduled for the slot. 

What do users say about Omnify?

Considering the users’ experiences on Capterra, Omnify is an excellent scheduling software with a clean and friendly interface. However, scheduling recurring events on different dates can be quite challenging. Plus, it is an expensive scheduling tool for its features.

Who is WINNER? The best dance scheduling software

All the dance studio software mentioned above are good options to streamline your scheduling procedures. However, the best dance studio scheduling software is Wellyx. 

The reason behind choosing Wellyx is its comprehensiveness and applicability. Using Wellyx, you can automate not only scheduling but also other administrative tasks, including marketing, payment processing, inventory, sales, memberships, and more.

Lastly, Wellyx provides an exceptional customer support team that listens to your business requirements and offers you a plan with fully-packed features at a very budget-friendly price.

Bottom line

Scheduling is a tiring yet significant task in a dance studio. That is why incorporating the best dance studio scheduling software is the best solution. So, consider your business requirements and choose your scheduling software from the above list.