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Best Dance Studio Booking Software (2024)

Best dance studio booking software in 2024

Dance studio owners spend endless hours managing their clients’ bookings and ensuring a reliable experience. Being a dance studio owner, you know about the struggles you have to face while making bookings and managing appointments. Spending endless time in booking management affects your efficiency in other administrative tasks. As advancements in technology have maneuvered the dance industry, dance studio booking software helps you modernize your dance studio operations. In the last decade, this innovation has amazingly impacted streamlining studio operations. 

According to the research, the global valuation of dance studio software in 2023 was $2.58 billion and is expected to reach $5.62 billion by 2030.  So, to grow your business and stand out among your competition, it is essential to have dance studio management software. With the right software, you are able to save a lot of your valuable time to concentrate on your studio growth. 

But finding a dance studio software among a long list that suits your studio’s requirements is quite tricky. So, to ease your journey of finding the best dance studio booking system, we have prepared a list of the best software in 2024. Let us find the best solution for your studio!

A Little About Dance Studio Booking Software!

A dance studio booking system is a suite of tools and features that allows you to manage your studio operations. You can easily schedule dance classes, appointments, and finances. Dance studio software also allows you to send notifications to your clients about classes, discounts, and birthday wishes. Moreover, you can also manage dance studio payments by using it. 

From scheduling to client management, you can bring efficiency and improvement to your dance studio operations. So, you can concentrate on your studio’s growth by streamlining operations using it. 

Benefits a Dance Studio Software Offers!

As dance studio software comes to the forefront in managing your desk jobs, you must know about the perks of having software. A dance studio booking system provides you with a complete solution to meet the requirements of payment processing and client bookings in your studio. It allows you to streamline your studio operation and provide your clients with a good dance experience. Here are some benefits the right software must provide to enhance your studio productivity. 

Automated Check-Ins

Automated check-in is one of the benefits that a good dance studio software must ensure. This innovative feature allows you to manage your clients’ attendance without any hassle. Your clients can access the premises by scanning the QR code or simply sign-in through mobile phones. With this feature, you can also ensure the safety of your dance studio. You only grant permission to the authorized person through the software. 

Moreover, this feature facilitates the instructor’s marking attendance during the class. Instructors can easily mark the attendance without disturbing the class. It also helps you avoid overcrowding at reception. So, the receptionist can easily handle new customers with a refreshing face and ensure a good client experience. 

Class Scheduling 

A dance studio owner’s most common problem is making a class schedule flexible for clients and instructors. Manual adjustment of the schedule takes endless hours of time and reduces the owner’s efficiency. So, as a dance studio owner, you must ensure that your dance studio software has a class scheduling feature. The class scheduling feature allows you to make adjustments to the schedule without any clash. 

So, you are able to provide a good dance experience to clients without any hassle. Moreover, this robust feature also enables you to schedule classes according to various styles of dance. Thus, class scheduling allows you to allocate resources and maximize studio space efficiently. 

Payment Processing

A good client experience is about providing space to express freedom and requires a payment processing method free from the risk of information breach. Juniper Research says mobile payments will hold 79% of digital transactions until 2025. So, you have to make sure that your dance studio software has secure payment processing. So, you are able to provide your customers with a secure method to settle payments. 

The payment processing feature not only allows you to streamline your studio finances but also enables you to maintain a record of each transaction. This feature also allows you to generate financial reports and help you track the financial efficiency of your studio. 

Marketing Tools 

Marketing Tools  for dance booking

Dance studio software is about assisting with administrative tasks and provides strong marketing strategies to improve your dance studio. As marketing and customer retention are the two pillars of success in the dance industry. A good dance studio booking software provides you with the necessary marketing tools that help you promote your business. According to the research, 77% of businesses use social media platforms to reach new customers. 

Thus, this robust feature in the software allows you to attract new clients through targeted advertising and organic content sharing. You can also change the marketing strategies based on valuable insights into campaign performance. By leveraging this feature, you can enhance your studio’s online presence and increase brand visibility. 

Customer Retention Programs

For a successful business, customer retention is essential. As per the reports, a 5% increase in retention rate increases revenue from 25% to 95%. So, good software helps you improve your customer retention with different features such as a reward point system, loyalty programs, and promo codes. So you are able to establish long-term relationships with your clients and incentivize repeat bookings. 

You can reward your clients for continued patronage by offering discounts, free classes, or other perks. Moreover, you can also reward your clients for reaching a milestone. So your customers develop a sense of belonging and help you to cultivate a loyal customer base. 

Best Dance Studio Booking Software You Need to Know!

With smart booking software, you can take the administrative burden off your shoulders. Since hundreds and thousands of dance studio software are out in the market, you may need help finding one that suits your studio requirements and has essential benefits. Here are the best dance studio booking software solutions in 2024. 


Wellyx best dance studio booking software

Being the top dance studio booking software, Wellyx promises stability. This software gives you cutting-edge technology that brings innovation to your studio. It provides you with all-in-solution to streamline your studio operations and provide a good dance experience. This dance studio software has all the essential benefits, from automated check-ins to customer retention programs to streamline operations and manage payment processing. Moreover, it allows you to create an environment where secure digital transactions are carried out. 

You can also plan, manage, and visualize via Wellyx’s robust booking software. With the class scheduling feature, you are able to provide convenience to your clients and instructors without any clashes. Moreover, Wellyx also offers additional features to aid in the management of your studio. 

  • Your clients can easily access the premises with an automated check-in feature. 
  • With the notification feature, you can send your clients reminders about any schedule change. 
  • It allows the synchronization of classes with calendars.
  • You can reach new potential customers by using Wellyx marketing tools. 
  • You can improve customer retention by using built-in features like loyalty programs and promo codes. 

Moreover, by providing top-notch features, this software offers the best services to you without compromising values. Wellyx is the perfect dance studio booking system your dance studio always needs! 

Wellyx Pricing Plan 

This software offers affordable pricing plans designed according to your studio requirements. So your studio budget doesn’t conflict with your comfort of using dance studio software. 

Plan Excel Exceed Ultimate
Monthly cost$79$119$149


Uplifter dance booking software

Uplifter is one of the most flexible booking software. It enables you to manage your studio schedules how they want to be. Moreover, this software offers several features, allowing you to manage your studio efficiently. With its seamless class scheduling, automated check-ins, and staff management, you can enjoy teaching the art of freedom to your clients without worrying about the studio operations. 

With its payment processing feature, you can also ensure a safe payment method for your clients. So, clients are able to transfer their payments digitally without any risk of sensitive information breach. Uplifter also provides additional features, so you have a complete solution for your administrative operations. 

  • It assists you with client profile management and helps you to maintain records. 
  • With the online registration feature, your clients can easily register themselves. 
  • This software also has communication tools to develop transparency among your clients. 
  • It enables you to track your clients’ progress. 

Moreover, Uplifter marketing tools also enable you to reach new customers without compromising your studio administrative tasks. 

Uplifter Pricing Plan

This software offers different pricing plans for its services.

Monthly Cost$0$29$149$549

My Studio 

My Studio dance booking software

My Studio is another option among the best dance studio software in 2024. This software allows you to streamline the studio operations while assisting you in providing a good dance experience. It allows you to manage clients, staff, and bookings seamlessly.  Moreover, you can track your client’s progress by using this software. The payment processing feature allows a seamless and safe transaction to settle payments. Thus, it allows you to gain trust and aid you in giving exceptional services to your clients. 

It also allows you to improve the efficiency of your studio by managing the staff efficiently. So you can easily concentrate on your studio growth without any hassle. Moreover, It also offers additional features for your assistance in the studio. 

  • This software lets you send reminders to your clients via an SMS service.
  • It also allows you to track your clients’ attendance with a check-in feature. 
  • Your clients can easily book their classes by using My Studio. 
  • It enables you to reach new customers by using email marketing techniques. 

Moreover, My Studio software offers a mobile app to provide your clients with a high-end experience.  

My Studio Pricing Plan 

My Studio software offers two pricing plans depending on whether you want to use it for a single-location studio or different franchises. 

 If you are looking for a single location, then the pricing plan is as follows:

Plan StarterGrowthScale
Monthly Cost $99$199$299

You should go with My Studio multi-location pricing if you have different franchises. 

Plan EssentialsGlobalEnterprise
Monthly Cost$499$1999Custom 

Class Manager 

Class Manager dance booking software

Class Manager is another management software that makes its path in the best dance studio booking software in 2024. This software simplifies class management and class scheduling for you to a greater extent.  You can easily manage clients’ and instructors’ schedules, so there will be no hassle related to class. With a built-in communication feature, you can seamlessly exchange words with your clients and ask them for suggestions. 

Moreover, this software also helps you track your clients’ attendance. Class Manager also offers additional features that aid you in streamlining operations. 

  • It allows you to use AI to generate email marketing campaigns. 
  • This software enables you to track your client’s progress. 
  • Class Manager allows you to create a secure environment for digital payments. 
  • This software also allows you to sell dance accessories with its built-in feature. 

This software provides you with all the essential features that facilitate your studio to grow better and faster. 

Class Manager Pricing Plan 

This software offers a one-price plan that starts at $38 per month. 


SmartRec dance booking software

SmartRec promises the management of your studio with its top-notch features. This software is equipped with essential features for streamlining your studio operations. It manages appointments, class schedules, and clients’ databases all in one place. It also assists you in streamlining online bookings, appointments and marketing. Moreover, SmartRec also offers additional features that your dance studio needs to grow. 

  • This software aids you in creating a secure environment for payment processing. 
  • You can also track your client’s attendance with the check-in feature. 
  • It also assists you in improving customer retention with built-in features like promo codes and discounts. 

Moreover, this software also offers a mobile app for your clients for a great client experience. Whether your dance studio is a startup or on an enterprise level, Smart Rec has got you covered. 

SmartRec Pricing Plan

SmartRec offers different pricing plans according to your studio’s requirements. So you will be able to provide good dance services to your clients. 

Monthly Cost$99$499$799

Bottom Line

To stand one step ahead of your competition, your dance studio needs a dance studio booking software. So, consider choosing the right dance studio software according to your studio requirements and needs. Then, pick a dance studio software that lets your studio shine brighter!