A Speedy Replacement of Zen Planner

Understands and justifies when and at what location an action for members retention is necessary. Manage the members, generate the schedules for online booking by monitoring the staff sensibly.

Advantages Wellyx Zenplanner
Caters small, medium and large organizations
Free 14 days trial with no commitments
Low Price Packages
24/7 customer support
Manages Fitness, Wellness and Beauty Business
No setup charges
Free training & ongoing Support
Easy to learn and understand

Discover what best in class really means

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Trusted by Studios, and Global Gym Chains.

Improves your Vision of Gym Management

Take Revenue Generating Decisions through Real-time Reporting

Estimates the actual business cost by reviewing all the sales records via POS. Create a smarter online calendar and add fitness classes to your business website. Integrate the website to all studio services for a better outlook and usability.

Our frequent dashboards will allow you to analyze your gym business from every angle. Access your gym by our 24 / 7 access system to monitor all the staff activities. Create work schedules for the staff and track their performance through strong communication.

Take a User-friendly Software

All-in-one management for all the staff schedules and clients booking. Smoother check-ins are for both staff and clients from this system. Follow member’s account for more feedback about services and generates online waivers including checkboxes.

Free from messy spreadsheets and provides a customizable schedule for the appointment of fitness classes. Offering various options to book the gym sessions via website or app. Hope your clients will find it usable in booking their fitness sessions online.

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Build your Own Members Service App

Go for your application to retain gym members by offering online dashboards. Engage your studio members through online class booking and contactless payments. Allows direct payment through card transactions for a remarkable user experience.

Wellyx will encourage your members by offering a free 14 days trial. Zen Planner and all other gyms are asking for setup charges but we are understanding your vision and have no setup charges. We cater for all gyms from small, medium to larger business organizations.