Wellyx – an Efficient and Cost-Effective Alternative to Mindbody

With Wellyx, you get complete control to manage the multi-branch business, inventory stock, payments and lead management to grow your business by monitoring the operational performance of your business.

Wellyx offers budget-friendly packages with no set-up or hidden fees. The payments processing is transparent and with no surprises. You can save thousands compared to other alternatives.

No setup charges
Free training and ongoing Support
24/7 customer service
Quick payments
Low Price Packages
Ability to integrate with an extensive list of payment providers
Free 14 Days Trial with No Commitments
Easy to learn and understand

Discover what best in class really means

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Trusted by Studios, and Global Gym Chains.

Helping You Manage Your Fitness and Wellness Business Proficiently

Grow Your Businesses Efficiently and Without Compromises

The cloud-based feature of the software allows you to access your system anytime and anywhere in the world. The transparency in the system lets the business owners, managers and staff view updates in real-time. The 24/7 customers support handles your inquiries and resolves them within no time.

Wellyx helps your business grow successfully and without compromise, with the champion of management software for the fitness, wellness and beauty industry.

Making Your Members Happy with Reward Points

With Wellyx, you can earn reward points for classes, services, memberships, products and others. You can organize a structure based on points, spending, purchases or referrals.

Moreover, the points cannot be redeemed via the Mindbody app, mobile app or consumer app. However, Wellyx reward system is in-built into Wellyx Point of Sale, an online platform and app, allowing customers to know how many points they are earning and pay for any purchases with their reward points.

Hey! The best thing is that your client can purchase a product of a certain value when achieving a certain number of points!

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Free Training and Ongoing Customer Support

When onboarding clients, Wellyx offers free training and ongoing customer support. At Wellyx, we are committed to giving you free demos, building your brand’s presence online, and offering complete training to use the software.

This is not only in the beginning; the support team is available to provide tailor-made videos and ongoing support calls at any point during the processing.