What’s the Difference Between Insanity and HIIT Workout?


How can you define a healthy lifestyle? Is it wearing good clothes or having so much money? No, it’s your health, and a workout will help you in it. Workout is an important element of your lifestyle. There are multiple workouts from which you have to choose your desiring one.

Insanity and HIIT workouts are very popular now. Due to the popularity of these two workouts, people get confused about which one is best. Before beginning this battle, you have to study all the facts about insanity and HIIT.

Let’s start with insanity before concluding:

What is an Insanity Workout?


Are you an athlete? If yes, then you are already aware of the insanity workout. Are you busy and don’t have time to do exercise? Choose the insanity workout that includes bodyweight exercises and HIIT. It was introduced in 2000 by a personal trainer Shaun T.

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You can challenge the topmost athlete through this program. It is one of the hardest exercises which you have to perform in online gym management system sessions. Multiple exercises are part of this session like the fittest, cardio abs and many more. Here the question arises how much time do you need to perform this workout?

How Long is Insanity Workout?


A workout without duration is like a game without the player. You can’t see any workout which has no time limit. The time limit of every workout will elaborate on the minimum and maximum time for it. Insanity workouts are between 20 to 60 minutes.

Need a workout without any equipment? Insanity is the workout that you can do in your home without using any equipment. Have you ever listened to max interval training? Insanity is based on this training in which a person will perform the maximum workout and then takes a break.

It will help you burn more calories than traditional training. It’s almost a 60 days program in which there are 10 workouts. Insanity has a workout schedule that a person will change after a week. The workouts in the first month of this training are:

  • Fit Test
  • Pure Cardio
  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  • Cardio Recovery
  • Cardio Power and Resistance

Then comes the second month in which the workouts are:

  • Maximum Cardio Conditioning
  • Max Interval Plyo
  • Maximum Interval Circuit
  • Max Recovery

This is how you can make an insanity calendar. Need to change your workout? Go to your fitness instructor to alter the insanity workout calendar. An advanced program such as insanity max 30 is also popular and you can have it to burn your calories.

What Muscles Does It Effect?


Do you know anything about targeting? Insanity workout is a session through which you can target any of your muscles. Although it’s a full-body workout still you can target some specific muscles in your body.

Here are all the muscles from which you can reduce weight:

  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Glutes
  • Abdominals
  • Legs

Have you ever performed exercise sets? Insanity workout will let you do a combination of exercises. You can perform abs, legs, and shoulder exercises on the same day.

How to Prepare Yourself for Insanity?

Does anybody start an insanity workout without any training? No, because it’s the hardest workout and everyone requires a basic fitness level before starting it. Now the question arises, how you can increase your basic fitness?

Go for some exercise sessions to boost your fitness level. Below are the exercises you can try for a body fitness:

1Aerobic Exercises


Do you like to swim? Swimming is an aerobic exercise you can take for your inner fitness. What about jogging and cycling? Cycling is already famous to get body fitness. You can try jogging and cycling as well to improve your fitness level before going for the insanity workout.

2- Strength Training


Are you a weightlifter? If you are admiring heavyweight exercises then it doesn’t mean you are a bodybuilder. Before starting any strict workout, bodyweight training will help you to increase your stamina. In this way, you will be eligible to accept challenges.

3- Abdominal Exercises


Can you live without building a core? No, so you have to strengthen your core by performing multiple exercises. Just build your core muscles before starting any insanity training.

4- Increase Flexibility


A flexible body will perform any type of exercise. What if you don’t have a flexible body? Don’t worry just go for yoga or any stretching exercise. Yoga for beginners is an ideal step to increase flexibility in your body. Try this exercise to gain stamina before insanity training.

5- Callisthenics


Have you ever done pushups? Or do you perform pullups? These exercises are the best option to build stamina for a bigger challenge. Do you know what is the biggest exercise challenge? It’s an insanity workout which itself a challenge for all of you. Go and perform pushups before starting this difficult training.

Benefits of Doing Insanity Workout:

If a workout consists of a combination of exercises, then just imagine its benefits. Here are some of the exciting benefits of an insanity workout:

1- Calories Burn


Doing exercise and still worried about calories? An insanity workout is the one that helps you to burn 400 to 1000 calories in a session. The process of calories burned in humans depends on their body structure. Some people lose in a few sessions but some require an extra session for it.

2- Respiration Process


Can you breathe without lungs? No, because they are the main source of breathing. When you perform a high-intensity workout, you need to take deep breaths. The insanity workout not only improves your respiratory system but also improves your sleeping habit.

3- Building Strength


You can’t perform a single activity without having the stamina. That’s why you need to take an exercise session like insanity after which stamina will be in your hand. The exercises like squats and pushups in the insanity workout calendar will help you to endure things.

What is HIIT Workout?


Is your workout too long? A lengthy workout is not necessary. A workout should be effective instead of long duration. HIIT is an excellent example of a short-duration workout. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a short burst of exercise.

This will give you time to recover from the effect of exercise. A short-duration workout is more helpful than moderate-intensity exercise. It’s about 10-13 minutes. A single session of HIIT is more effective than two sessions of moderate-intensity training.

How Long Does It Take for HIIT Results?

If you are doing a workout then it will have a time limit. Can you do a workout all day? No, because every workout requires stamina. You have to spend your energy to perform any exercise. Are you looking to raise cardio fitness?

HIIT is a suitable workout. This HIIT workout will show its results in almost 6-8 weeks. On the other hand, if this workout is for weight loss, then it’s totally on your abilities. If you’ll perform a HIIT workout for 10-12 minutes then it will boost your metabolism the whole day.

No matter whether the workout is hard or easy, it’s on you to carry it. Just build your stamina and perform such a heavy HIIT workout. Take 6-8 weeks minimum to see the results from this workout.

How Often Should You Do HIIT Workouts?

Do you need a solid result for HIIT? Go for a 2-3 days training in a week. What if you are willing to do 4 days of training in a week? Simple, just take 2 sessions of HIIT workout and 2 sessions of resistance training.

Every technology has some program on the backend. Similarly, if you want to do exercise then start making plans. You can’t do all the training in a single day. For example: If you perform leg resistance training then never try the HIIT sprints on the same day.

Yes, it’s on you but you still need to use your brain while doing exercise. Try to manage a rest day in between all these tough sessions. It’s because your body also needs to recover from a HIIT workout. Give it time by scheduling a HIIT workout with a break.

Is It Safe to Do HIIT Workout Daily?

Excess of anything is bad. If you do a HIIT workout daily then there are chances of getting an injury. The overtraining will destroy your muscles. Everything needs time to get repaired. A consistent workout will never give time to your muscles to grow and repair.

Mental stability is also necessary for all exercises. If you do too much HIIT then your mind will start lagging. You can’t judge and configure things. Try to take as much training as your mind and body will bear. Don’t overload yourself with a bundle of exercises.

Tips For HIIT Workout:

Are you looking for a hassle-free workout? Check the tips before starting it. These tips will help you to perform HIIT workout quickly:

1- Starts Gradually

Don’t go for a quick start. Prefer a 20 seconds session and then take a rest for 40 seconds. If you follow this rule. It will become easy for you. You can’t find it hard anymore.

2- Never Skips Warmup

You need to prepare your body for action. Just start with a small exercise session instead of going on a harder phase. Try the treadmill before choosing a HIIT workout.

3- Use Timer

Set a timer for all your sessions. A workout timer will help you to define your limits. For example: If you do training for some seconds, it might possible you can do it for some extra seconds next time.

4- Avoid Consecutive Training

Don’t do HIIT workouts consecutively as it will destroy your muscles. Give a time slot to all your muscles for recovering themselves from a training session.

5- Add More Weight

Want to do a challenging task? Add some extra weight to your workout. It will make your workout harder.

Insanity Vs HIIT:

Do you ever differentiate between a crow and a raven? Yes, it’s difficult just like differentiating the insanity and HIIT workout. They both look the same because of their similar benefits. Here are some points from which you can somehow differentiate these two:

1- Adaptability

Is every workout suitable for your body? Yes, because the human body will normally adapt to any workout. Here the question is about insanity and HIIT workouts. In insanity, you will try some new exercises. Sometimes this will lead you to injuries.

HIIT will allow you to recover your injuries faster. For example: If you perform an activity in 30 seconds in the first attempt then in the next attempt it gets completed in 20 seconds. The break after every session of HIIT will help your body to relax and get prepare for the next one.

2- Cost/Price

It’s all about cost. Every workout in which you need training has some cost. Insanity workout doesn’t require any equipment but it cost almost $120. Moreover, you can do it anywhere through a video player.

HIIT workout is free of cost. Yes, you heard it right that it has no cost. You can do it wherever you want to just by using your body weight. You don’t need to bear any expense for performing such an active exercise.

3- Workout Schedule

You can do insanity cardio in front of a TV. It’s because you can follow it via online videos. Before choosing any workout, first, see its schedule and studio. Creating a workout schedule is a bigger fitness challenge. Want to stay in your house, do an insanity workout.

HIIT will never require any setup for its training. No matter, whether it’s a cricket stadium or a high school, you can do HIIT with your body weight. You just need some space or room and your body weight to do it.

4- Complexity for Beginners

Insanity workout is quite difficult for beginners in an exercise routine. It is suitable for those who are already in a shape. However, if you want to enjoy an intense workout then it’s the perfect match. It’s an intense workout for everyone who performs it.

HIIT is quite easy and convenient for people as compared to insanity. It is difficult no doubt but you can work out at a level of intensity that is comfortable for you. It is based on a shorter burst of activities and is easily manageable for everyone.

Which is The Best Workout?

It’s entirely up to you. They both have their own advantages. The ball is now in your court and only you can choose one workout from them. All of the above is the information about insanity and HIIT workouts. If you are still confused then try both and check which one is suitable for you.

Choosing the best is not a big deal, choosing the right is a big deal. Select the workout in which you feel comfortable. Don’t panic and read all the info about these two workout sessions in this article carefully. It will help you to decide on your favorite workout.

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